RimWorld Best Weapons: 14 Weapons Ranked (2023)



In Rimworld, choosing the right weapons is the key to survival. If you have the wrong weapons in your hands, the chances are that you’ll either get eliminated instantly or make slow progress. At the moment, there are more than 20 weapons in the game. However, not all of them will help you in different situations.

Therefore, you have to pick the weapons that suit your playstyle carefully. Today, in our Rimworld best weapons guide, we have listed down 14 weapons that you should be using. 

Key Highlights

  • Players need to choose the best weapons in Rimworld in order to increase their odds of surviving in the game.
  • Heavy SMG is one of the most beginner-friendly weapons, best for close and medium ranges. Bolt Action Rifle is one of the easiest weapons to use and performs best in long ranges.
  • EMP Grenades do not deal physical damage but slow down the movement. LMG is a deadly weapon with low accuracy.
  • Chain Shotgun is one of the most destructive weapons in close ranges. Molotov Cocktails are throwables that can set a specific area on fire. Greatbow deals great damage with great accuracy.
  • Sniper Rifles can be used to target enemies from safe areas. Doom’s Day Rocket Launcher deals great damage but disappears once used.
  • The Autocannon Turret is an effective weapon with a low range. Minigun is a great weapon to deal great damage, but it lacks accuracy.
  • Assault Rifles provide a great rate of fire and are good for medium-ranged combats. Charge Rifle, similar to assault rifles, provides a higher firing rate. Charge Lance deals great damage in just one shot with great accuracy.

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RimWorld Best Weapons Comparison Table

Weapon Name Market Value Mass (kg) Damage Cooldown (Ticks) Range (tiles) DPS
Heavy SMG 355 silver 3.5 12.0 99.0 22.9 12.34
Bolt-Action Rifle 255 silver 3.5 18.0 90.0 36.9 5.63
EMP Grenade 315 silver 1.0 50.0 160.0 12.9 12.0
LMG 425 silver 8.5 11.0 108.0 25.9 15.78
Chain Shotgun 405 silver 4.5 18.0 81.0 12.9 18.73
Molotov Cocktails 245 silver 1.0 10.0 160.0 12.9 2.4
Greatbow 104 silver 3.0 17.0 90.0 29.9 4.86
Sniper Rifle 530 silver 4.0 25.0 138.0 44.9 4.31
Doom’s Day Rocket Launcher 1000 silver 8.0 50.0 270.0 36.0 5.56
Autocannon Turret 1270 silver 27.0 210.0 32.9 19.92
Minigun 1160 silver 10.0 10.0 138.0 30.9 36.76
Assault Rifle 480 silver 3.5 11.0 102.0 30.9 10.88
Charge Rifle 1010 silver 4.6 15.0 120.0 25.9 13.24
Charge Lance 1355 silver 8.0 30.0 162.0 29.9 6.82

RimWorld Best Weapons

In our guide, we are going to mention weapons that are ideal for different situations. Some of them will help you with crowd control, while others will be useful against powerful enemies such as the Centipede. And if you’re someone who’s wondering how to craft weapons in Rimworld, then we’ll make sure to mention the method for each weapon as well. 

Heavy SMG

The first weapon in our Rimworld best weapons list is the Heavy SMG. This weapon is considered the most beginner-friendly weapon in the entire game because of its ease of use. It offers a 3-shot burst mechanism, with each bullet dealing a decent amount of damage. The burst mode is also something that can help you accurately land your shots on the target.

Heavy SMG: beginner-friendly guns

Heavy SMG RimWorldOverall, the Heavy SMG is a decent weapon that can perform well in both close and medium-range combat. But it is more suitable for close-range scenarios. However, if you’re looking for a weapon that can help you pierce through armor, then this one is not for you.

How to craft the Heavy SMG in Rimworld: After you have completed the Gas Operation research, you can craft this weapon at the machining table for 75 steel and four components. 

