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Sasuke’s Spinoff Makes Menō & Zansūru Deadlier Than the Ōtsutsuki

The following contains spoilers for Naruto Chapter 1: Sasuke’s Story — The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust, by Masashi Kishimoto, Jun Esaka, Shingo Kimura, and Snir Aharon, now available in English via Viz Media.

In the naruto Y boruto Lore, it’s safe to say that as good as Uchiha Sasuke is, he’s had a pretty rough time fighting the Ōtsutsuki clan. The aliens have been very formidable, which is why Sasuke and Naruto in their god modes, as well as Sakura, defeated Kaguya. In time, they would all have to band together and use Boruto in subsequent wars against Momoshiki, Kinshiki, Toneri, Urashiki, and recently Isshiki.

That’s why Sasuke’s main job as a Konoha Ranger is to keep hanging around to make sure they never come back, either through the Code or the DNA in Boruto and Kawaki. Unfortunately, in the manga derived from him, Naruto: Sasuke’s Story — The Uchiha and Heavenly StardustSasuke is reminded that there are other massive threats even more dangerous than the Ōtsutsuki beings.

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Sasuke fights Menō in Heavenly Stardust

In heavenly stardust, Sasuke has infiltrated a prison on Redaku, hoping to find a cure for a mysterious illness Naruto suffers from. However, he is shocked to learn that there is a velociraptor outside the walls, acting as the enforcer. He loves to devour the runaways, but Sasuke is not distracted and breaks out of his cell to collect data from the warden’s office.

However, he runs into big trouble in the hallway when the dinosaur, Menō, ambushes him. He couldn’t feel it, plus he moves at lightning speeds, which already hurts Sasuke. He has never faced an enemy like this, made worse by his non-functioning eyes on the being. Sasuke attempts to use his Sharingan to slow him down and probe his mind, but even his dream-inducing genjutsu doesn’t work.

It’s a crucial turning point since all of these tools are what allowed Sasuke to fight tyrants like the Ōtsutsuki, but he has no advantage here. He is forced to use an ice kunai, cut off its claws, and run away. However, the big surprise is that he sees him in the garden the next day, healed and seeking revenge with regenerated claws. He is clearly treating Sasuke like prey, which shapes a predator that the Uchiha Ranger is left fighting to re-strategize against.

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Sasuke’s New Orochimaru Is Even Scarier

Sasuke has to fight his dinosaur enemy on Meno and a new Orochimaru on Zansuru.

The Guardian that Sasuke is trying to get information about is Zansūru, who has an evil scientist figure much like Orochimaru in the past. Surprisingly, Zansūru also sneaks up on Sasuke watching his pet dinosaur the next morning, making it clear that he knows Sasuke attacked the creature and is running around the place. But Zansūru isn’t intimidated at all, not even when Sasuke tests his Sharingan on him.

In fact, he laughs, impervious and impassive. That’s because Zansūru has glass eyes, which means that along with possible genetic manipulation, as Sasuke suspects, the overlord and Menō are invulnerable as of yet. Some might say that Sasuke is holding back to keep cover from him, and once he applies other forms of ninjutsu and fighting techniques, he can take them down. But no one knows what other secrets these enemies have that could neutralize the Ranger, which he has already intuited.

He might even be poisoned by food and water, as Zansūru has been watching him for some time, looking like a puppeteer. Ultimately, this does heavenly stardustis Zansūru better than narutoHe’s a villain from the past because it’s not about ego. Furthermore, he loves to operate in secrecy, molding himself and his raptor into unpredictable enemies that could truly challenge Sasuke’s mind.

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