Sea of ​​Stars Trophy Guide and How to Get Platinum


In this Sea of ​​Stars Platinum Trophy guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know before delving into the rich world of Sea of ​​Stars. It is worth noting that the game expects a good mix of mastery and finishing from the player. Whether it’s defeating bosses or searching every corner for treasure chests, you’ll see everything the game has to offer near the end.

There is 43 trophies to collect in Sea of ​​Stars:

  • 1 platinum trophy
  • 4 gold trophies
  • 8 silver trophies
  • 30 bronze trophies

Sea of ​​Stars Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • True Solstice Warrior: Successfully accomplish all feats.

gold trophyand

  • Lieutenant: Defeat Elysan’darelle
  • Living encyclopedia: Earn professional rank in each quiz question pack
  • No my God: Defeat the Fleshmancer
  • What a technique!: Defeat 10 bosses with the Artful Gambit relic activated.

Silver Trophyand

  • Ay inhabitant: Defeat the denizen of pain
  • Torment Dweller: Defeat the Dweller of Torment
  • Contest Dweller: Fight against conflict inhabitant
  • Horror Dweller: Defeat the Dweller of Terror
  • Better dead: Defeat the weapon goddess
  • Glass Diator: Defeat Croustalion
  • New Garl+: Fulfill the last wish
  • Measurement Hunter: Find every treasure

Bronze Trophyand

  • Boss hit: Defeat the boss of the Forbidden Cavern.
  • No wait!: Being sent to Sleeping Island
  • Stretch Mission: Defeat cormatic appearance.
  • Now give me that!: Defeat Romaya
  • Who would have thought?: Learn the true identity of Captain Klee’shae
  • Hello!: Defeat Stormcaller
  • Home: Build your own city
  • Solstice Power: Find the solstice amulet
  • Fallen Debris: Defeat the leaf monster
  • And stay below too!: Defeat the acolytes
  • Fight fire with Lunar: Defeat the Toadcano
  • The Warrior Cook: Attend the ceremony
  • Who would have thought? Part 2: Know the true identity of Seira
  • Cheer up!: Defeat Medusus
  • Featherweight: Defeat the Triumvirate of Eminence
  • Enter the Artificer: Meet Arty
  • Mechanical Champion: Defeat the Clockmaker in a game of Wheels
  • Healthy food: Dine at the Golden Pelican
  • Hey, that’s a Reskin!: Defeat the sea slug
  • Old man criticized: Defeat Elder Mist for the second time.
  • Free from Serviduke: Release the soul of Duke Aventry
  • Tidy home: Build a spa, inn, shop, and fishing cabin in Mirth
  • Conch Master: Bring all of Mirna’s conch shells to Docarri Village.
  • Master fisherman: Catch all species of fish at least once.
  • Asset: Bounce a moonerang 25 times in a row
  • The Lock Myth: Break a total of 50 locks in battle.
  • Taste ending: Cook each recipe at least once.
  • To the teeth: Find all the combined attack scrolls.
  • Well read: Hear all the campfire stories.
  • I day: Use the spa in Mirth with the 6 playable characters.

How to get the platinum trophy

The platinum trophy process in Sea of ​​Stars is reminiscent of old school SNES games. That’s not necessarily a bad thing considering the most you can do is hunt for some treasure and kill a couple dozen bosses. (Minus the What a Technique trophy. That’s hell and back incarnate.) You’re probably looking to go to every dungeon and/or notable location and fight every enemy while searching for hidden treasure.

You can expect to spend approximately 25 hours in the game if you’re looking to finish the main story. You can double the hours if you want the Platinum with all the extra things you need to do. (Plus all the level polishing).

He Boss hit, No wait!, Stretch Searchand solstice power They are story trophies that you will inevitably obtain as you progress through the main story.