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Bolt-Action Rifle

Next up, we have the Bolt-Action Rifle. This is going to be one of the first weapons you will use in the game because you’ll start with it in a standard Rimworld scenario. However, even though the weapon is fairly easy to get as compared to some other weapons present in the game, it’s still one of the best ones to use. Its range is high, something that makes the weapon perfect for hunting. Even if you use it against your enemies, it can help you take them down while staying at a safe distance.

High range Bolt Action Rifles

Bolt-Action Rifle RimWorldFor an early weapon, the Bolt-Action Rifle has excellent damage per shot, and it can help you push through the game until you manage to get your hands on some better weapons. Some players even keep this weapon in late game because they don’t seem to find any other weapon better than this one for hunting. 

How to craft the Bolt-Action Rifle in Rimworld: You won’t need to go through any trouble to acquire this weapon as you’ll start the game with it. 

EMP Grenades

EMP Grenades are something every Rimworld player should carry around in their arsenal. This is because they are capable of stunning mechanoids, mortars, turrets, and even shield belts. Even though these grenades don’t deal any physical damage, they are ideal for use against Centipedes.

Rimworld best weapons

EMP GrenadesThis is because Centipedes are extremely powerful, and you need a lot of firepower to stop them. But by using an EMP Grenade, you can slow down their movement. This will provide you with the luxury to accurately land attacks on them. 

How to craft the EMP Grenade in Rimworld: You can craft these grenades on the machining table after completing the Microelectronics research by spending 20 steel and six components. 


Light Machine Gun, or the LMG, is yet another weapon on our list that is extremely powerful and can destroy the armor of enemies. Even though it’s titled a “Light” machine gun, this weapon is super deadly. The weapon fires a 6-shot burst and does a decent amount of damage with each bullet. This is an excellent crowd-controlling weapon for beginners, though you will need to learn how to control it first, considering its accuracy isn’t that great.

LMG: Crowd Control gun

LMG Weapon RimWorldOverall, the LMG is a good weapon that is ideal for multiple scenarios. For instance, you can either use it as a crowd control weapon against small enemies or as an offensive weapon against large enemies such as the Centipede. Compared to an Assault Rifle (which we’ll talk about later), the LMG offers better damage and range, but this comes at the cost of lower accuracy. 

How to craft the LMG in Rimworld: To get your hands on this weapon, you’ll need to complete the Gas Operation research and then craft it on the machining table for 75 steel and 5 component. 

Chain Shotgun

The Chain Shotgun is easily one of the most powerful weapons in our Rimworld best weapons list. Shotguns have always proven to be something that can absolutely destroy the enemy in close-range situations, and the Chain Shotgun is no different. It offers a 3-shot burst mechanism, and each bullet does a high amount of damage. The weapon is slightly better than the Pump Shotgun because of its ability to fire three shots instead of one.

Chain Shotgun: 3-shot burst gun

Chain Shotgun Weapon RimWorldThe only problem with the weapon is its extremely short range, something because of why you’ll need to be face-to-face with your target most of the time. This might seem like something worrying, but once you learn how to use the weapon properly, no one will be able to stop you from going on a killing spree. Overall, the Chain Shotgun is an excellent close-range weapon that can destroy even the toughest of armor. 

How to craft the Chain Shotgun in Rimworld: After completing the Gas Operation research, you can craft this weapon by using 70 steel and five components.

Molotov Cocktails

Just like the EMP Grenades, the Molotov Cocktails also fall in the category of ranged weapons that you can throw. While they aren’t that powerful compared to other throwable weapons in the game, they have their own uses.

Rimworld best weapons

Molotov CocktailsFor instance, the Molotov is an excellent crowd control weapon in Rimworld as it can set a specific area on fire. You can even use it on enemies that are hiding behind cover as getting set on fire will make them run in different directions, something that will allow you to land attacks on them. However, keep in mind that the Molotovs are only useful against targets that are not moving. Furthermore, you can also use them to destroy equipment instantly. 

