Second Death of the Scorpion (Input and How to Unlock)



Mk 1 Scorpion second fatality It is one of the more popular kills due to its relatively unnerving and gruesome nature and the Scorpion’s popularity, forcing players to unlock its full toolset. However, this kill is initially locked in the game and requires some grinding before it can be unlocked in the Moveset menu.

Key takeaways

  • The deaths in MK1 are graphic cinematic endings.
  • Scorpions have two possible kills. There is one “Killer clones from Nethralum” With the famous “get here” movement.
  • To perform this second kill, use Specific 4-command input, But if you are too far away from your opponent it may fail.
  • Scorpion’s second Fatality unlocks at Master Level 14 in MK1.

What is Scorpion’s second kill in MK1?

Katana deadly scorpion
Scorpion’s Katana Fatality (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

Scorpion’s Second Fatality MK1 features a stealthy, gruesome, and brutally cinematic way to eliminate your opponents, which can be achieved by pressing the left, right, left, and then backpunch buttons in that order.

The second stands out as the more graphic of the two deaths that Scorpion can perform. in this First casualty, he simply launches his opponent into the air and uses his hook to separate their head from their body. However, in his second kill, he summons three clones from Hell, which are difficult to take down. Each clone does a spectacular scorpion attack (katana > ax > burn) while the real clone delivers a killing blow.

Following are some of the features of the second Scorpion kill in the MK1:

  • Command combination for Scorpion seconds Fatality Hidden in MK1.
  • You can enable fatality if you already know the input commands.
  • This is a A combination of four buttonswhich will be discussed in the next section.
  • Also called the second fatality. “Killer clones from Nethralum” Killing
  • Killing Killer Klones from the Netherrealm has a medium range restriction.
  • A second kill will trigger the Scorpion’s famous phrase, “Get over here.”
  • The kill also includes three clones of a scorpion raised from Hell, hence the name “Killer clones

Second fatality input

Like most deaths in MK1, Scorpion’s the second Killing Input is based on 4 command sequences. There are some conditions under which the death animation may fail, but that will be discussed in a later section. Additionally, the appropriate time to use this fatality would be when you have defeated your opponent and the screen reads “Finish it.

The command input for each platform is listed in the following table:

Platform Command input
PlayStation Left >> Right >> Left >> Triangle (Back Punch)
Xbox Left >> Right >> Left >> Y (Back Punch)
Switch on. Left >> Right >> Left >> X (Back Punch)
PC A >> D >> A >> Back Punch

How to get second scorpion kill in MK1?

Deadly Scorpion
Scorpion’s final death throes (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Players must achieve mastery level 14 on Scorpion to unlock his second kill in Mortal Kombat 1.

In an earlier part, it was already mentioned that the scorpion is the second kill. hidden. This basically means that MK1 won’t show you how to do it in the command menu unless you meet the criteria. However, this is only a test of how skilled a player has become and presents himself as one. reward For those who are ruthless enough.

Here are some of the best ways to earn Mastery Points:

  • When playing Scorpion, try to go back to back. Flawless victories.
  • Compete in “Test Your Might” events, which you can check out below. Subreddit post to find possible solutions If the event is noticed Very difficult.
  • Online battles against other players for bonuses Mastery Points.

Fatality Failing Cases

MK1 Finish Him Trigger
Scorpion Fatality Trigger (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The last thing a player might be curious about is why they aren’t dying, which can happen even after giving the proper commands. There are many reasons that can be the culprit behind the following irregularity. However, only a few popular ones will be discussed here.

Following are some of the common causes of failed deaths while playing Scorpion:

  • You may not be entering orders at the appropriate time or may be waiting too long for them to execute (timing).
  • If you are in an online duel and your opponent. leaves As you win matches, MK1 will skip the fatality ending.
  • If you lose connection to the lobby as you input the command for Fatality, the match will not execute.
  • When entering commands for fatality, you must exercise caution. distances Between you and your opponent (mid to close range.)

Finally, it’s time to wrap up the MK1 Scorpion Second Fatality Guide. Casualties Always fun to execute and watch, and it wouldn’t be Death Kombat without them. While you’re here, consider checking out a similar guide. Mortal Kombat 1 friendships. If this is not to your liking, you can also check out. Mortal Kombat’s Multiverse Ending 1.


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