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  • Saw is a popular horror movie franchise that spans about 10 films spanning two decades. The films are known for their intense gore and extreme violence and center around a serial killer named Jigsaw.
  • A AAA video game based on the Saw series is in development, according to a new rumor from a well-known industry insider. The game is named “Project Gideon” and focuses on single-player survival horror, similar to the Resident Evil games or Dawn.
  • No further information is available on the Saw game in question, so proceed with a grain of salt.

This scary It’s that time of year, and rumors coming out left and right are definitely living up to the festive spirit right now. The latest word circulating on Twitter says that a AAA-grade game based on the Saw horror movie series is in the works, and the internal code name tapped is “Project Gideon“Also, it is said that the focus will be on the game”Single player survival horror

End on Icon Era, a forum user also shared a Discord message from the leaker in question, which appears to claim that two Saw games were suggested to higher-ups. Considered one of them. Asymmetric multiplayer title, and the tipster isn’t sure if it’s in active production or not. The second, focused on single-player, got the green light and insiders claim they’ve seen concept art for it as well.

Discard message from tipster
Discard message from tipster

As for the final details about this Saw-based video game, it is being said that the official announcement for the rumored title will come either way. First or second half of 2024. After that, developers are planning a 2025 release For fear of survival. It reiterates that none of the information at hand has been verified, so proceed with a pinch of salt as always with these matters.

For those who don’t know, the Saw franchise isn’t a complete stranger to video game adaptations. Actually, there have been Saw two games Previously developed and published by Zombie Studios and Konami respectively. First of the bunch with a simple title saw A sequel was released in 2009 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. P. 2: Flesh and Blood – arrived a year later for the same platform, minus the PC.

An in-game screenshot of Saw 2: Flesh and Blood
An in-game screenshot of Saw 2: Flesh and Blood

As we approach October, the official Halloween season, more and more related news seems to emerge. Another popular horror movie franchise — one of considerably greater stature — is getting a full-scale video game adaptation. The same as what we have discussed in the article. Hints at the Scream title in progress.and that the developer may be behind the project. Super massive games.

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British developer Studio is responsible for its commendable work. ear, till dawn, and other projects in the survival horror genre. A video game offering both screams and saws will definitely be something to behold in the horror space. Don’t hold your breath for either of these.

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