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Some Practical Advice Makes Akari Rethink Her Feelings

Though it’s full of common rom-com tropes that often get in the way of development, More than a married couplebut not lovers it has a habit of diving into deeper themes than most other cliché series. Many of the episodes so far have reflected on Akari’s struggle with confidence in Jiro’s lack of self-esteem. While Episode 7 also continues to explore the main character’s psyche, it also provides mature commentary on the school’s couples training program and the love triangle of none other than Akari’s usually giggly friends.

In response to Japan’s declining population, the school in the heart of More than a married couple has instituted a program that temporarily pairs students and requires them to live together as a married couple, earning points based on ability and the positive development of the relationship. Although this show serves as the series’ device to spark romance between the characters, it is obviously flawed and a medium for drama. While many rom-coms would only tackle their problematic premises as a means of breaking the fourth wall for humor’s sake, Akari’s friends actually tackle a major issue behind her school’s couples training program.

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Sachi and Natsumi give Akari some sound advice.

Although they have always been big supporters of Akari’s crush on Minami Tenjin, Sachi and Natsumi note that she may have growing feelings for her marriage partner, Jiro. Being quite perceptive, they also notice the tension between Shiori and Jiro, so they decide to talk to Akari about it. Instead of encouraging her to forget about Jiro and continue pursuing Tenjin, Sachi and Natsumi understand Akari’s feelings, showing that they truly care for her and want her to be happy regardless of her preconceived ideas of her.

In addition to providing their support and concern, Sachi and Natsumi also give Akari some practical advice that has realistic implications about the weakness of her school’s training program. While expressing their realization that Akari might be developing feelings for Jiro, Akari’s friends suggest that the romantic tension between them might be a result of the two playing house and that Jiro might have treated any other couple the same. way. Although this may be hard for fans of the Akari and Jiro pairing to hear, it is truly realistic advice that addresses the possibility of students getting caught up in the mood of marriage practice and not truly understanding the feelings that build a marriage

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Akari finds solace in Jiro after a failed date.

More than a married couple ep 7 Jiro and Akari

Sachi and Natsumi’s advice pushes Akari to consider her feelings for both Tenjin and Jiro. Although she seems to have fully realized that she cares for Jiro, Akari still struggles to move past her crush on Tenjin. Encouraged by words of encouragement from her friends, Akari prepares to meet Tenjin at a fireworks festival in the hope that sparks will fly. However, he doesn’t show up and Akari sees him with Shiori, leaving her heartbroken. In an emotional and romantic scene, Jiro shows how much he cares for Akari by leaving everything for her to find her when she calls him crying, hugging her and calling her name after talking about Akari’s emotions.

Neither Jiro nor Akari are officially confessing their feelings for each other, although the moment between them in Episode 8 would have been the perfect opportunity. However, the romance between them is palpable, and their trajectory is increasingly definitive. Earlier in the episode, Sachi mentions that Akari is easily swayed by how everyone around her is feeling and that she needs a decisive moment to push her into what she truly wants. If this statement is any foreshadowing, then Jiro and Akari’s tender exchange under the fireworks may have been that defining moment.

While some viewers may be frustrated by Akari and Jiro’s inability to move past their past crushes and fully commit to one another, Episode 8 provides insight into the realistic issues holding them back. More than a married couple he makes excellent use of his character development as well as supporting characters to convey his love triangle and the complicated feelings that naturally flow from the situation.

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