Roblox will soon be available on PlayStation and MetaQuest.



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  • At the recent RDC 2023, this was confirmed. Roblox Heading to PlayStation and MetaQuest next month.
  • The announcement also came with good news of many new features and future plans for Roblox.
  • The online gaming platform has more than 65.5 million regular players, and the move aims to add millions more to other media.
  • Roblox is a game creation system and an online gaming platform from Roblox Corporation where players can create and enjoy a multitude of games created by other users.

Recent Roblox Developers Conference Is Confirmed To which Roblox will go. PlayStation And The meta quest I October. Around as per official announcement 65.5 million People regularly access the online platform, and they expect it to increase as it becomes available on more platforms. Also Roblox has announced. Better immersion, CommunicationAnd Monetization moving forward.

With millions of players who average. 2.3 hours per day On Roblox, the platform strives to not only reach more players but also improve the gaming app. Significantly For existing ones. He recently announced what he called “3D immersive communication and connection.With this, players can personalize avatars better than ever before in an immersive 3D experience.

New mesh and texture APIs will be added to enable players. Shape without sacrificing form and even dimension or texture. The announcement clarified, “This would begin with customizing the avatar itself—adding wrinkles or changing the shape of the jaw—then expand into the non-experienced creation of avatar objects, clothing, and emotions.

The avatar creation tool will now be there. support Importing OBJ, FBX, and standard gLTF files. Oh Preview event Players are also included to show their avatars with different emotions, expressions, clothing etc. As for the future, we can expect new ones. ML-powered tools By the end of 2023. It will allow users to automate the process of skinning, segmenting, caging and rigging the model.

RDC 2023 avatar customization features details
Avatar Customization Features Details – RDC 2023.

As “Communication“Featuring, Roblox will add an open source feature,”Roblox Connect“That allows the players. Call each other with their incarnations in a Shared experience, perhaps similar to the metaverse, but less complex. This feature will launch later this year and there may be something to it. Verification processes Like the Voice Chat feature, it ensures that only people over the age of 13 can use it in the US.

A father and his older son, who have moved across the country, may gather on a dock by a lake and reminisce about their last fishing trip. The son could see the expressions on his father’s avatar and hear his genuine laughter as they joked with each other,” says Roblox.

Roblox will use connect players Body language And deliver them to an immersive experience shared by both parties. Apparently, all you need is you The device’s camera to use it, and the company believes that it “Essentially packing a Hollywood-style motion capture studio into something that runs on a mobile phone or laptop—without the need for equipment or motion tracking dots.

RDC 2023 Roblox Connect, an open source feature
Roblox Connect, an open source feature – RDC 2023.

In addition to features designed for gamers, Roblox will add a suite. Tools and Services For creators, the company shared that between June 2022 and June 2023, Roblox developers built around $680 million. Oh Generative AI will be added to Roblox, making creation on the platform easier. It will basically be yours. Assistant And help you in your work. Creators will find it. Roblox Studio And Creator Center After this year.

RDC 2023 Roblox Assistant, a generative AI
Roblox Assistant, a generative AI – RDC 2023

Roblox also aims to bring Many other opportunities To support creators Earn more His creations include: Subscription modelSell ​​on it Online market, Immersive Adsand some notable improvements Already exist Earning methods will do it too. Improve something significantly Safety aspects on its platform To ensure that players, creators and Roblox enjoy a healthy community.

RDC 2023 Economic Opportunities for Creators
Economic Opportunities for Creators – RDC 2023.

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Roblox is a game creation system and an online gaming platform. Roblox Corporation Where players can create and enjoy tons of games created by other users. These changes must happen Significantly improved Experience and make sure the online platform is available for both players and developers. Even more fun.

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