How to craft Molotov Cocktail in Rimworld: You can craft it by spending 25 cloth and 80 chemfuel on the machining table. 

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Yes, before you say it, I know the Greatbow isn’t that great compared to other weapons in the game, but hear me out. During the early stages of the game, there will be times when you’ll be unable to get your hands on some top-tier weapons. This is where the Greatbow comes in. Not only is this weapon great for hunting because of its high range, but it can even help you against a variety of enemies.

Rimworld best weapons

GreatbowThe damage it deals with each shot is high, and its amazing accuracy will help you land all of your shots accurately. However, while it is an excellent long-range weapon, it fails to perform properly in close-range scenarios. Despite this, the Greatbow is an excellent choice that can help you hunt easily, even in the late game. 

How to craft the Greatbow in Rimworld: After completing the Greatbow research, you can craft this weapon at any Smithy by spending 60 wood. 

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is one of the few weapons on our Rimworld best weapons list that is capable of one-shotting some opponents. Because of its amazing range, this weapon can help you target your enemies while staying at a safe distance. In fact, the Sniper Rifle has the highest range out of all the ranged weapons available in the game. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is designed only for experienced shooters. This is because you’ll need to make every shot count, as its long reload time can prove to be troublesome for some players.

Sniper Rifle: Highest Range Gun

Sniper Rifle Weapon RimWorldThanks to its high damage per shot, it can be used against humans and different animals. Compared to the Bolt-Action Rifle, the Sniper Rifle has a better range, better accuracy, and better damage with each shot. But all of this comes at the cost of a low rate of fire.

How to craft the Sniper Rifle in Rimworld: To craft this weapon, you’ll first need to complete the Precision rifle research. Once done, head over to the machining table, where you’ll need to spend 60 steel and eight components for it. 

Doom’s Day Rocket Launcher

By just reading its name, you might have already guessed how powerful this weapon is. Throughout history, Rocket Launchers are something that has been used to create havoc. Whenever someone wants to destroy a vehicle, a building, or just blow their enemy to bits, they always use a Rocket Launcher. As for the Doom’s Day Rocket Launcher, it can fire an explosive projectile that can instantly destroy the target. It doesn’t matter if you’re even facing the Centipede; this weapon won’t let you down. I mean, can anything go wrong if you have a Rocket Launcher in your hand?

Rimworld best weapons

Doom’s Day Rocket LauncherThe only downside is that after you use the launcher once, it completely disappears. This means that you should take it out only when things are getting out of hand, and the enemy is giving you a tough time. Overall, the Doom’s Day Rocket Launcher is an excellent backup weapon that has a long-range, does a huge amount of damage with each shot, and is perfect against all kinds of enemies. 

How to craft the Doom’s Day Rocket Launcher in Rimworld: Unlike the other weapons in the game, this weapon can not be crafted. You can only acquire it by trading or looting it from Raiders. Furthermore, you might also get it as a reward for completing a quest. 

Autocannon Turret

The Autocannon Turret is the only automated weapon on our Rimworld best weapons list. If you have this in your arsenal, you won’t have to worry about a single thing since it will do all the dirty work for you. The turret is capable of firing a burst of missiles that deal a decent amount of damage with each hit.

Autocannon turret: Fire burst missiles

Autocannon Turret Weapon RimWorldThe only and possibly biggest downside about the Autocannon Turret is that its range is fairly low. It will only prove to be effective against enemies if they are close to it. Otherwise, because of its low accuracy, the turret will miss some of its shots. Furthermore, if the turret’s health drops below 20%, then there is a chance for it to explode. If that happens, then everyone caught inside the explosion will get damaged. In other words, the turret will not go down without a bang.

How to craft the Autocannon Turret in Rimworld: This turret can be crafted by using 350 steel, 40 plasteel, and 6 component. 


