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Severian in Final Fantasy 16, is a Fallen Construct, which you can find as you go beyond Martha’s rest towards the west. Once you have progressed through a certain level in Valisthea, you need to access Hunt Board and defeat powerful foes. These enemies are much stronger than those you encounter in other random regions and Severian is one of them. Once you find the location of Severian in FF16 and manage to defeat his boss, you will be rewarded with Renowns and Gils.

Key Takeaways

  • Severian is a powerful Fallen Construct in FF16.
  • The character is encountered west of Martha’s Rest in the Valisthea region.
  • Severian’s precise location can be found using the Hunt Board in FF16.
  • To reach Severian, take an elevator from Martha’s rest and head into the plains, then face northwest.
  • Severian’s attacks are signaled ahead, giving players the chance to dodge.
  • Once Severian’s health is depleted by 50%, it launches a major attack called “Eradicate”.
  • Defeating Severian earns players the following rewards:
    1. 20 Renowns
    2. 8500 Gil
    3. 1x Electrum (required to craft Drakeslayer’s Belt)
    4. 70 Ability Points
    5. 800 Experience Points

Who Is Severian In FF16

Severian In FF16
Severian In FF16 (image by eXputer)

Severian in Final Fantasy 16, is a robot-looking creature with two laser swords. The strength of this creature lies in the two major attacks it can perform. To launch its first attack, Severian uses its blades and performs a powerful lunging strike. In the second one, it makes use of Orbs that it throws toward you giving you damage.

Severian Location

FF16 Severian Location is near Martha’s Rest
FF16 Severian Location is near Martha’s Rest (image by eXputer)

FF16 Severian Location is near Martha’s Rest. Opening up Hunt Board, and exploring Severian will guide you about its location which is in the North of SorrowWise, Rosaria. Then to reach it, take an elevator from Martha’s rest and go down into the plains. Leaving the elevator, face towards North West, and keep running and you will eventually see a Severian in an open field.

How To Defeat Severian In Final Fantasy 16

Severian in Final Fantasy 16, makes perfect use of its laser swords to do a variety of attacks that makes it difficult to defeat it. All the attacks Severian perform gives you a certain indication between it reaches you therefore to ace a fight against Severian your prime focus should be proper dodging.

Severian fight in Final Fantasy 16
Severian fight in Final Fantasy 16 (image by eXputer)

Lunging Strike

As the fight begins Severian will first perform a lunging strike making use of its blades and then throw orbs at you. However, before it does both of these, it will wind up which gives you time to dodge therefore focus on its movement and get out of its range as it performs these attacks.

Electric Fields

After initial attacks, Severian will start creating electric fields followed by AOE attacks in those fields making it even harder for you to reach it and then obviously attack. Here, you need to see the pattern with which Severian generates these Electric Fields and then AOE attacks, wait for these to settle, and then attack it. Therefore, proper dodging is also key to surviving this attack.


Once you deplete 50% of Severian’s health bar, it will perform its major attack called “Eradicate”. In this attack, it makes a disastrous move by spinning both of its swords fastly, and then laser bullets are thrown toward you. The best way to avoid Eradicate is to keep an eye on Severian’s movement and move to a distance as soon as you see it charging this attack.

Judgment Bolt is a must thing you should keep with you when going to fight against Severian as with this you can give max damage with a single shot that too in a few seconds.


Severian Fight Rewards
Severian Fight Rewards (image by eXputer)

As you reach the Severian Location and successfully defeat the boss, you will earn the following as a reward:

  • 20 Renowns
  • 8500 Gil
  • 1x Electrum (required to craft Drakeslayer’s Belt)
  • 70 Ability Points
  • 800 Experience Points

Embarking on a journey to the west of Martha’s Rest in Final Fantasy 16 leads you to the formidable Severian, a Fallen Construct. This epic encounter promises a test of skill, demanding tactical dodging, strategic attacks, and a firm grip on the art of war. In return, defeating this powerful foe not only offers a sense of accomplishment but also rich rewards, including Renowns, Gils, crafting materials, ability points, and precious experience.

And with this, I wrap up my FF16 Severian Location guide by discussing its location, boss fights strategy and the rewards you get for Clive. for more information look at these amazing articles: Final Fantasy 16: Eikonic Challenge Mode, How Battle System Works, and All Eikons.


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