RoboCop: Rogue City – All Choices and Consequences


It isn’t easy being RoboCop, as protecting the innocent isn’t always the same as upholding the law. In RoboCop: Rogue City, you have the choice to follow the law to the letter or act benignly toward the citizens. Not every choice is cut and dry, so this guide I made will show you the choices and consequences for each.

All Choices and Consequences

There’s no way to manually save your progress in RoboCop: Rogue City so make each choice carefully. Here are the consequences for each choice you make:

Too Many Complaints

An officer in OCPD has too many complaints on his hands and asks for RoboCop for his assistance.

Dog Lover

A guy who loves his dog but doesn’t know why his neighbors are angry with him. Turns out he named his dog “Fire” and yells it out to call him.

  • “You are disrupting public order.” RoboCop issues a ticket to the dog lover who doesn’t mind paying the price for supposedly owning a cute dog. +Upheld the Law Points
  • “No.” Same result as the above but gain Public Trust instead of upholding the law. +Public Trust Points


Criminal who turns himself in, but he wants the reward money for his own bounty.

  • “You can hope for a reduced sentence.” The informant gets a bit sad that it’s not the reward he was hoping for but takes it anyway as consolation. +Public Trust Points
  • “No, you do not.” The informant accuses you of not appreciating honesty. +Uphold the Law Points

Concerned Mother

A mother reports her 24 year old son missing for two days. However the OCPD only considers someone missing when it’s been more than 72 hours.

  • Provide me with details.” RoboCop informs her that her son was found dead two hours ago. +Public Trust Points
  • “Come back in 24 hours.” She calls you a heartless machine. +Uphold the Law Points

The Search for Soot

RoboCop takes to the streets to ask for information on Soot’s whereabouts. He’ll find several people who need his help on the streets.

Clothed-Eared Hooligan and Store Clerk

A bunch of hooligans are harassing a store clerk with loud music, threatening his customers, and threatening to burn down his store. You can intervene.

  • “I can help turn off the radio. (Destroy radio)” You find out that the radio is actually stolen and the hooligans make a run for it. Store clerk will no longer be harassed.
  • “There is also nothing wrong with breaking criminal bones.” Hooligans will take the music and leave. Store clerk will no longer be harassed.
  • “The music is too loud.” Hooligans will refuse to tone it down.

Speaking with Jerry Jenkins

Investigation into who killed Casey Carmel side mission leads you to talking to Jerry Jenkins who is a suspect.

  • Picking the Psychology 2 option will have Jerry dare you to call the media. He’ll direct you to talk to the Set Manager and question her about the understudy who may have potentially stolen his ring.

Payphone with Maurice

RoboCop calls Maurice on the payphone as part of the Discount Dealer side mission looking to get information on the Nuke drugs. However he has to convince him to cooperate.

  • Picking any of the dialogue options will let Maurice know that you’re RoboCop. However he’ll be attacked by drug dealers and give you his location.
  • Picking the Psychology 2 option will have Maurice cooperate with you.

On the Roof with Maurice

Maurice is threatening to jump to avoid arrest. You have to convince him to stand down.

  • Picking Psychology 2 will have RoboCop convince Maurice that he can find a job in prison and where he’ll be safe. Maurice will decide to cooperate.
  • “The jump could be fatal.” This will result in Maurice jumping off the rooftop and being injured. He’ll be taken to the hospital.

Graffiti Artist

RoboCop catches a graffiti artist vandalizing the walls. He can decide what to do with the kid once he finds him in the garbage bin.

  • “You are being fined. (Issue a ticket)” +Uphold the Law Points
  • “This is your last warning. (Issue a ticket)” +Public Trust Points
  • “Not too young to learn. (Assign community service)” This also inspires the Graffiti Artist which is the best option by far. +Public Trust Points

Speaking with Ben

Part of the Stolen Vehicle side mission where you inquire about a grand theft auto for the mayor’s niece.

  • Picking the Psychology 2 option will let you investigate the shop. Ben will tell you about Scott and lead you to his locker room where you’ll find tools suited for car theft.
  • Picking any of the other options will lead to the same result as the above except Ben isn’t as friendly.

Speaking with Scott

Part of the Stolen Vehicle side mission after finding the car you’re looking for. You have to decide what to do with Scott.

  • “No, you are under arrest.” +Uphold the Law Points
  • “You can retrieve the car yourself.” +Public Trust Points

Antsy Torch Head

Underneath the arcade where RoboCop is looking for Soot. He’ll find the door locked and can choose how to deal with it.

