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Sims 4: How to turn into a mermaid & how one can change again

Merfolk can lastly reside alongside fellow Sims, due to the Island Living enlargement pack. Just just like the wizarding world that got here lengthy earlier than it, anybody who chooses to enter the occult life state can stroll, swim, or roam freely. Being a mermaid, although, does have its justifiable share of perks, which you will come to be taught as you make the fishy transformation.

There are two methods to make a mermaid in The Sims 4: Create a Sim, a characteristic that permits you to make one by means of its traditional suite, and consuming Mermadic Kelp, which successfully transforms a daily Sim right into a mermaid. The former might be achieved by merely heading to the Create a Sim suite, and choosing Add Occult Sim, after which Add Mermaid.

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In order to turn into a mermaid, you have to to accumulate Mermadic Kelp. The best strategy to get that is to buy it from the Rewards Store for 500 Satisfaction Points. It can be obtained by means of fishing, diving, and exploring the collapse Mua Pel’am.

Once you might be able to make the change, eat the Mermadic Kelp, after which enter the ocean. You will solely have 24 hours to undergo with the transition, in any other case your Sim will stay human.

Should you be desirous to return to your human kind, you have to to eat two items of Mermadic Kelp. Be conscious that doing this can strip any talents you had as a mermaid.

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