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Core points of Gamers

South Park May Have the Best Tweet of Twitter’s ‘Death Watch’

With the continued exodus from Twitter and fears of the site crashing after Elon Musk’s takeover, South Park posts a fan-familiar perfect response.

With Twitter users fearing that the Elon Musk acquisition will ruin the social media site forever, South Park delivers one of his best tweets with a reply that is sure to please Cartman, wherever he is.

The show’s official Twitter posted Eric Cartman’s famous line from the long-running animated series: “Fuck you guys, I’m going home.” Whenever Cartman found himself in an awkward situation, he would say so on his way out, and considering the chaos that has reigned on the platform since Musk officially bought it on October 30, many Twitter users seem to have the same sentiment.

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Twitter, founded in March 2006, has gone through some major changes recently. Musk laid off thousands of employees days after finalizing his purchase, from various departments including communication, marketing, ethical artificial intelligence, public policy and wellness. In addition, Musk issued an ultimatum to staff to sign up for long, high-intensity hours or leave the company. Many staff members chose to leave, and Musk responded by temporarily closing Twitter headquarters.

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South Park he has never been afraid to comment on or refer to major events in pop culture. The show’s previous commentary on social media events includes repeatedly mocking Facebook/Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In a Season 21 episode titled “Franchise Prequel,” Zuckerberg addressed the residents of South Park to gloat over the fact that no one can block him on Facebook. The sitcom also dedicated a season 14 episode to Facebook, “You Have 0 Friends”, in which Stan joins Facebook against his better judgment and becomes obsessed with it.

Musk himself appeared on South Park during the season 18 episode, “Handicar”, where he participated in Wacky Races with one of his Teslas. The new head of Twitter also appeared in several episodes of season 20. He tweeted his approval after his appearance in season 18 and said that he was a longtime fan of the show, adding a reference to his features. by Brian Boitano.

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South Park released his animated comedy tv movie South Park: The Streaming Wars last June, and its follow-up, South Park: The Streaming Wars – Part 2 in July. Both installments were written and directed by the show’s co-creator, Trey Parker. The most recent season of the sitcom, Season 25, aired on Comedy Central from February to March of this year. South Park has yet to announce when season 26 will premiere.

fans can stream South Park: The Streaming Wars on Paramount+.

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