Sandy Plains Relic Record Locations



Sandy Plains is the third location that players will visit in Monster Hunter Rise and in this mysterious desert, players will find not only monsters but also hidden secrets. In this guide, players will learn more about the many relic records found in Sandy Plains in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to find all Sandy Plains Relic Records in Monster Hunter Rise

Relic Record #1

In the bottom left corner near Area 2 the first relic can be found on the cliff and players will need to mount the mount and go as far as they can to reach the sword.

Relic Log #2

In the southernmost part of the map, there is a fish pond located. Head there as the relic record is waiting to be found.

Relic Log #3

Near Area 1, go up the ledge heading to Area 5 and there will be a sword stuck in the ground.

Relic Log #4

Inside Area 11, there is a flowerbed that can be found. Hit him with any weapon and the sword will appear stuck in the ground.

Relic Log #5

Between Area 10 and 11, there is a stone bridge that can be crossed. At the end of the bridge, the record of the relic is found nailed to a stone.

Relic Log #6

From the subcamp near Area 5, head out and drop down the huge circular hole that leads underground. Use the bug to get to that opening and the sword will be there.

Relic Log #7

Head to the Sub-Camp near Area 7 and go up to the ruins. Go around the central column and the sword will be waiting for you.

Relic Log #8

Inside Area 4, where Jaggi and Jaggia usually rest, head south and you should see a small opening as the Relic sword will be waiting for you.

Relic Log #9

In the upper levels of Area 12, ruins can be found. Head inside and head south as the Relic sword will be found.

Relic Log #10

In the northern part of the map, near Area 12, reach this location and look for a ruined brick wall, as the last map log is behind it.

Rewards for collecting the Sandy Plains Relic Records

Every time you get 5 relic records in this location, the Kagero merchant will reward you with a piece of decoration for your rooms. Below are the prizes that players will receive from Kagero

  • Reward of 5 relics: Almudrón carving
  • 10 Relic Reward: Izuchi carving

That concludes our guide on where to find all Sandy Plains Relic Logs in Monster Hunter Rise. If players love this guide, then check out our other Monster Hunter Rise related guides.



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