Shaft and Clink: Rift Apart v1.831 improves the pacing of frames. Updates FidelityFX version.



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  • A new patch has been introduced for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, improving frame pacing on GPUs with dedicated VRAM and updating its FidelityFX version.
  • The update also enables ray tracing options on AMD GPUs in Linux.

Shaft and clinch: rift apart has received a new update, which in addition to updating the game’s frame pacing has been improved. AMD FidelityFX version Used in-game in 2.2. gave Patch notes Explaining the former, explaining how GPUs with 8GB of VRAM or less will see improved speed when hitting certain levels with large amounts of bullets.

Shaft and Clink: RiftSpart v1.831 Patch Notes
Shaft and Clink: RiftSpart v1.831 Patch Notes

As of this patch, ray tracing options are now available on AMD GPUS in Linux. Additionally, dynamic resolution scaling can now be used in conjunction with Intel XeSS. Other additions include water-damping animations when the player character floats in a body of water. Additionally, the Phantom Dash animation will no longer be affected by frame rate after the latest update for the game.

Insomniac Games and Nixxes have also fixed some bugs in v1.831, aiming to further polish the state of the game. In addition to fixing various interface glitches, a bug that caused the phantom dash effect to appear when toggled off has been fixed. Additionally, the launcher has been adjusted to fit screens with lower resolutions or higher DPI scaling settings.

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In addition to the above changes, the game Also got stability improvements specifically for AMD Radeon RX 7000 GPUs. With these adjustments, improved frame pacing, and updated FidelityFX, Insomniac’s world-hopping adventure Despite having a solid baseline at launch, it appears to be in a brighter state than before.

The PlayStation exclusive arrived on PC earlier this year, opening to a relatively lukewarm reception. What stood out at its launch was the ability to play games on modern HDDs and the lack of ray tracing on AMD GPUs. Insomniac quickly addressed this issue by providing a full set of visual features to all players.

Shaft and clinch: rift apart Available at PlayStation 5 and PC.

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