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Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons
Secret Weapons

The mission Secret Weapons features a  vast map in which your main objective is to infiltrate a nazi research operation base in Masif. You put your life in danger and infiltrate the base to know more about Operation Kraken.

Key Highlights

  • There are 3 main and 3 side objectives, a Kill List Target: Christian Jungers, with an optional challenge, in the Secret Weapons mission.
  • The 19 collectibles for this mission include 5 Classified Documents, 5 Personal Letters, 3 Hidden Items, 3 Stone Eagles, and 3 Weapons Workbenches.
  • You can take the first document from the sniper at the lake-side camp or the soldier riding a bike across the railroad track.
  • The remaining documents are on top of the southwestern castle tower, inside a tent at the lake-side camp, on an engineer at the eastern train station, and on a table at the lab’s top level.
  • The letters are in the trainyard office, an abandoned house in the east, on a table near the submerged V2 rocket, and two inside the dome building.
  • The Hidden Items are under a table in the dome building cafeteria, in a guard house next to the northern bridge, and on the beach area near the eastern bridge on the map’s west.
  • The 3 Stone Eagles are on the rock formations south of the abandoned house, on the lower part of the northern dam, and in an alcove on top of the eastern castle tower.
  • The weapons workbenches are in an Axis Armory near the V2 rockets sabotage area, east of the castle, inside a cave near the waterfall, and inside the dome building.

The map is split into two parts by high walls and fences. There are two gates on this border that are heavily guarded. However, there are holes in the fences that can be used to enter the other half without having trouble with hostiles. 

The majority of the map is covered by enemy snipers who are relentless in long-distance combat. Try to avoid them and take them out from afar. However, the area in Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons is also roamed by tanks and other vehicles that can be avoided.

Your spawn point on the map is on the south side of the map. So naturally, you will have to cover large distances to reach your objectives. However, there are alternate spawn points that can be discovered.



Objectives of Secret Weapons in Sniper Elite 5, including side missions and they are:

  • Bypass the checkpoint
  • Sabotage the V2 rocket installation 
  • Infiltrate the dome

The Side objectives are:

  • Gather intel about supply lines
  • Investigate the Weapons Lab
  • Destroy Castle Radio Tower

For your ease, read Sniper Elite 5 Raid Weapons Lab Locations guide, as it will help you in the Weapons Lab mission.

Kill List Target: Christian Jungers

Kill List Target
Kill List Target

The area Secret Weapons also features a kill list target. The target is Christian Jungers, and there is also a challenge tied to this target. The challenge is to kill him by dropping a V2 rocket on him. Christian Jungers can be found in a hanger on the northern half of the map. 

Once you have located him, the easiest way to complete the challenge is to do a non-lethal attack. Now that he has been subdued, you can clear the rest of the enemies out to make it easier to carry him out. Carry him towards the hanger where the V2 rocket is located and place him under the rocket.

Once he is placed under, you just have to drop the V2 rocket on him to complete the challenge. For a more in-depth explanation, read Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge List guide.

Collectibles For Secret Weapons in Sniper Elite 5


There are a total of 19 collectibles in Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons. These include Stone eagles, personal letters, hidden items, workbenches, and classified documents.

Secret Weapons Classified Documents

Classified Documents
Classified Documents

Document 1: Intruder Sighted

There are a total of 5 classified documents in Secret Weapons; the first one is Intruder Sighted, and this document can be found on two enemies. One way is to collect it off the sniper located at the lake-side camp, which is just north of the big castle. However, the other way is to spawn at Facility Overlook and look for a soldier on a bike riding around the shack across the railroad track.

Document 2: Pressurization Report

The second classified document, Pressurization Report,  can be found in the castle’s south-western tower. Just climb to the top, and you will find it lying on a table.

Document 3: Dr. Junger’s Schedule

The next classified document is Dr. Junger’s Schedule. The document can be found near the sniper that was mentioned before in the first document. Near him, there will be a tent which will be guarded. Inside you will find the document lying on the table.