  • “Have it your way. (Breach)” This option breaches the door in typical RoboCop fashion.
  • Picking Psychology 2 will result in the same as the above.


RoboCop finds a guy at the park who is unlawfully throwing away garbage. You have to figure out what to do with him.

  • “That is no excuse. (Issue a ticket)” +Uphold the Law Points
  • “You can go (Issue a warning)” +Public Trust Points

Antisocial Behavior

RoboCop finds a guy harassing the homeless.

  • “It cannot be tolerated. (Issue a ticket)” +Uphold the Law Points
  • “I will let it go this time. (Issue a warning)” +Public Trust Points

Public Drinking

RoboCop finds a homeless drunkard who’s drinking on public property.

  • “I do not think so. (Issue a ticket)” +Uphold the Law Points
  • “I see your point. (Issue a warning)” +Public Trust Points

Dr. Olivia Blanche Evaluation

If you tell the doctor what name you’d want to be called, she’ll use that name whenever she interacts with you in the future.

How do you perceive yourself?

After the mess at the concert, RoboCop is asked how he looks at himself by Dr. Olivia Blanche.

  • “This is me now. (Comfort)” Dr. Blanche thanks you for making this step and appreciates the response.
  • “Is this what you wanted? (Scare)” Dr. Blanche won’t appreciate this response.
  • “I warned you. (Reassure)” Dr. Blanche appreciates this response.

Steel Vulture’s Turf (Steel Mill)

RoboCop and a fresh police recruit look for a missing police officer in a dangerous turf.

Speaking with Samantha Ortiz

During the shootout with the Street Vultures, RoboCop meets up with the police squad. You can take the time to answer this journalist’s questions.

  • “I do. (Give statement)” Samantha appreciate this response and RoboCop fills her in with what’s going on.
  • “I do not have time for this.” Samantha doesn’t appreciate this response.

On The Biker’s Trail

RoboCop returns to the OCPD after fighting against ED-209.

Ulysses Washington

Ulysses meets with RoboCop after their first mission. He wants to know what you think of your first time together.

  • “You proved yourself valuable.” Ulysses isn’t so sure of the compliment, but asks you for training at the shooting range which you can accept.
  • “You need training.” This response has Ulysses agreeing with you and has the same response at the top.

Ulysses Washington After Target Practice

Ulysses gives his service weapon to RoboCop but soon finds that it’s beyond repair.

  • “No sulking in uniform.” Ulysses appreciates this response.
  • “Be proactive, get a different gun.” This is the most empathetic response and Ulysses appreciates it.


RoboCop meets Pickles at the OCPD jail.

  • “That is resourceful.” Pickles appreciates this response.
  • “You are a freeloader.” Pickles doesn’t appreciate this.

OCP Bank

The Street Vultures are robbing the bank.

Samantha Ortiz Caught

RoboCop catches Samantha Ortiz looking through the files of the OCP manager. This decision later affects the game’s outcome of whether Samantha exposes the OCP or not.

  • “You can go.” This is the most empathic response and Samantha regrets treating you like OCP property.
  • “You are detained.” Samantha is arrested and insults you for being nothing more than a machine.

Spike’s Trail

After dealing with the Street Vultures’ failed attempt at robbing the OCP bank, RoboCop returns to the police precinct.

Officer Whitakker

Ulysses Washington is being pushed around by Officer Whitakker and Stef and you have the option to stop them.

  • “That did not sound like fun.” You chose to support Washington. This is the most empathetic response.
  • “OCP is never to be trusted.” You chose not to support Washington.

Mayor Kuzak

The mayor of Detroit asks RoboCop for his support against OCP.

  • “I will not allow OCP to take over the city.” This is the most empathic response that has you siding with Mayor Kuzak.
  • “Not interested in politics.” RoboCop dismisses the mayor’s concerns.
  • “I would like to hear Mills’ perspective.” The mayor tells RoboCop that Mills is just a tool for OCP.

Spike In A Haystack

RoboCop takes to the streets to find information about Spike. However the Old Man wants to meet with him first.

Old Man About RoboCop’s Evaluation

The Old Man asks RoboCop what he thinks about the evaluations from Dr. Blanche.

  • “Increase in my performance.” This is the most empathetic reply and the Old Man appreciates it.
  • “They are a waste of time.” The Old Man won’t appreciate this response.
  • “Two sides to everything.” RoboCop opens up to the Old Man about how the evaluation brings up things he’d rather say hidden.

Old Man About What He Can Do

The Old Man asks RoboCop if there’s anything he can do.

