Sony’s new patent seeks to create unique games for people on the go.



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  • Sony has patented a new system that aims to create specific content, including games, based on a user’s journey while traveling in any vehicle mode. It is not aimed at drivers.
  • The new system will evaluate various details, such as number of users, vehicle type, internet connectivity, travel time, region and more, before recommending content to users.
  • Users can enjoy games developed in all types of vehicles on built-in screens or on portable devices such as smartphones.
  • The tech also talks about offering unique games in AR if players use special glasses on foot or bicycle.

Sony One of the top players in the gaming industry when it comes to innovation. It is recently Published a patent which seeks to completely change the way video games are experienced on the go. The legal document in question talks about creating certain pieces of content, including games, that are based on our journey while traveling in any transport vehicle, provided that it is certainly not intended for drivers.

A user can experience a more flexible content engagement while on the go. This is achieved by selecting or changing one or more aspects of the journey and/or content,” Sony’s patent says.

“Patent Dub”System and method for providing travel dependent content“willing to provide”Flexible content engagementFor traveling customers. This means that the titles and videos will be presented or created after that. Time analysis Trip’s—the patent even talks about evaluating territory, number of users, routes, internet connectivity, etc. It suggests that each user can have one Experience a lot of different content.

The selection/modification of journey aspects may be determined based on one or more content characteristics, and the content aspects may be determined based on one or more journey characteristics.

The tech can also analyze the journey and inform users. The most efficient route without traffic. However, Sony mostly focuses on how this can happen. Create content Which caters to every user and their needs. Related travel or between two points. Users traveling in vehicles such as cars, trains, or airplanes can easily use it. Built-in screens of vehicle or portable device –Smartphones Come to mind- that allows them to play the game.

The figure shows an example implementation and how to provide content.
The figure shows an example implementation and how to provide content.

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The most fascinating thing about the patent is definitely what Sony is talking about making. Augmented reality games for consumers On foot or bicycle. The company mentions that specific games can be created using specific glasses to change the environment. Travel distance and terrain. It is not clear what kind of entries will be made using the system.

It is also envisioned that the disclosed techniques can be applied to travel on foot or by non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles. This can be particularly useful in cases where content is delivered to the user in an augmented reality format, or otherwise using some form of see-through display that allows the user to engage with the content. Enables you to see your environment.

The image shows how to determine routes and serve content based on that.
The image shows how to determine routes and serve content based on that.

Sony has achieved a lot. Fascinating thoughts which attempts to completely replace the existing gaming ecosystem and the features in its titles. Some of his new ideas describe a How to add accessibility features to existing older games. Additionally, he has talked about adding a path. Change the games art style. By toggling it Through the settings In access patents. The publisher also wants to make one. Huge co-ed entry That allows Hundreds of users play together in a theater.

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