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Solo Writer Is Pushing for a Sequel to the Star Wars Spinoff

Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jon Kasdan reveals he’s still thinking about the spinoff film and hopes Lucasfilm will one day greenlight a sequel.

Alone: ​​A Star Wars Story Writer Jon Kasdan would immediately be interested in writing a 2018 sequel. Star Wars film if Lucasfilm ever approached him about doing so.

“I think the reason for a Only 2 it’s if there’s a big reason and I’d certainly be willing to do it,” Kasdan said in an interview with’s josh savage. “There were so many great characters that we were able to establish. For me, I think the strongest argument for a Only 2 is that the movie was from alden [Ehrenreich]The journey of owning that mantle. And in the end, I thought that she really did it, and that she had no fun just inhabiting it for a movie. So I’d love to see him back.”

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by Kasdan Only 2 The comments come a few months after his father and co-writer Lawrence Kasdan expressed dreams of similar sequels. The screenwriting legend previously opened up about a return to the Only franchise in July 2022. “I talk to Jon [Kasdan] and Ron [Howard] a lot about what went right and what went wrong with the Only experience,” he said. “I’d be more interested in doing another movie, not a TV series.”

Solo was the first Star Wars box office bomb

Released in 2018, Alone: ​​A Star Wars Story starred Ehrenreich as the titular bootlegger, playing a younger version of the character played by Harrison Ford in the original and sequel. Star Wars trilogies. The film is notable for its troubled production, in which the film’s original directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord walked out after four and a half months of filming, citing creative differences. Ron Howard later replaced them and reshot about 70% of the movie. Some fans also took issue with Lucasfilm casting Ehrenreich as Han Solo over other fan favorite picks. The backlash surrounding Ehrenreich’s casting led Lucasfilm to announce that his popular legacy characters would, for the most part, not be recast with new actors in the future.

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Although a Only The sequel has yet to materialize, recent rumors have indicated that Lucasfilm is quietly developing a Disney+ spinoff series centered on one of the film’s key supporting characters. According to a rumor from January 2022, Han Solo’s love interest Qi’ra will headline his own show, with Emilia Clarke reprising the role. However, Lucasfilm has not officially announced the Qi’ra series as of November 2022, so its existence remains speculation at this stage.

Alone: ​​A Star Wars Story is available to stream on Disney+.

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