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Simu Liu & BoxLunch Kick Off the Giving Season With a Gracious Gala

When it comes to fandom and fashion, BoxLunch is perhaps one of the best companies in the business. Along with supplying a plethora of merchandise from figurines to cookware to clothing and much more, BoxLunch also lives up to the heroes it showcases on its merchandise. For every $10 spent on BoxLunch, the company provides a lunch for one person in need. BoxLunch took their charity work to the next level with the BoxLunch Holiday Gala.

This event celebrated Feeding America, the nation’s largest national hunger relief organization, and BoxLunch donated $100,000 to the charity. Your new Giving Ambassador, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Simu Liu, matched her donation, making it $200,000. This was a night of giving, and along with Liu, many creatives came out to celebrate BoxLunch, Feeding America, and the heroes who inspire people in their everyday lives. CBR was lucky enough to be invited to this event and had the opportunity to speak with several of the talents joining the celebration, including Juju Green (Straw Hat Goofy), David Dastmalchian (the suicide squad), Kerri Colby (Ru Paul’s drag race), Monique Coleman (high school musical), Anjali Bhimani (mrs wonder), and Liu.

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CBR: You’ve partnered with BoxLunch several times. What about this brand that sticks with you, what stands out?

green juice: Does it stand out from the crowd? Even if I have to scream out loud? It’s because they will understand that reference, right? Like, they’re one of the fans. It’s very rare that you get a brand that maintains the reason you started it in the first place. They are literally just a bunch of nerds like you and me. You can feel that through all of their products, so all of their staff, their employees, you talk to someone from BoxLunch and you just know he’s one of you.

Kerry Colby: I always say that it’s very important to stay hungry, to stay focused and to stay motivated, but it’s also important to…feed people. You have to feed the mind, the body, the soul, the spirit. I think an event like this does all of those things in one place.

Monica Coleman: I love the idea of ​​taking pop culture, taking things that are part of our everyday lives, and attaching them to a cause that is so important. Many people don’t realize how food insecurity affects one in six people in the United States. Many times, we don’t realize that the people we interact with on a day-to-day basis might be feeling it. It’s wonderful not only for charities but also for businesses to take on charitable causes and partner with charities because I think we can go so much further when we do it that way.

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With us at Comic Book Resources and completely immersed in the world of superheroes, and with Feeding America inspiring people to be heroes in their everyday lives, I would love to know what heroes inspire you, they could be fictional, they could be real.

Simu Liu: My grandmother inspires me. She passed away last year, but she was just the most amazing human being in the time I’ve known her, in the time I’ve been alive. Also, for the previous 50 years, she was someone who never took the status quo as law, who, growing up as a woman at a time when women were disrespected and told they couldn’t have a career of their own, broke that She molded in a big way and became a nurse and then a doctor, and then the head of pediatrics at our hospital. In fact, she was present at my birth. To have walked that path again, for someone at that time, at a time when the possibility just wasn’t there, she refused to accept anything less than the best for her.

Green: I’ll start with fiction. Spiderman. It doesn’t matter which one, be it Miles, Peter Parker, Hobie Brown, even Mayday Parker. These are just normal people doing the best they can. Not only do they have superpowers, but it is that responsibility that drives them to do the right thing. I feel like if we were all more like Spider-Man, corny as that sounds, I think this world would be so much better.

In reality, Kobe Bryant was always a huge inspiration to me. His work ethic, the way he approached life… If you want something, he go get it. Donald Glover, Jordan Peele, Issa Rae. I love these people very much. Ryan Coogler. These are people who keep their voice up no matter what they are doing. It’s very easy to get lost in the sauce of corporate America, Hollywood, whatever, but these are people with a story to tell. They don’t lose that, right? They are almost intransigent. Sure, there are commitments, but they don’t compromise who they are and that vision they want to share with people. So I try to approach every day with that kind of mindset and those influences.

David Dastmalchian: I’m so inspired right now by all the young people who came out to vote on the last day. I think youth activism and young people voting on policies that affect much more than their pocketbooks are really inspiring to me. I’m seeing a huge movement of young people now taking the power of their vote and their activism very seriously when it comes to protecting the autonomy of women’s bodies and health, when it comes to providing resources to disadvantaged people. . like exactly what we’re doing here tonight, helping people who are hungry, helping people who are homeless, helping people who need access to mental health resources. I feel like, across the board, I’m seeing a huge surge of energy and movement from young people who are doing that, and I have to say, those are my heroes, the ones out there just showing up.

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Colby: I’m definitely inspired by all the sometimes misunderstood villains. I’m thinking of Mystique’s X Men. I’m thinking of Catwoman. I’m thinking of people who feel like life has thrown them a curveball, but with that curveball, they find their power, their strength, their ability to pick themselves up. I like trying to embody that in my day to day and push people to do the same. So that’s what we’re here to do.

coleman: I am inspired by people who dedicate themselves to service every day, whether they are nurses, teachers or mothers. I’m just inspired by people who… I think it’s amazing to have big dreams and ambitions and go after whatever you feel is your purpose, but I also feel like it’s really important to be there for your family, and I think it’s pretty heroic.

Anjali Bhimani: My mom came from… Her whole family lived in one room, one room in Mumbai. She came to America with my dad. She started her medical practice. She gave birth to nine billion babies in the course of her time, she raised so many children. A lot of what she did, it wasn’t about getting compliments, just like Feeding America was just boots on the ground. You do what you have to do because it’s the right thing to do. She taught me a lot that you don’t do things because someone else tells you to or because you think someone else is watching. You do things because it’s the right thing to do. That is exactly what is happening here with BoxLunch and Feeding America.

What does it mean to you now that you get to be a hero to so many other fans of the MCU?

Liu: It’s an incredible feeling. I hope that, with every step I take, I am doing well for everyone, for all the fans and for the people who place their trust in me. I am very excited to be the Giving Ambassador with Box Lunch and working together with Feeding America. I think if we can’t use our platform to genuinely help people and improve their lives, what are we doing?

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