  • “Lewis needs medical attention.” The Old Man appreciates that and will help Lewis come back healthy.
  • “Police are concerned about OCP’s intentions.” The Old Man appreciates this response and will talk to Becker about giving the OCPD new equipment. Despite this, Lewis will make a recovery later.

Field Training

Ulysses could really use your help learning the ropes as the other policemen aren’t so keen in helping him. When an old lady needs help with her lost cat, you go to the basement to look for her pet.

  • “Yes, do it.” This is the most empathic reply that Ulysses appreciates. He’ll then proceed to break the plank and realizes his own strength.
  • “No, let me.” RoboCop breaks the planks himself.

Lure the Cat Out

RoboCop and Ulysses find the cat in the piano. The rookie volunteers to lure the cat out himself.

  • “Go ahead.” This is the most empathic response that Ulysses appreciates and he’ll push the piano keys to get the cat out.
  • “I will do it.” RoboCop will attempt to lure the cat out himself by banging on the piano.

Break Down the Door

The cat snuck into a door. Ulysses offers to squeeze through. If you picked all the empathic options, Ulysses will eventually earn the respect of his peers.

  • “Permission granted.” This is the most empathic reply that Ulysses will appreciate.
  • “I will handle the door.” RoboCop breaks down the door himself.

Be Kind Rewind

Pickles needs RoboCop’s help looking for a movie he can’t remember. You pick up a certain movie with diamonds in it.

  • Pickles will repeat your dialogue option later when you find him after he makes a run for it.

Me, Sire Money

Pickles confesses that he overhead Torch Heads hide the money in the movie case.

  • “I am doing this as a friend. (Take the money)” This is the most empathic reply and Dr. Blanche will bring it up later.
  • “Spend it wisely.” Pickles appreciates this choice and hails you as his hero. This decision lands Pickles in prison later.

John Mills

As RoboCop exits the tattoo parlor, Mills will ask to speak with him. He wants to know what you think of team players.

  • No matter what dialogue you pick, Mills will remember it for later. This conversation ends in you supporting John Mills regardless of what you pick.

Samantha Ortiz Evidence

Turns out the “domestic terrorist” Becker wants you to look into is actually Samantha Ortiz.

  • This is an important decision that has you deciding whether to take the evidence to Samantha Ortiz or Becker. Samantha will expose OCP later and Becker will support them. You have to decide whether to hand it to the OCP Agent after retrieving it from the storage.
  • Supporting Samantha gives you additional choices. Choosing to open the box will anger her. Choosing to trust what she says will have her appreciate it.
  • Choosing to support Samantha Ortiz with this will also have her protect you later from revealing your malfunction. She’ll even apologize and extend an olive branch.

Poster Vandal

RoboCop finds a youth who vandalizes posters of politicians.

  • “You committed a crime. (Issue a ticket)” +Uphold the Law Points
  • “You can go. (Issue a warning)” This is the most empathic choice. +Public Trust Points

Reckless Smoker

RoboCop finds a smoker at the gas station.

  • “That is no excuse. (Issue a ticket)” Smoker complaints that nobody values free thinkers anymore. +Uphold the Law Points
  • “Reconsider your behavior. (Issue a warning)” This is the empathic choice. +Public Trust Points

Lady of Leisure

RoboCop finds a woman washing her feet at the fountain.

  • “It makes no difference. (Issue a ticket)” +Uphold the Law Points
  • “You can go. (Issue a warning)” This is the most empathic choice. +Public Trust Points

Rooftop Litterbug

Robocop finds a litterbug on the rooftop distributing documents to expose a fraud company.

  • “The is no excuse. (Issue a ticket)” +Uphold the Law Points
  • “I will let it go this time. (Issue a warning)” This is the most empathic choice. +Public Trust Points

Not Over Yet

RoboCop comes back to the OCPD office after arresting Wendell.

Dr. Olivia Blanche Evaluation

It’s time to evaluate RoboCop again.

  • “Revenge on Wendell drives me.” Blanche understands your response but doesn’t appreciate it.
  • “I only seek justice for Anne Lewis.” This is the empathic choice that gains Dr. Blanche’s approval.
  • “Perhaps, I do not know.” Dr. Blanche tells you it’s okay to not know.

Sgt. Warren Reed

Sgt. Reed talks to you about catching Wendell’s accomplice. He’ll ask you about Ulysses and Dr. Reed and if you think they’re loyal to OCP.

