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‘Secret Wars’ Turned Iron Man into the Green Goblin

Iron Man and Spider-Man’s nemesis, the Green Goblin, have clashed several times over the years, most notably during the events of the “Dark Reign” storyline. But while Norman Osborn has stolen a lot from Tony Stark over the years, a 2015 Iron Man variant secret wars He had a chance to return the favor.

Secret Wars: The Island of Spiders (by Christos N. Gage, Paco Diaz, Frank D’Armata, and VC’s Travis Lanham) transformed many heroes into new forms, including a variant of Tony Stark the Goblin Serum, quickly turning Iron Man into a unique but doomed version. of the Green Goblin.

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How Secret Wars Turned Iron Man Into Spider-Man’s Green Goblin

As a result of secret wars, the remnants of the Marvel multiverse were recreated on the patchwork planet known as Batteworld. Each “kingdom” was based on a different reality. Some of them reinvented classic Marvel concepts into new eras of genres, like the Wild West variants of 1892 or the one inspired by martial arts Kung Fu Masters. Others were directly based on specific stories, introducing realms where a classic story had taken a different turn. One of these kingdoms was known as Spider-Island and was derived from the crossover of the same name. In this realm, the heroes had been unable to stop Spider-Queen from infecting most of Manhattan with a transformative virus that brought the population under her control. Only a handful of figures proved capable of fully resisting the virus.

Others who underwent other transformation states (such as Werewolf by Night) could break free of Spider-Queen’s command while in their altered states. This resulted in the remaining heroes exposing the few others who could reach new states, giving the Hulk the lizard serum, turning Captain America into a werewolf, and changing Captain Marvel into a living vampire like Morbius. While the heroes also freed Iron Man, it came at a cost, as the only remaining means of freeing Tony Stark involved the Goblin Serum created by Norman Osborn, effectively turning Iron Man into a new version of the Green Goblin.

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What happened to the iron goblin?


Tony Stark’s strong will and inventive nature allowed him to briefly adapt to the situation, even incorporating Green Goblin items and weaponry into his Iron Man armor. This corrupted Tony played a vital role in giving the heroes an advantage against Spider. -Queen, which ultimately led to the fall of his regime. However, Tony never saw that happy ending. Feeling his grasp on reality slipping away as the Goblin Serum took more of its effect, Iron Man decided to stay behind as Spider-Queen’s forces closed in on the resistance. Taking the Ebony Blade as an additional weapon, Iron Man decided to sacrifice himself to cover his escape, making sure to die as himself instead of becoming the same maniacal villainy that often defines Norman Osborn.

The death of Spider-Island Iron Man touches on many elements of Iron Man’s history and his connection to Norman Osborn. Iron Man makes specific reference to Norman Osborn’s Iron Patriot armor when he steals Goblin technology, returning the favor by using stolen technology for his own purposes. Tony is forced to admit that Osborn’s inventions have a certain flair that he could never match. But even Tony’s mind couldn’t resist the full effects of the Goblin Serum, which quickly turned one of this realm’s remaining brightest heroes into someone who was always on the verge of betraying his friends and allies. Thankfully, Tony was still Iron Man at heart and had the chance to die as himself instead of just another Goblin on the warpath.

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