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The Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor is a pivotal asset for players seeking to overcome Hyrule Castle’s toughest challenges. This best armor set, hidden within the castle’s complex corridors, holds the key to boosting your combat prowess and survivability amidst the Calamity Ganon Gloom. Navigating your way to it is a rewarding journey, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Royal Guard Armor Set significantly enhances Link’s defense, facilitating strategic combat and exploration.
  • Acquiring the armor set demands navigating through Hyrule Castle’s complex structure and numerous hidden pathways.
  • Players must employ various abilities and careful planning to avoid the Calamity Ganon Gloom environmental hazard.
  • The Royal Guard Boots, hidden in the King’s Study, offer stability and speed crucial for navigating challenges within Hyrule Castle.
  • The Royal Guard Cap, concealed in Princess Zelda’s Room, is the second critical piece of the armor set.
  • The Royal Guard Uniform, marking the end of the armor collection quest, is hidden within the Guards’ Chamber in Hyrule Castle’s lower levels.
  • With the complete armor set, players become more formidable and better equipped to face challenges in Hyrule.

What Is Royal Guard Armor Set?

The Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor Set is a highly valuable asset, significantly boosting Link’s defense against formidable adversaries. This set, comprising a Cap, Boots, and Uniform, is critical in strategic combat and exploration. Before embarking on the quest to obtain it, players need a paraglider, substantial stamina, and special abilities like Gust, Ascend, and Ultrahand, highlighting the Tears of the Kingdom’s depth and complexity.

Navigating Hyrule Castle For Armor Set Collection

Hyrule Castle, the epicenter of Tears of the Kingdom, houses the unique Royal Guard Armor set. It’s a complex structure with a multitude of hidden passages and secret chambers, which makes collecting each armor piece a thrilling pursuit.

Hyrule Castle is a vast, multi-leveled structure with numerous rooms and corridors, each holding secrets that contribute to the Tears of the Kingdom’s depth. The castle’s design demands strategic navigation skills, especially when hunting for the Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor.

Calamity Ganon Gloom is an environmental hazard surrounding Hyrule Castle, causing gradual health reduction. To successfully avoid this threat while retrieving the Royal Guard Armor, players should utilize abilities like Gust for increased mobility. Also, careful planning of routes can significantly minimize exposure to the Gloom.

Acquiring The Royal Guard Boots

The first step to completing the Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor Set is securing the Royal Guard Boots. This is a vital part of your journey as the boots provide stability and speed, crucial for navigating the challenges in Hyrule Castle.

Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor The Royal Guard Boots
The Royal Guard Boots (Credit: BeardBear)

Location Of Royal Guard Boots

The Royal Guard Boots aren’t just laying around for anyone to find. They’re hidden in the King’s Study, tucked away inside the castle’s library. The library is a complex place full of knowledge, where you can find ancient scrolls and books – a testament to Hyrule’s long history.

Step-by-Step Roadmap To Reach Royal Boots 

  1. Begin your journey at the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. This vantage point provides a clear line of sight to the castle.
  2. Elevate Link into the sky and utilize the paraglider to journey toward the castle. The wind currents can be tricky, but with a bit of skill, you can navigate them with ease.
  3. When nearing the castle, employ the Gust ability to navigate around the wall’s right side. Your landing target should be the B2 area of Hyrule Castle.
  4. Upon landing, locate a door and descend into the B3 area. This route brings you to the castle’s library.
  5. Inside the library, look for a bookshelf tucked under the stairs. By employing the Ultrahand ability, you’ll reveal a concealed entrance to the King’s Study.
  6. Inside this study lies a chest filled with the Royal Guard Boots.

Remember, Hyrule Castle is fraught with danger and unexpected challenges. But with the Royal Guard Boots, you are one step closer to completing the Royal Guard Armor set.

Securing The Royal Guard Cap

In the quest to secure the Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor, the Royal Guard Cap becomes the second critical piece to obtain. This component is ingeniously hidden in Princess Zelda’s Room within Hyrule Castle, a location with a rich history and its share of challenges.

Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor The Royal Guard Cap
The Royal Guard Cap (Credit: BeardBear)

Identifying Princess Zelda’s Room

Princess Zelda’s Room is strategically situated close to the Castle’s Sanctum. It’s an area marked by its grandeur and royal appeal, reflecting Princess Zelda’s stature. The Cap is concealed within this room, adding a layer of intrigue to its discovery.

Finding & Collecting The Royal Guard Cap

  1. After leaving the library, proceed to the far end of the library and ascend the stairs to reach the castle’s exterior.
  2. Utilize the Ascend ability to navigate around the pillar and make your way to the castle’s entrance. 
  3. On entering the castle, locate the Sanctum, a significant landmark in your quest for the Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor.
  4. Make a left turn from the entrance of the Sanctum and jump down to the bridge below.
  5. Turn around to find a door leading to the interiors of the castle. This path leads directly to Princess Zelda’s room.
  6. Inside the room, locate a dressing screen. Tucked behind it, you will discover a chest harboring the treasured Royal Guard Cap.
  7. Open the chest to collect the Cap, a crucial component of the Royal Guard Armor set.

Collecting The Royal Guard Armor Uniform

The final piece of the Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor Set is uniform. Concealed within the castle’s very heart, the Guards’ Chamber, it marks the end of your armor collection quest.

Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor The Royal Guard Uniform
The Royal Guard Uniform (Credit: BeardBear)

Finding The Guards’ Chamber

The Guards’ Chamber is located in the lower levels of Hyrule Castle. The chamber’s entrance is not easily spotted and requires keen observation. Look for a set of large doors flanked by torches – this marks the entrance to the Chamber.

Step-by-Step Method To Get Royal Guard Uniform

  1. Start by making your way to the exterior of Hyrule Castle. Your destination is the south side of the Castle, specifically the First Gatehouse.
  2. Once you’ve reached the First Gatehouse, continue your journey in the southwest direction. Look out for the entrance that you need to reach.
  3. Upon reaching the entrance, you’ll find several wooden doors blocking your path. Here’s where the Ultrahand ability comes into play. Use it to lift the doors and proceed inside the guardhouse.
  4. Once inside, take a left and follow the path until you reach a staircase. Proceed to take another left down the staircase.
  5. You’ll come across a room teeming with Gloom. Here, equip your Ascend ability as you’re about to face the Gloom.
  6. Once ready, walk down the stairs into the pile of Gloom. Use your Ascend ability to fly upwards through the Gloom.
  7. As you ascend, look out for a chest. The chest harbors the concluding piece of the Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor, namely the Royal Guard Uniform.
  8. Pry open the chest to discover the Royal Guard Uniform inside. By obtaining this, you have successfully completed the Royal Guard Set.


This guide has led you through the twists and turns of Hyrule Castle, arming you with the Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Armor. With the coveted armor set collected, you’re now better equipped to face the challenges ahead. Use your new strength wisely and conquer the adventures that await in Hyrule.

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