The rest of the trophies are acquired by completing, exploring and finding bubbles distributed in different areas. If you really like scouring all the edges of the playable area in search of hidden treasure, you’ll enjoy the Measure Hunter Silver trophy. You’ll want to look for the ALL CLEAR silver star on locations to tell you that you have everything that can be collected at that location. This can be seen on the Overworld map. If there are still items to collect, you can always PING the Hawk-Eyed Parrot at the location to get a general idea of ​​the location of the missing items.

We have confirmation from the developers that there are no trophies that can be lost. This means that there will be no trophy-related items in places where an item could be lost and not accessible again for the rest of the game.

The game has these relics that you can activate or deactivate at any time. Think of them as modifiers that you can obtain and that you can implement to change the values ​​that affect your game. He What a technique! gold trophy asks you to defeat 10 bosses with the Artful Gambit relic activated. What does the relic do, you ask? Well, it makes everything in the game instantly kill you in one hit. But You save yourself an instant death if you successfully block the attack, and the damage you take is a bird hit point of 1. There is no room for error if you go after this trophy. Good luck!

You can choose which bosses to face. Also, it’s not like you have to spend the entire game with it on. You only need it to be on during a boss battle for progress to count. You can turn it off after the battle. Small comforts but comforts nonetheless.

Important: The Artful Gambit relic is acquired very late in the game. To start making this trophy, you will most likely have to do a New+ game with the relic equipped. This is also slightly nice since your stats from the previous run carry over to the new run.

To get the Master Angler Bronze Trophy, you will need to catch all fish species at least once. Fishing is one of the most fun side activities the game offers. The act of fishing is a very complicated process that removes much of the RNG associated with the activity. First of all, you can see the silhouette of the aquatic creature species from the view above. You can also change the trajectory of your lure so that it lands exactly where you want it to be. Preferably right next to the fish you are targeting. And that’s where the fun part begins.

Reeling the fish is a battle in itself as you will close the distance and ensure the line doesn’t break. There is an ever-changing “safe zone” that you will need to keep the fish in and that will prevent the line from breaking. Spooling the fish outside of this area will cause the line to tighten and eventually break. If the fish leaves the safe zone, you can use the left stick to direct it where you want it to go without the threat of breaking the line.

It will take some practice to catch some of the more difficult species, but their playful nature may be enough to get you there.

To get the Jumping Bronze Trophy, you will need to bounce the moonerang attack 25 times in a row. This will take some time to understand the right time. After each return, the Moonerang accelerates before reaching a fixed speed. To put it in context, getting a dozen rebounds with the attack requires the player to have quick reflexes. Maintaining that effort might even require some luck. But of course, the skill of the player is an important factor to consider. You can get it as soon as you fight the first boss or after 100 hours of gameplay. It is best to choose a target that will not fall after 3 or 4 bounces.

Similarly, the Lock Myth Bronze Trophy asks you to break 50 locks in multiple battles. Locks are comparable to poise in the Souls games. If you hit an enemy with the correct attack types, you will break their stance, forcing them to skip their next turn. Team composition is crucial for this one if you want to do it as quickly as possible.

Recipes in Sea of ​​Stars range from simple to complex and will require players to gather the necessary ingredients to create them. You can create dishes while you are at the campfire. Please note that its maximum loading capacity is 10 plates. You will not be able to create any dishes if you reach the capacity. He Gustatory Completion Bronze Trophy asks you to cook each recipe at least once. Considering this is a Bronze trophy, you may find it more difficult to collect the ingredients and not the recipes themselves.

While we’re on the topic of the campfire, the Well read The trophy asks you to listen to all the stories told by Teaks, whom you meet during campfire breaks while contemplating what dishes to cook.

And that’s all we have for this Sea of ​​Stars trophy guide. In total, you’re looking at between 60 and 70 hours on the safe side if you’re looking to get all the trophies, and that’s not including the time you’ll spend in New Game+ searching for 10 bosses to defeat. Old school fans will love this objective-focused Platinum trophy challenge.

Sea of ​​Stars is now available for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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