  • “He is trying his best.” This is the empathic response. Robocop tells Reed that he trust Ulysses.
  • “She helped me already.” This is the empathic response. Robocop tells Reed that he trusts Dr. Blanche.

Old Man in Hospital

RoboCop visits the Old Man to seek an ally against Wendell.

  • “It was like taking a nap.” This is the best response and the Old Man appreciates it.
  • “The pain was unimaginable.” This isn’t what the Old Man wants to hear and doesn’t appreciate the response.
  • “Life fleshed before my eyes.” RoboCop tells the Old Man that it’s possible that the Murphy inside him is dead but the Old Man rebuffs him.

The Old Man asks for painkillers before you go.

  • “There you go. (Administer painkiller)” The Old Man appreciates this and says he can always count on you.
  • “I am not qualified to do that.” The Old Man won’t appreciate this and yells for help. Though the OCP guard says he’ll administer the painkillers anyway.

Mayor Kuzak

Before RoboCop can leave, he sees Mayor Kuzak making a ruckus.

  • “This is not the place for this conversation.” RoboCop withdraws his support for Mayor Kuzak and berates him for making politics inside the hospital.
  • “Lewis deserves better.” This is the empathic choice which has RoboCop sympathize with the condition of his partner.

Back to Square One

After fighting Becker’s UEDs, RoboCop makes his way back to the precinct.

Delta City Interview

If you supported Samantha Ortiz, she’ll ask for an interview if you support Delta City.

  • Your choice here will determine if you support Mayor Kuzak or Mills. Or you could choose to stay neutral.

Wendell’s Confession

Prison Guard

RoboCop encounters a prison guard who wants to leave a prisoner on death row who’s injured.

  • “You need to stay with him.” RoboCop berates the prison guard and tells him that justice can only be administered properly. He stays and puts pressure on the wounded prisoner.
  • “I don’t have time for this.” – Wendell is getting away and RoboCop refuses to deal with the situation leaving them to their fates.


After RoboCop finds Lewis fine at the hospital, he comes back to the OCPD office.


Stefan is accusing Ulysses of being an OCP spy.

  • “That is enough.” Ulysses appreciates this and asks for your help in fixing the switchboard.
  • (Remain silent) Officer Lewis arrives just in time to stop the conflict.

Cyber Trail

RoboCop stops at downtown to visit Dr. Blanche.


RoboCop finds a homeless drunk on the park bench.

  • “That is still illegal. (Issue a ticket)” +Uphold the Law
  • “Find better accommodation. (Issue a warning)” This is the empathic reply. +Public Trust

Ulysses Washington

RoboCop finds Ulysses and Stef in a standoff against criminals in front of the fish shop.

  • “Officer Washington, you are going with me.” This is the empathic reply and Ulysses comes with you. Lawrence survives due to Ulysses’ intuition.
  • “Officer Stef, I will need your assistance.” Ulysses doesn’t appreciate this and Stef comes with you. Lawrence winds up dead.

Dr. Olivia Blanche Final Evaluation

RoboCop visits Dr. Blanche who tells him that her computer was stolen from the precinct. If you agree to one last evaluation, she’ll make some inquiries.

  • The result depends on the previous evaluations. Dr. Blanche will appreciate the responses.

Cyber Trail

RoboCop heads to the OCP headquarters to arrest the Old Man.

Samantha Ortiz at OCP

Samantha meets RoboCop again and needs help in getting data about the costs for living at Delta City so she can expose them.

  • “Yes, I will not let OCP hustle innocent people.” You agree to helping Samantha dig deeper about Delta City. This leads you to stealing data from OCP and she exposes them.
  • “No, it is a breach of the law.” RoboCop chooses not to help Samantha.

Arms Race

RoboCop goes to present himself at the podium. His choices here will affect the ending of the game.


Becker places RoboCop unto the podium. The journalists ask him questions regarding the UED’s competence. This is pivotal for the political ending of the game.

  • You’ll make the choice to expose the police being fired or promoting the UED.
  • You’ll have to choose between John Mills and Mayor Kuzak. Or choose no one.

From the Ashes

RoboCop and the rest of the OCPD have been fired. But they still have a duty to keep people safe.

The Old Man

The big UED on the podium turns out to be the Old Man himself. After defeating him, RoboCop has to decide what to do with him.

  • (Save him) The Old Man pushes RoboCop out of the way in time to save him but dies himself.
  • (Leave him) RoboCop leaves the Old Man to die as it reaches out to him in desperation.
  • (Kill him) RoboCop rips the wires off the Old Man putting him down for good.


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