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Raven Rock is a borderland town in Skyrim that lies in the wilderness of Solstheim’s southern coast, built by the East Empire Company. The settlement is the capital of Solstheim, established in the late Third Era for mining purposes. Now, the town is populated with sellswords and traders for business purposes. To this day, the town still holds many riddles and secrets.

Key Highlights  

  • Raven Rock is one of the major towns in Skyrim that is open to visit and explore. 
  • You can get to Raven Rock by taking a carriage and setting sail across the sea. 
  • Raven Rock offers different Quests such as An Axe to Find and Served Cold.
  • The place is full of valuable places such as Raven Rock Mine and Severin Manor.
  • You can explore Raven Rock to pick up different Side quests or search for useful locations to collect valuable items from there.

How To Get To Raven Rock

How to get to raven rock
Interact with Gjalund (Image Credits eXputer)

Finding Raven Rock on the map isn’t a hectic task, but the main question is how you can settle. Although Skyrim is an open-world RPG that allows you to explore the world in your way, there are some means to reach a specific place. To get to Raven Rock, you have to take a carriage and find the sailor that will take you across the rivers into the old town. 

The town features many quests, rewards, and interesting mysteries that must be explored. So, if you’re a travel enthusiast who loves to explore new lands in Skyrim, scouting the Raven Rock places will greatly entertain you.

Once you defeat the Watchtower Dragon in the Whiterun, the Greybeards will lead you to the High Hrothgar. There, you can pick up the storyline quest “The Horn Of Jurgen Windcaller.” Once you complete the quest, there is a random chance of spawning of cultist who will drop a note to initiate your quest, where you will be asked to travel to Solstheim.

After unlocking your quest, reach Windhelm and go to the docks area to look for sailors. There you will find Gjalund Salt-Sage somewhere around the sailing area. Interact with Gjalund to ask him for a sail across Solstheim. You can either bribe, persuade or intimidate him into starting your sail with him. Once you’re able to convince him, you will reach the land of Raven Rock after a short cutscene. 

What You Can Find In Raven Rock 

Raven Rock is a large settlement in Solstheim that offers plenty of side quests, NPC interactions, trade opportunities, and mystery loot. In the fascinating land. You can look up the following things. 


Raven Rock features plenty of storyline quests and side tasks that you can complete to progress further in the game and unlock different achievements. The main and most rewarding quests are the following. 

An Axe To Find 

An Axe To Find is one of the most crucial quests in Raven Rock that gives you the most value and rewards. The quests revolve around hunting down Glover Mallory, who is a famous blacksmith in Raven Rock. Once you complete the quest, you will receive the Ancient Nordic pickaxe, which is a rare mining tool used for farming the Stalhrim Ore.

March Of The Dead

March of the dead
Captain Veleth (Image Credits eXputer)

March of the Dead is a sidequest in Raven Rock in which you have to assist Captain Veleth to find and eliminate the ash spawn that is trying to attack Raven Rock. Completing the Quest grants you gold, depending on your level. 

A New Debt 

Skyrim Raven Rck
A New Debt (Image Captured by eXputer)

The New Debt Quest is linked with Mogrul, in which you have to solve the dispute of debt between the Drovas Relvi and Mogrul to settle the heat. You can either pay Mogrul or kill him during the Quest to complete your mission.

The Final Descent 

Skyrim Raven Rock
Final Descent (Image Credits eXputer)

The Final Descent is a search quest in which you have to find a lead about the great-grandfather of Crescius Caerellius—completing the quest grants you considerable rewards along with Bloodskal Greatsword, which is quite good against sturdy bosses due to its energy-blasting capabilities. During the quest, you’ll also get your hands on the Zahkriisos mask from the Dragon Priest that enhances the Shock resistance perks.

Served Cold

Served Cold is another quest associated with Captain Veleth and initiates a crucial questline. The main task of the quest is to cancel the plot against Councilor Morvayn and save him from an assassination attempt. Completing the quest will grant you a hefty amount of gold and will increase your credibility in the Solstheim. You will also unlock access to Severin Manor, which you can use as shelter while in town. 

Apart from these quests, there are also plenty of miscellaneous quests that you can pick up from the locals to get additional bonuses and experience points.

Useful Locations

Raven Rock is a vast land with plenty of locations to explore. However, some of the locations are significant, while some are of no use. Knowing about all the important spots in the area is crucial so that you don’t miss out on any important stuff while farming in Raven Rock

The Temple

Skyrim Raven Rck
Temple (Image Credits Exputer)

The Temple is a Holy Spot in Raven Rock that is used for religious and ritual purposes. It is operated by Elder Othreloth along with his companions. The Temple is of great significance as it consists of the Shrine of Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala, which offers various perks. The Clean Sweep and Served Cold quests also initiate from this Temple. 

Raven Rock Mine

Skyrim Locations
Raven Rock Mine (Image Credits eXputer)

Rock mine is a large mine in the settlement that packs valuable items in it, including Ebony Ores. In order to get full access to the mine, you need to complete the quests related to the cave, i.e., An Axe To Find and The Final Descent. Once you’ve completed the quests and made the area safe from cunning Draugr, you can mine up the Ores from here to craft them into useful armor sets. 

Alor House

Skyrim Raven Rock
Alor House (Image Credits eXputer)

The Alor House is the home of Dreyla Alor and Fethisin in Raven Rock, which you can find near the market square. The house is just like the other buildings in the area, but the significance of this shelter is that it contains many useful items such as the Poison Song Books collection, EEC Letters, and Hallgerd’s Tale, which is a heavy armor for combat and battles. You can find Hallgerd’s Tale in the basement of the house, lying on the shelf. 

Cold Cinder Cave 

Coldcinder Cave is a mysterious cave in Raven Rock that is not present on the map. You can find the area just at the starting edge of Raven Rock and access it with the help of a trapdoor.

Cold Cinder is an abandoned cave that divides the way into separate directions. One direction leads to the Bulwark Jail, while the other path takes you to the hidden chamber, where you can find a precious chest guarded by Ash Spawn. You can eliminate the threat and unlock the chest to get all the gold and valuable rewards. 

Severin Manor 

As mentioned earlier, Severin Manor is a house that is granted to Dragonborn as a reward for completing the Served Cold and March of the Dead sidequests. The house is well furnished with all the necessary supplies and is one of the most lucrative spots in the area.

In Severin Manor, you can also find a well-equipped alchemy lab and enchanter’s table, where you can prepare different alchemy recipes to get useful potions and spells. You can also enhance your enchanting capabilities through the enchanter’s table. 


If we specifically discuss the in-game achievement, then the place does not have much to offer. You can only complete one achievement here, i.e., “Raven Rock Owner,” which you can accomplish by owning a house in the area. Completing the task gives you twenty achievement/Bronze points

Wrapping up 

Raven Rock is the capital of Solstheim and a massive settlement near Vvardenfell Island. The place is full of mysterious quests and places and offers valuable items and perks. Investing your time in this vast land is worth the time and effort, as here you can find plenty of valuable stuff that grants you different bonuses and perks. 

Other than that, if you want to master your shooting skills in the game, make sure to check out how to use the bound bow. You can also complete some hectic quests such as Blood On The Ice and In My Time Of Need easily by going through our detailed guides on it. Meanwhile, if you’re cursed with vampirism, you can learn the cure for vampirism as well. 

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