Document 4: Inbound Deliveries

The fourth document is the Inbound Deliveries. The document can be found on an engineer in the eastern train station. He is usually standing in front of a train around the warehouse.

Document 5: A-4B Logistical Issues

The document Inbound Deliveries can be found while doing the side objective, Investigate the Weapons Lab. It can be found on the top-level lying between drawings on a table.

Secret Weapons Personal Letters

Personal Letters
Personal Letters

Letter 1: We Had a Deal

The letter can be obtained while doing a side objective in Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons, where you have to collect the Manifest. During the mission, you will go toward a trainyard which will be close to the main road. The letter will be found on the top level of the trainyard office. 

Letter 2: I Am Done 

Letter number 2 can be found in an abandoned house on the eastern side of the map. The place is also one of the alternative spawn points. The letter will be found in the fireplace on the bottom level.

Letter 3: I Can’t Work Like This

To acquire the letter, head towards the V2 rocket site. There you will find a rocket slightly submerged in water. Near that, on a steel grate, there will be a table on which this letter will be resting.

Letter 4: The V2s Are Obsolete

Across the V2 rocket site, there will be a dome-like structure where another side’s objective lies. In the dome, you will find the letter lying on a chair. To acquire the plant production key, you will have to loot it off an officer at the V2 rocket site.

Letter 5: Thinking Outside The Box

In the north dome on the top most floor where you have to discover the Krakens War room. You will find the letter residing in the main room on the top floor.

Secret Weapons Hidden Items 

Hidden Items
Hidden Items

Item Number 1: Peenemünde Lab ID

The first item in Secret Weapons can be found in the cafeteria dining room. The room is in the dome near the V2 rocket site. The hidden item will be found by going prone and looking under the tables in the cafeteria. 

Item Number 2: Luftwaffe Playing Cards

Next to the map’s most northern bridge, there will be a guard house in which you will find this letter. The bridge is unique as it has been barricaded and does not lead towards anything.

Item Number 3: Prüfstand XII Plans

You will find the letter on the beach area of the river next to the eastern bridge on the western side of the map.

 Secret Weapons Stone Eagles

Stone Eagles
Stone Eagles

Eagle Number 1

The eagle in Secret Weapons can be found near the abandoned house. The same house where you found the second letter. South of the house there will be a road across which lies some rock formations and shrubs. On these rock formations lies the first stone eagle.

Eagle Number 2

It is one of the most well-hidden stone eagles in the game up till now. This eagle is located on the northern dam. Look around the lower part of the dam and just about where the water will be splashing out from a gate. Around the gate is where the stone eagle lies.

Eagle Number 3

The number 3 stone eagle is located in the castle’s eastern tower, which you have to climb to sight the eagle. However, the eagle will be resting in an alcove on a wall. The eagle is fairly easy to spot.

Secret Weapons Workbenches


Rifle Workbench

The workbench in Secret Weapons is located near the place where you sabotage the V2 rockets. Across this is an Axis armory. However, to gain access, loot a nearby officer or just blow the entrance like the good old days. The workbench will be just in front of the entrance.

Pistol Workbench

The workbench lies in a cave near the waterfall. However, the waterfall is located to the east of the castle. To gain access, you will have to break a few wooden panels, and inside, you will find a room with a pistol workbench. 

SMG Workbench

The workbench is located in the dome near the rocket launch site, as mentioned many times before. To access the workbench, you will have to loot a soldier to collect the Master Dome key. Unlock the far-most door in the corridor to gain access to the workbench.

For more on workbenches, give Sniper Elite 5 Workbench a quick read. And we have also covered workbenches for specific missions like Festung Guernsey workbenches, Spy Academy, and Workbenches in Mission 1 of Sniper Elite 5.

This brings us to the end of Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons, as we have covered everything in-depth, including the missions and the collectibles. 

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