Sleeping With Your Partner Is The Best Way To Level Up In Starfield



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  • Starfield is an open-world sci-fi RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios. 
  • Starfield offers players various bonuses for doing certain activities.
  • The “Emotional Security” buff gives players a 15% buff to earn XP for 24 minutes and it can be enabled each time you sleep with your partner. 

Typically if you want to grind out levels in a game, players have to do certain activities over and over again. For Starfield, Bethesda took this into account when giving players one of the most effective grinding options in Starfield. In a groundbreaking move for the genre, the best way to gain XP in Starfield is through having sexy time with any of your partners. (Thanks for the spicy info PC Gamer.)

Starfield Partner
Sam Coe in Starfield.

This requires players to talk to their companions, build a meaningful connection, marry them, and then do the deed like rabbits. This gives players the “Emotional Security” buff, lending them a 15% XP boost for 24 minutes. It works similar to the Well Rested buff but this is better because you can wake up with the knowledge that someone out there actually loves you, plus it gives you a 15% buff instead of the usual 10%. 

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To build intimacy with your companion of choice, just try not to do things that you think they’ll hate and you will unlock special flirting options with them from time to time that will build your intimacy with them. Once the piston of love starts pumping and you eventually marry them, just sleeping on the same bed as them will net you the bonus. You know it’s successful when your partner makes a flirty comment when you wake up. 

If you’re not interested in any of Starfield’s companions or if you like a handful of them and are hesitant to tie the knot with any one of them, then there’s no shame in sticking with the Well Rested buff. It is way more convenient and doesn’t harm your sci-fi harem of potential romantic partners. 

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