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Sniper Elite 5 is the latest entry to a long-running series of titles. It is a Third-person Tactical shooter that primarily focuses on stealth and long-distance shooting. The game is a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed Sniper Elite 4. It is published and developed by Rebellion Developments. 

These are the same profound creators of The Zombie Army Trilogy and the original Rainbow Six on Playstation 1. The game has a plethora of customizable weapons. Which are mainly the sniper rifles and some secondary guns as a backup. We are going to look at the Top 6 Best Sniper Rifles of Sniper Elite 5 since these are your key arsenal for combat in the game.

Key Highlights

  • The best Sniper Rifles in the game are Gewehr 1943, RSC 1918, M1A Carbine, M1903, SREM-1, Karabiner ‘98.
  • You’ll unlock the Gewehr 1943 after completing Mission 3. Because of insufficient attribute increase, upgrading the weapon is not worth it.
  • You can use the RSC 1918 after completing the Kill Challenge in Mission 7. Upgrade the Stock, Foregrip, and Receiver to stem the muzzle velocity and mobility/sway issues.
  • The M1A Carbine becomes available after completing Mission 5. Fully upgrade the Barrel and Magazine for quick and quieter kills, then focus on the Stock and Receiver.
  • The M1903 is an excellent beginner-friendly starting rifle. Upgrading the Barrel, Stock, and Muzzle will optimize the damage.
  • The SREM-1 performs adequately in most scenarios and is available from the start. Firstly, focus on upgrading the Magazine and Stock, then the Receiver.
  • You can use the Karabiner ‘98 after completing the Kill Challenge in Mission 2, which boasts the highest damage in the game. The mods recommended in the guide enhance the gun further.
  • The M1A1 Gov and Type-14 Nambu work well with all the above rifles. The MK VI Revolver is also an excellent alternative.

The Best Sniper Rifles in Sniper Elite 5

The most unique aspect of Sniper Elite 5 is its Custom Loadouts system. This is revamped from the last game to provide much more in-depth customization. There’s a wide range of mods and accessories available so players can modify each gun to their liking.

The game offers a couple of different approaches to play styles for each player’s feasibility. From rushing in with Guns blazing SMGs and Pistols to stealthily incapacitating the enemies.

As well as taking the traditional route of Sniping enemies across the long-distance landscapes and watching their brains explode in slow-motion. There are a total of six different snipers however, each of these differs from the other depending on the situation.

They may lack or even outperform during the entirety of Sniper Elite 5. So we suggest every player experiment with each gun and find their favorite type for different encounters.

We will be showcasing the ideal stats and capabilities for each Rifle. The preferred mods as well as the optimal playstyle so you can tailor each sniper rifle to your proficiency.

Towards the end, we will also briefly look at the recommended loadout for the top-tier sniper rifle in Sniper Elite 5. For now, let’s discuss each sniper rifle in detail:

Gewehr 1943

Best Snipers in Sniper Elite
Gewehr 1943 is one of the basic weapons in Sniper Elite 5.

The Gewehr 1943 can be found very earlier on in the game. However, this gun can only provide mediocre performance at best. You loot this gun from the enemy Nazi Soldiers during main missions.

Players can complete Mission 3 “Sky Academy” and unlock this weapon for permanent usage. It has sufficient range that it can be used as a ‘Mid-range’ weapon to take down enemies within short range.

Other than that, there are pretty much better weapons to use than the Gewehr ’43 in the early going. Limited scope zoom makes this weapon tedious for long-range battles.

We also do not suggest pumping any mods into the weapon since it hardly improves its attributes. Players can get a better job done by using the secondary weapons of the game. Following are the base stats for The Gewehr 1943:

  • Audible Range: 130 meters
  • Fire Rate: 400 rpm
  • Damage: 105 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
  • Zoom: 6x
  • Magazine Size: 10

RSC 1918

Snipers of Sniper Elite 5
The RSC 1918 is known for its long-range zoom

The RSC 1918 is a very popular gun right now in the community. This sniper rifle boasts excellent damage power and fire rate. The muzzle velocity can quickly put down foes across wide distances.

The only saving grace is its low recoil, which gives you better recovery if you happen to miss a shot on an enemy. This weapon is best used on Vantage points or high rooftops due to its high scope range.

