Rumor: A Hogwarts Legacy Sequel Is In The Works



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  • Hogwarts Legacy came out earlier this year in February and has been nothing short of a blockbuster up until now.
  • The game is based on the legendary Harry Potter book series of J.K. Rowling, and is centered on the Wizarding World franchise, with the Hogwarts castle acting as the centerpiece of the scenario. 
  • According to a new rumor by a known industry insider, a Hogwarts Legacy sequel is in the works.
  • The game has sold incredibly over the course of its release period, so it’s a no-brainer that the people up high wouldn’t want to cash in on the opportunity further. 
  • Hogwarts Legacy currently does not have any expansion packs nor is it out yet for the Nintendo Switch

Hogwarts Legacy has been an amazingly successful title so far, taking on the mantle of being more than just a capable Harry Potter game. Soon after its release on February 10, 2023, the RPG set in the Wizarding World started nabbing records left and right to its name. Now, however, it appears that a sequel to the vastly popular open-world title is in the works, as reported by a known industry insider called @MyTimeToShineHello.

According to the rumor, sources close to MyTimeToShine have confirmed to them that a follow-up title to Hogwarts Legacy is in the works. Unfortunately, no other information is available to spare apart from this key detail. Considering the ending of the game has been kept open-ended, any plotline route can be taken for the sequel.

Of course, we’re probably years away from an official reveal of the project, so it’s all speculation on this front for now. The developer—Avalanche Software—along with publisher Warner Bros. Games is currently busy working on a Nintendo Switch port for Hogwarts Legacy, and thankfully, there’s a November 14 release date slated for later this year.

As for the potential sequel, fans are wishing that the next Hogwarts Legacy would improve upon the current shortcomings of the title. Make no mistake, the RPG at hand sports a beautifully sophisticated world with terrific attention to detail, as our review calls the game a “love letter to Harry Potter fans,” but when it comes to the overall depth of gameplay and the story, fans have been demanding of more effort. 

Yeah that was one of my biggest complaints. It looked incredible, and the detail of Hogwarts and surrounding areas was beautiful, but the game itself was pretty shallow. Ended up falling off after I got over the ‘wonder’ of exploring Hogwarts,” says one fan

Apart from all that, there’s no doubt that Hogwarts Legacy has still found success among critics and fans. For starters, it was revealed that players had spent more than 406 million hours playing the game, and soon after its launch, the title started retaining its top spot in the UK and France in terms of sales. Moreover, it was reported back in April that Avalanche’s latest venture sold 256% higher than WB’s expectations.

In addition, an earnings call held in May confirmed Hogwarts Legacy to have generated over $1 billion in sales, which is absolutely monumental. By taking into account all that, it’s no surprise that a successor to the game would be in a conceptual stage by now, if MyTimeToShine’s report is anything to go by as well.    

The Q1 launch of Hogwarts Legacy was the largest release of all time for Warner Bros. Games and is the best selling game year-to-date with over $1 billion in retail sales.” 

Funnily enough, this is all despite the cancel culture weighing in on Hogwarts Legacy with full force after franchise creator J.K Rowling expressed her opinions on the transgender community. The sheer support behind the project even overcame a deluge of streamers trying to come together and prevent people from buying the game. None of that really had an effect on the title’s searing success.  

What would you like to see in the next Hogwarts Legacy game? Let us know in the comments section ahead. 

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