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Sega’s Next Mini Console Should Be the Dreamcast Mini

Mini consoles have become a huge trend in recent years. While its origins can be traced back to Plug ‘n’ Play consoles in the early 2000s, it really gained popularity with Nintendo’s NES mini. However, Sega actually had mini versions of its consoles long before Nintendo made the first one. Unfortunately, most of those controllers were unbranded versions of the console or created by a third party. Despite this, Sega finally released its first in-house made mini console in 2019 to rave reviews. It represented Sega’s lineup of classic games to the best of its ability and did it with style.

Sega recently released the sequel to the Genesis Mini, aptly titled Sega Genesis Mini 2. The Genesis Mini 2 improved on its predecessor in almost every way, and in an age when there are few mini consoles available, it’s a refreshing sequel. . One wonders why Sega chose to make a sequel to the Genesis instead of a mini console based on their other consoles. The success of the Genesis Minis shows that Sega’s next mini console should be based on the Dreamcast.

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Dreamcast library and features could work just fine today

Obviously, the Dreamcast wasn’t the direct sequel to the Genesis, but the Sega Saturn had some memorable games and features that warranted a mini version. The Dreamcast, on the other hand, featured a ton of beloved games, and is still fondly remembered by fans. Despite being considered a financial failure, he developed a cult following, which still endures to this day. The Dreamcast had an amazing library of games worth revisiting, including games like sonic adventure, shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, jet set radioY power stone. For many Dreamcast games, there is no easy and reliable way to play them on modern consoles. Some Dreamcast games are way overdue for a modern re-release, and a Dreamcast Mini would be the perfect way to go.

The Dreamcast also had a ton of cool and unique features that could be easily updated and iterated to make it work for modern audiences on a mini console. For example, it featured a Visual Memory Unit (VMU) as a memory card for the system. Each VMU had a small screen, a D-Pad, and an A and B button, and it would fit on the Dreamcast controller. The VMU’s screen would display custom images based on the game, and players could remove the VMU to play minigames based on various Dreamcast games. In addition to this, players could connect to other VMUs to exchange data. This could easily be expanded for a mini console. Sega could add more VMU compatible games and more minigames to play on it. More social features could also be added for players who own the Dreamcast mini to interact with each other.

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The Dreamcast deserves a second chance

The two main characters of Shenmue

Bringing back the Dreamcast is an idea that Sega has considered. During the development of the Genesis Mini 2, Sega considered a Saturn Mini and a Dreamcast Mini. Unfortunately, according to Sega hardware producer Yosuke Okunari, supply shortages caused by the pandemic would have made the console too expensive to produce and sell. However, that doesn’t mean there will never be a Dreamcast Mini. As supplies become more available and easier to produce, the cost of making a Dreamcast Mini is bound to drop as well. There is still hope that the Dreamcast will get another chance at life.

Sega has created some of the best games and consoles ever made. The studio has cemented itself in the hearts of fans around the world. The Dreamcast may not have been a hit for Sega at the time, but there are countless fans around the world who love the console. If Sega can make a Dreamcast mini console, then it may have a second chance at success in the mini console wars.

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