Speedrunners Are Exploiting Sackboy’s Time Trial Competition With Glitches



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  • Sony announced a tournament on Sackboy Time trial to gift the top 10 players 3 months of PS Plus for free.
  • Many players took part in the tournament, but only a few were able to climb to the top of the ranks, and from there, all of them used glitches.
  • The glitches in question could be considered as cheating, but as Sony did not specify glitches as part of the runs, it is still in a grey spot.

Sony recently announced a competition on Sackboy Time Trial and the winners would win 3 months of free PS Plus. The competition will take place between Saturday, June 24, and Sunday, June 25, 2023. You will be able to compete in Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PS5 and if your time is good enough to be in the top spots, there is a good chance that you will get the rewards announced by PlayStation.

Many players jumped at the opportunity to try and get high scores to achieve the award, and many speedrunners took an approach that many players, found unfair even if it wasn’t. Speedrunners such as Clutz450 used some form of glitches, not necessarily cheats, to gain an upper hand in the competition and win its prize.

Some of the techniques used here were definitely not something new players could learn or implement, especially not in less than 2 days, so many players retaliated by making many forums and commenting on these speedrun videos talking about the use of cheats and whatnot. One thing to note here is that Sony never mentioned the use of glitches, so their use may actually be allowed to some extent.

Many of the speed runs used here take shortcuts in certain areas by manipulating the mechanics of Sackboy. Some of these targets skip in minor segments, while others can be animation skips to get to the end location faster, nonetheless, it is amazing what these speedrunners accomplished on this map after only a few days of experimenting.

Although many casual players see this as blatant cheating, more competitive speedrunners view this as normal speed running. A user had a good take on the situation, “Speed runs are about breaking the game in any way possible, are they using gadgets or glitches? Because if it’s just glitched then Sony should’ve patched it.” No matter what, these top players will end up taking over all the big spots by the end of the contest.

The contest will give the top 500 players will be eligible for the award, so if you think you are up for it, there’s still some time to hop onto the title and try to get a score high enough to win you the 3 months of PS Plus, for absolutely no cost.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is currently available on PS Plus Extra, or, if you collected the PS Plus Essential games for April 2023. The event for the game was revealed through Sony’s official website which focuses on details and other rules and regulations about the competition in detail.

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