Snow Bros. 2 Is Getting A Remake After Almost 3 Decades



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  • Snow Bros. 2 will get a remake for Switch and PC, with more details expected in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show event, as confirmed by Gravity Game Arise’s TGS 2023 line-up.
  • CRT Games developed the remake of the first Snow Bros. for Switch last year, but it was not well-received by the fans. Despite that, it seems like the company is confirmed to be the developer of the next remake and is determined to improve the next iteration in the series.
  • So far, CRT Games has confirmed two big features for the game: online co-op and modernised designs to ensure the original look of characters is adopted.
  • The confirmed modes in this remake will be original mode, survival mode, and time attack mode. There is also the addition of even more content and the promise of improved overall game quality.

Gravity Game Arise revealed some of its upcoming projects in the TGS 2023 line-up, which contains Snow Bros 2. Special. According to CRT Games, it is the remake of Toaplan’s 1994 arcade game and will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC. The first entry in the original series received a remake for Switch last year by CRT Games, which was not received well, but it seems like the developers want to move on to the next iteration.

Gravity Game Arise TGS 2023 Line-up
Gravity Game Arise TGS 2023 Line-up.

Snow Bros. 2 Special is expected to receive more information at the Tokyo Game Show this year, but CRT Games was kind enough to reveal some details. The game will inherit the story of the original entry, where you must rescue a process captured by the devil. However, there will be surplus content with hopes to enchant more players this time.

The game will support 4-player multiplayer, a feature lacking in the original. Some new modes will also make their way into the game, including original mode, survival mode, and time attack mode. CRT Games put more emphasis on the new “Monster Challenge,” which will allow players to directly control monsters to overcome the many stages.

Snow Brothers 2 Special is an arcade game that succeeds Snow Brothers 2, a popular game in arcades in the 90s, and is characterized by the fact that it can be easily enjoyed by people of all ages. We are also trying to provide a variety of fun with new stages and new modes. Based on synergy through business cooperation with CRT Games, we will strive to present Snow Brothers 2 Special with better quality to users around the world.” says Gravity Console Business Team Manager Yoo Jun.

In addition to that, the overall content has also seen an increase with more stages and even better quality. But most importantly, it seems like there will be a change to the character design to align the playable character’s art/style with the original. Many fans might be unaware of this, but the International version of the 1994 arcade game had a very obscure photorealistic design for each character, unlike the simple ones in the original version.

Snow Bros. 2 1994 Original Design
Snow Bros. 2 1994 Original Design.

The original design consisted of more close-up details of the playable model, with a background of different sorts.

Snow Bros. 2 1994 International Design
Snow Bros. 2 1994 International Design.

As for the international version, each character received a photorealistic close-up baby model, which is cursed, to say the least. Perhaps due to the psychedelic nature of the backgrounds in the original version, the international version had a mono colour

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The first game’s remake landed on Switch only to see an uninterested audience. Perhaps the developers hope to redeem the series by giving it their all with the second remake. Although a definitive launch date hasn’t been given, the website mentions it will be released in 2024. We can expect more details on its launch at the Tokyo Game Show 2023.

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