RoboCop Rogue City: How to Defuse Bombs


The Street Vultures are a gang in RoboCop: Rogue City which is particularly known for its homemade bombs that players must disarm. A single mistake in cutting the wrong wire can cause an explosion and result in a game over. What makes it especially complicated is that the cables are intertwined with each other, making it easy to make mistakes.

There are two bombs that you will find in the game as part of the main objectives. One in the OCP bank robbery carried out by Street Vultures. And a second near the end of the game, where they place him under the bridge. In this guide, I will teach you how to defuse both bombs in RoboCop: Rogue City.

How to defuse a bomb in the OCP bank robbery

First, listen to Washington’s instructions on how to defuse the bomb. He will tell you that the wires need to be cut from the highest voltage to the lowest. You’ll notice the exact voltage each wire puts out by looking at the number on each volt. Follow that wire and then cut it.

The OCP bench bomb is easier to defuse. Just take note of the voltage number and wire color. The only problem is that there are two red wires intertwined together, making it difficult to tell which is which. The order is simple: first cut the 24V green wirethen cut the 12V blue wireand finally cut the 12V red wire in the background. This disarms the bomb.

It appears that the blue 12V and red 12V wires can be cut in any order. It’s safer to pick the blue first so you only have one left to deal with. The red 12V wire is in the lowest order of the other wires.

How to defuse a bomb in Revenge of the Street Vultures

The second bomb you will find is during “The revenge of the street vultures” mission, where they plant him under the bridge. This occurs near the end of the game.

Disarming the second bomb in RoboCop: Rogue City has the same process as the first. Except this time, it’s much harder because it has three sides with different colors and a timer to press everything. The fact that all the cables are intertwined makes it even more difficult to disable.

On the left side of the pump with the blue wires, cut the wires in order of medium (30V), left (24V)and then finally right (21V). The same can be done with the one in the center with the red and purple wires, which can be cut from the medium (19V), left (16V)and then right (12V). Finally, on the right with the green and dark brown wires, cut it right (9V), center (6V)and then left (3V). This will deactivate the bomb.

You should start from the left panel, then the middle panel, and finally the right side. Since you need to cut the voltage in order from high to low, the volts on the left panel are higher than those on the right side.

That explains how to defuse all the bombs in RoboCop: Rogue City. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to visit our main RoboCop: Rogue City page here.


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