RoboCop Rogue City: Auto-9 Upgrade System Guide


He Auto-9 It is RoboCop’s main weapon in Rogue City and the only one that can be upgraded. This iconic weapon of the Detroit city metal enforcer is already better than most weapons in the game. The good news is that you can do even better, with the only problem being that updating Auto-9 is a bit confusing.

In this guide I will teach you how to update Auto-9 on RoboCop: Rogue City.

How the Auto-9 update works

After completing Soot’s final Encore, you will receive your first Omni Auto-9 plate, which allows you to input OCP chips to increase the performance of your weapon. As you play the missions, you will find new Omni Boards and OCP chips scattered throughout the city of Detroit.

You can equip different Omni Boards, which offer a variety of OCP chip nodes that you can enter for upgrades. Each node augments one aspect of the Auto-9 and updates it according to the OCP chip you placed in place. For example, placing a 15% chip on a node that increases weapon damage will increase your weapon by 15%.

The quality of the OCP chips you find is directly affected by your ENGINEERING skill. Once you place an upgrade chip on a node, you can’t move it to another Omni board unless you press the “RESET” button, which removes all other chips.

The Omni Boards are arranged like a maze, with each node leading in different directions. Look at the sides of a node before inserting it into a slot, as it will provide a path much like a flow of energy. Each board has a starting position that is responsible for distributing power.

The best part about the Omni Boards is that they provide significant upgrades to the Auto-9 beyond just stat upgrades. Certain Omni Boards allow you to change the weapon’s firing mode to a powerful single shot or fully automatic. You can even get an upgrade that allows you to shoot without having to reload! These benefits are usually granted to you once you reach the far ends of the Omni Board.

However, not all nodes on Omni Boards will result in an upgrade. There are red dots on the board that will result in a penalty. You should avoid them by choosing chips that directly avoid giving power to that path.

With the right advantages, you will destroy enemies in RoboCop: Rogue City as if they were paper. If you really want the Auto-9 to be powerful, we suggest investing in the ENGINEERING skill early in the game. It will only affect the upgrade chips you find, not the ones you currently have. So having a strong ENGINEERING skill gives you the best OCP chips right from the start.

That explains how to update Auto-9 in RoboCop: Rogue City. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to visit our main RoboCop: Rogue City page here.


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