Especially since its audible range is high at 150 meters. This is important to keep in mind as players might unexpectedly attract enemies if they are continuously firing this weapon.

However, there are some slight inconveniences found in this weapon. The muzzle velocity of the weapon gets critically outweighed during windy weather situations. The low mobility and weak sway control of the weapon can also be bothersome.

The RSC 1918 can be unlocked by completing the Kill Challenge during Mission 7 “Secret Weapon”.

For this weapon, we recommend upgrading the Stock, Foregrip, and receiver as soon as possible. This will help reduce some of the issues of the weapon during difficult missions.

But you will still be able to effectively headshot most enemies at long distances with this weapon. Following are the base stats for the RSC 1918:

  • Audible Range: 150 meters
  • Fire Rate: 250 rpm
  • Damage: 127 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
  • Zoom: 6x
  • Magazine Size: 5

M1A Carabine

Best stealth snipers
The M1A Carbine is a unique gun since it is perfect for stealth

The M1A Carabine is quite easily the best stealth sniper rifle of Sniper Elite 5. The weapon is essentially the quietest in the game with an audible range of 105 meters. 

This can be further reduced down to 47 Meters with the right mods and attachments. The weapon also has a superb fire rate and can work wonders for players who like to get themselves up close with the enemy.

Considering a lot of missions have you doing a saboteur role and completing field-based objectives. So instead of an Ace Sniper position, you will mostly be mowing enemies down with this sniper rifle.

It makes the MA1 Carbine that much better for the campaign or even for PVP and invasions. We suggest the ‘Guns Blazing’ styled to players run this for their load-outs. It generally functions like a slightly high-powered SMG.

Players can unlock this Sniper Rifle by simply completing Mission 5 “Festung Guemsey”. For the weapon mods, it is advised you get the Barrel and Magazine to the highest upgrades.

On our playthrough, we grabbed the MK II-S Suppressor as soon as it was available for the Barrel. This allows for the lowest audible range so you can finish enemies in rapid bursts easily. It will also prevent alarming nearby soldiers about your actions.

After which, focus on upgrading the stock and receiver. This will prevent any damage falloff on mid-range targets as well as eliminate any recoil problems for the weapon. Following are the base stats for M1A Carbine:

  • Audible Range: 105 meters
  • Fire Rate: 420 rpm
  • Damage: 79 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine Size: 15


Sniper Elite 5 M1903
The introductory sniper rifle of Sniper Elite 5

The M1903 is essentially one of your starting sniper rifles of the game. The weapon is excellent and beginner-friendly for almost every single player getting the basics down for Sniper Elite 5. Players of all skill levels can easily practice their aiming and shot accuracy with this weapon.

This weapon hits all the checkmarks for easing the player into the game. As well as showcasing to them the infamous joy and intensity of the series.

The M1903 has a great range and a five-bullet magazine capacity. The weapon can easily cover wide area gaps and the shots are pinpoint and accurate. It also offers great stability and control which helps with aiming.  

Its only downside might be the reload time, which may not perform well during intense combat encounters. Players however should remember they can mitigate this minor issue.

By pressing the reload button as the reload bar hits the larger section of the meter, you can reload much quicker than normal.

In terms of weapon modifications, we recommend upgrading the Barrel, stock, and muzzle. This will draw out the most optimal damage points for this weapon. With enough raw damage and if you carry Armor-piercing rounds, you will also be able to headshot enemies through their helmets

So hence why even the base rifle can be one of the best sniper rifles to carry you through most of the campaign of Sniper Elite 5.

The base stats of the M1903 are as follows:

  • Audible Range: 135 meters
  • Fire Rate: 34 rpm
  • Damage: 120 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 500 ms
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine Size: 5


best marksman sniper
The SREM-1 is an excellent multi-faceted Sniper Rifle.

The SREM-1 is easily the game’s Best All-rounder Sniper Rifle in Sniper Elite 5. It features a multitude of mods to enhance its core playstyle which makes it a fantastic weapon for every single player.

The weapon has a decent rate of fire but the real meat of the gun comes with its solid damage and range potential. Being able to mix this gun up via attachments is extremely beneficial. It makes it a flexible weapon for almost every combat encounter.

