Should you use Bosses Ergo Drops?



bosses in Lies of P have Special Ergo Drops They are worth a lot Ergo, enough to gain a level or two in the early parts of the game. But are they worth using to level up P? Or can they be used for something else?

Read on as we talk more about Boss Ergo Drops from Lies of P and its importance to the game.

How to get Boss Ergo drops

As the term suggests, these special Ergos drop from defeated bosses in each chapter. They have special names like Ergo of the Parade Leader or Ergo of the Broken Hero, and are placed in a separate section in the inventory, just below where the Ergo Fragments and Shards are. Only one of each type can be obtained in a match.

Should Boss Ergo Drops be used to level up?

The answer to the question will depend on the game you are in at the moment.

If you are only playing your first and second game, then it is best to hold on to these Boss Ergo Drops until you meet Alidoro, the treasure collector. The reason is that Alidoro accepts these special Ergos as currency so you can get special weapons and accessories from his collection.

If you are playing on your third game onwards, then you may want to consider using these Ergo Drops to increase your level, as you have most likely collected all the weapons and accessories you can purchase using these Drops at this point.

How to meet Alidoro in Mentiras de P

You can meet Alidoro the Hound for the first time in Chapter 4, on the outside balcony of the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. Inside the library is an elevator guarded by an elite enemy. Go up the elevator and you will reach the balcony where Alidoro is.

In your first conversation with Alidoro, he will ask you for a place to take refuge. You can take the lying route by pointing him away from the Krat Hotel, or you can take the truthful route and point him directly to the Krat Hotel. Regardless of the choice made, Alidoro will find his way to the hotel. This choice will still have an effect on P’s lie mechanic, so it’s worth doing either route depending on what ending you want to get to.

If you choose to lie to Alidoro, you will have to meet him in Venigni’s Workshop after Chapter 4 and then tell him to go to Elysion Boulevard. He will object saying that he has been on the boulevard and that he is of no use, so he will go to the hotel. Alidoro will be a little disappointed that you lied to him, but he will still sell you his collection.

Whenever you get a Boss Ergo Drop, you can check with Alidoro to see what new items you can buy with that drop.



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