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Ryan Reynolds Resurrects Beloved Walking Dead Characters for Series Finale Commercials

A selection of dead characters from the Waking Dead make a big comeback in a series of hilarious commercials sponsored by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.

What The Walking Dead says goodbye, Ryan Reynolds brings back to life some of the show’s most beloved characters to star in a series of commercials.

Reynolds dropped a Twitter publication featuring the ads for his company MNTN Performance TV, as well as Doordash, Autodesk, Ring, and Deloitte, all of which aired during the series finale of The Walking Dead November 20th. The commercials were produced by the dead pool Star’s agency Maximum Effort and included familiar characters from the AMC drama series, including Joe Ando-Hirsh (Rodney), Dallas Roberts (Milton), Andrew J. West (Gareth) and Laurie Holden (Andrea).

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Rodney appears in the first DoorDash commercial, ordering food over the phone while wearing a severed finger before the delivery man drops it off near him. Milton did a presentation for Autodesk, introducing the world’s first grunt-powered door handle. Gareth hides in his house while he uses a Ring doorbell to look for a couple of people he doesn’t want coming in, joking that humans are scarier than walkers. Meanwhile, Andrea appears in a couple of commercials; one as Chief Brain Officer while she hooked up Deloitte and another for MNTN Performance TV where she claims she ate Reynolds’ brain.

The Walking Dead keeps shuffling

Ando-Hirsh appeared as Rodney in The Walking Dead for three episodes between 2018 and 2019, while Roberts’ Milton featured prominently in the show’s third season. West guest-starred as Gareth in the drama series’ season 4 finale before becoming a season 5 regular, while Holden played Andrea from 2010-2013 before reprising the role of her in 2020.

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Other famous names that starred The Walking Dead include Black Panther: Wakanda Forever star Danai Gurira (Michione), The chosen ones actor Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes). Several of these characters are set to return when AMC recently announced spin-offs for The Walking Dead before the series finale, a move that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on the show, has been outspoken about. The spin-offs include one based on Rick and Michionne’s relationship, as well as another chronicling Daryl’s adventures in Paris, France.

those who were lost The Walking Dead The closest series you can catch up by streaming on the AMC website. Fans can also stream all episodes of season 11 in their entirety, plus interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

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