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Sony’s Spider-Verse Requires Spider-Man to Be Successful

Sony’s Spider-Verse Is Moving To The Small Screen With Upcoming TV Series Silk: Spider Society. The name would suggest that Cindy Moon isn’t the only spider-themed hero in the mix. Hopefully that’s the case, as otherwise you could doom the live-action Spider-Verse by repeating a mistake made with bat Man TV shows.

The Caped Crusader is perhaps DC Comics’ most popular character, but most of his “appearances” on TV have not been befitting of the hero. If Spider-Man isn’t in any of the Spider-Verse TV shows, the same problem will arise, and it’ll be even worse due to those shows being in a shared universe. This is how Sony can avoid spinning such a tangled web with Peter Parker on TV.

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DC and Warner Bros. have apparently banned Batman from TV

Many still remember the 1960s. bat Man TV series starring Adam West, which was the Dark Knight’s first real push outside of the comics. However, despite the popularity of the character, this is still the only “real” one. bat Man TV show ever since. For the most part, the Caped Crusader’s live-action television roles have been minimal or done in a non-Batman way. These include the prequel shows. Gotham city Y Pinchin which Bruce Wayne is just a kid or not even a factor, or Birds of prey, titans, batwoman Y gotham knights, which have Batman retired or dead. This has become a constant complaint among fans, who yearn for a true television show based solely on the character.

This trend is likely to continue with upcoming spinoff TV shows from Matt Reeve’s 2022 film. the batman. Centered around other elements around Gotham City, namely the rise of crime lord The Penguin, these shows at least have the excuse of being spinoffs from a big concurrent movie series. Likewise, they will also benefit from a fairly defined continuity. the amorphous sony Spiderman Universe still lacks that, so putting Spider-Man himself in his next few shows is becoming more and more important.

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Sony’s Spider-Man shows can’t work without Peter Parker in attendance

Spider-Man 4 or Amazing Spider-Man 3 would be a big risk for Sony

The three entries in the Sony Spider-Verse so far are Poison, Venom: Let There Be Carnage Y Morbius, neither of which have directly addressed or even confirmed the existence of Spider-Man. This is particularly egregious in the first two, given that Venom’s entire origin had to be rewritten to add Spidey. So no one really knows who this universe’s Spider-Man is, or if it’s the same universe as the previous movies like the two. amazing spider man films. In the comics, the heroine Silk/Cindy Moon is bitten by the same spider that gave Peter Parker her powers, so more than ever, answers about Spider-Man’s whereabouts are a must.

None of these shows really have to star Spider-Man himself, but his presence definitely needs to be established. Simple news footage, graffiti (such as the type that was removed from the final version of Morbius) and other quick world building elements would go a long way in letting the public know that Webslinger is just around the corner. This would lead to more immediate hype from casual audiences, who are likely to be confused as to the continuity status of Silk: Spider Society and other Sony programs. That’s especially the case now that Spider-Man is clearly the only truly profitable Marvel property, with potential movies and shows from him generating more automatic interest than even the once-venerable Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Having Spider-Man dead or retired in the style of some live-action Batman appearances will simply kill any interest in these shows. Likewise, having Spidey himself yet to be established could have a similar effect, since the idea of ​​a true “Spider-Verse” is what makes these shows such a potentially great idea. The time for debatable Easter eggs and confusing multiverse shenanigans is over, and it’s time for Sony to shine a light on Spider-Man ahead of the premiere of his comrades’ TV shows.

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