Sonic Frontiers reaches a new milestone on its first anniversary


Last 2022, Sonic Frontiers was released for every major console in the world and fans have been discussing how different this game is. Recently, its final update was released and new mission updates were added to make the game more challenging and because of that, it has reached a new milestone that no other SEGA has ever imagined.

Sonic Frontiers has sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide

SEGA has officially announced that Sonic Frontiers has sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide after releasing the game’s final update called Final Horizon. Due to this new announcement, the game developers were excited to receive this great news and almost fainted with happiness after receiving the Excellence Award at the Japan Game Awards.

According to an interview with FAMITSU, Morio Kishimoto and Sachiko Kawamura announced that they were delighted to see how big the community is for many SEGA fans as Sonic Frontiers reached a new milestone. At first, they were hesitant about the planning stage of the game, but were happy to see that this game had broken new heights and could possibly introduce a new way to further expand the Sonic universe.

Apart from that, they even officially stated that after a year of free updates, Sonic Frontiers is officially finished, and players who managed to purchase the game will now have the opportunity to play it to its full potential and will be able to understand what it is. challenges and traditions that you can explore in this chapter of Sonic’s adventure.

Future developments for the Sonic franchise

As of now, SEGA recently released Sonic Superstars and the developers are taking this opportunity to further grow their community in a way that will have players looking forward to more Sonic titles soon.

When asked, Kishimoto commented: “Sonic Frontier’s open-world theme is the beginning of a new goal of creating more challenging and adventurous Sonic titles. I’d like to take on the challenge of creating Sonic games that bring us even closer to that vision. In the end, we will challenge the best studios in the world and see if we, the Sonic Team, can achieve results.”

Sonic Frontiers is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam).

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