Rockstar Is Working On An Unannouced VR Project



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  • Information revealed on the job resume of a voice actor, Michael Ursu, suggests that Rockstar is working on an undisclosed VR game.
  • His resume also has him working on two other unannounced projects. One of which is an undisclosed Borderland game and the other one is a miHoYo game.
  • The information on his resume is consistent with the past leaks which pointed toward a possible VR game being in the works at Rockstar.
  • The studio already has had a GTA San Andreas VR game in the works for two years now. But this is most likely an entirely different project.
  • Rockstar is yet to confirm the game’s existence and without the official confirmation from the studio, nothing concrete can be said about the game.

Rockstar Games are at the pinnacle of game making with games series like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto being the most successful. After successfully competing in both the console and PC games market, now it appears the studio is all set on further expanding its share in the evergrowing VR gaming market with an unannounced VR game already in development. This revelation came to light after the discovery of the resume of Michael Ursu, one of the voice actors of the undisclosed game.

According to his job resume posted on the Actors Access website, Michael has been working as a voice actor for one of Rockstars’ undisclosed VR games. The name of the game was not specified, but this information in itself is pretty concrete as the voice actor has a pretty strong background in doing voiceovers in various other games. As, as seen on his resume, he has worked as a voice actor for games like Wanderer VR as the lead, and Silent Hill: Ascension as a supporting cast. 

Information on the resume of Michael Ursu
Information on the resume of Michael Ursu

This info is also consistent with past leaks related to the alleged Rockstar VR game. According to past reveals and rumors, Rockstar might be working on several VR games. One of the past leaks alleged that Rockstar is working with Meta for an exclusive VR game for its Quest 2 VR headset. Moreover, as revealed on his resume, he has been working on two other undisclosed projects as well. One of which is an undisclosed Borderland game and the other one is an unannounced miHoYo project.

It’s a possibility that the actor might be affiliated with that project. Rockstar is also developing a GTA San Andreas VR game announced back in 2021. Even though we haven’t heard much about the project since, it’s an already “disclosed” project, and the possibility of Rockstar hiring new voice actors for more than a decade-old game. Despite the wishful thinking of a few fans, the chances of it being GTA 6 are pretty slim as well.

Additionally, Rockstar has released a few VR games in the past including L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files which received reviews from gamers. So this is not unchartered territory for Rockstar. Nevertheless, despite all the information, nothing concrete can be said of the game without an official announcement from Rockstar. As for GTA 6, the title has no solid release date but is expected to arrive sometime next year.

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