The best part is, that you can get this weapon at the start of the game. The game automatically provides this weapon during the opening missions of the game. Thus, making it your 2nd starter weapon of Sniper Elite 5.

The gun is also the default rifle given to players during multiplayer. So this weapon can be highly effective during the instances of PVP invasions. You can mow down players during mid-range scenarios with pure ease. In terms of weapon mods, we cannot stress enough to upgrade your Magazine to Extended. 

As well as getting your Stock to magazine size. Lastly acquiring Short Travel Trigger on the Receiver is a must for this weapon.

These mods will ensure the weapon delivers staggering DPS at all times. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that this build is not as reliable in the Co-op game modes.

The SREM-1 is known for wounding enemies on the run. So you must land those shots to the faces while avoiding helmet protection and hitting limbs. Otherwise, you may find you’re more than likely to neutralize enemies rather than simply kill them.

Following are the base stats for the SREM-1:

  • Audible Range: 128 meters
  • Fire Rate: 46 rpm
  • Damage: 108 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 500 ms
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine Size: 

Karabiner ’98

The karabine 98
The Kar 98 is the strongest weapon of Sniper Elite 5

The Karabiner’98 is hands down the most powerful sniper in the game. This rifle delivers massive damage at even the longest distances to every single enemy. It boasts the highest power stat of any sniper found in the game. It is by far the excellent choice to pick off enemy players at large distances in PVP.

As well as trivialize most of the campaign missions where you can have a line of sight visible across the map.

This gun can be found surprisingly early on by completing the Kill Challenge in Mission 2 “Occupied Residence”. There is honestly no point in applying mods to this weapon.

Since the base stat for Power is maxed out. Not to mention the gun shoots bullets at lightning-fast speeds. You may as well double down on its DPS and Range potential. Feel free to attach a silencer to it if you want to make your shots a bit quieter.

Overall, The Karabiner’98 is definitely the high dps Best Sniper of Sniper Elite 5. We have compiled the list of the mods you may want to use for this weapon. This will make the mobility and sway feel a lot less noticeable when lining up your shots. The attachments and mods we suggest are:

  • Barrel – Extended marksmen
  • Muzzle – Bramit suppressor or FG42 compensator.
  • Magazine – Gew98 Pressure Magazine.
  • Stock – Leather Pad
  • Foregrip – Thick tape

Last but not least, it’s important to note the base attributes for the Karabiner’98, which are as follows:

  • Audible Range: 140 meters
  • Fire Rate: 28 rpm 
  • Damage: 145 HP 
  • Recoil Recovery: 500ms 
  • Zoom: 6x 
  • Magazine Size: 5

Best Secondary Weapons & Loadout In Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 secondary weapons
The secondary weapons are equally important as your main sniper rifle

The last things you should note are the secondary weapons to have alongside these sniper rifles. They are mostly situational dependant weapons. However, they can make a huge difference during the heated moments of battle. It is advised that you use these weapons if you are pinned down or surrounded.

Immediately swapping between them and your sniper rifle can easily make you skillful for every difficult encounter of the game.

These weapons benefit even the skilled players of Sniper Elite. It’s also viable to use these when battles are inside confined structures or enclosed spaces. So with proper positioning and provided you hot-swap between your secondary weapons, you can easily melt soldiers with quick succession.

The two main weapons that we recommend work best for every sniper mentioned in this guide are the M1A1 Gov and the Type-14 Nambu. The M1A1 is best used in small bursts since it has an uncontrollable recoil pattern.

Preferably, you should attach a stock and rear grip to get better handling for the weapon. It might take some time to get used to it, but this is by far our favorite SMG to use alongside the Sniper Rifles.

Lastly, the Type-14 Nanbu is an essential weapon to use alongside every loadout. One of the main perks provides ‘Faster Movement’ which is a Speed Bonus buff. This is insanely helpful as it provides players to feasibly traverse across the sandbox levels.

Additionally, players can also use the MK VI Revolver as a substitute weapon. But once you unlock this hand cannon, we suggest equipping it as soon as possible.

This concludes our guide for the Best Sniper rifles of Sniper Elite 5. If there is anything worth mentioning or that we missed please let us know down in the comment box below.

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