The Minigun is one of the best weapons in Rimworld for crowd control. The weapon can fire a burst of 25 rounds, with each dealing a decent amount of damage. Although the weapon’s accuracy is pretty low, it’s still an excellent weapon that can help you take on a group of enemies. In most cases, it is considered better than the LMG. Even if you’re someone who’s new to the game, the Minigun can benefit you in many ways. All you need to do is hold down the trigger button while aiming the weapon towards your target, and they’ll get taken down instantly.

Melt Targets Using Minigun

Minigun Weapon RimWorldOverall, the Minigun is a powerful weapon that can turn the situation in your favor if used right. Just like the LMG, you can use this weapon against large enemies as well since their huge size will neglect its poor accuracy. 

How to craft the Minigun in Rimworld: To craft this powerful weapon, you will first need to complete the Multibarrel Weapons research and then use the machining table to create it for 160 steel and 20 components. 

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Assault Rifle

The Assault Rife is easily the best all-rounder weapon in Rimworld. You can say it’s a jack of all trades but master of one. It can help you out in multiple situations, even if you’re hunting. The range it offers is better than most of the other weapons available in the game but isn’t the highest. The damage it deals with each bullet is also decent, and it offers a 3-round burst mechanism.

Three Burst AR Gun

Assault Rifle Weapon RimWorldIts rate of fire is also high, and it’s ideal for both close to mid-range combat. Overall, the Assault Rifle is the kind of weapon that you can trust in every situation. The best part is that you won’t have a hard time using it even if you’ve just started playing the game. 

How to craft the Assault Rifle in Rimworld: This weapon can be crafted after completing the Precision Rifling research. You can then make it on the machining table by spending 60 steel and 7 component. 

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle kind of operates similar to the Assault Rifle, only that it is better than it in some scenarios. It has a higher fire rate, a higher damage output, and a decent range. It works well in both close and mid-range scenarios, and you can trust this weapon against every kind of enemy. The best part about this weapon is that it can even help you against enemies that appear in the late game.

Rimworld best weapons

Charge RifleHowever, keep in mind that the Charge Rifle will most likely fall into your hands during the late game as its crafting requirements are high. Furthermore, the weapon can also be used for hunting because of its single-target features. If you end up facing enemies with tough armor, then this weapon will help you pierce through it. 

How to craft the Charge Rifle in Rimworld: After completing the Pulse-Charged Munitions research, you can create this weapon on the Fabrication Bench for 50 plasteel and two advanced components. 

Charge Lance

The Charge Lance is easily the best weapon in Rimworld because of many reasons. Its range is amazing, it can deal a lot of damage with each shot, and its high accuracy will help you accurately land all of your shots on the target. Its power can be seen from the fact that the damage it deals with each shot is the highest among all non-explosive ranged weapons in the game.

Rimworld best weapons

Charge LanceFurthermore, when it comes to armor penetration, no other weapons can do a better job than it. The rate of fire of the Charge Lance is fairly slow, but this is because it takes its time to deliver a powerful shot that can instantly take down some targets. Overall, the Charge Lance is an amazing weapon, and you should definitely give it a try.

How to craft the Charge Lance in Rimworld: You can acquire this weapon after completing the Pulse Charged Munitions research. Once done, you can use the Fabrication Bench to create it for 60 plasteel and three advanced components. 


This marks the end of our Rimworld best weapons guide. We hope that the guide will help you in the game. Keep in mind that each weapon is different from the other, so we will suggest you give all of them a try. Also, it’s better to keep different weapons in your arsenal that are ideal for different situations. For instance, if you have a Chain Shotgun for close-range, then it will be wise to carry around a weapon for long-range as well. Before you leave, make sure to check out the best Rimworld mods. And if you’re someone who’s struggling to find components in the game, then make sure to check our guide on it as well.


Which is the best weapon in Rimworld?

The Charge Lance is the best weapon in Rimworld.

How to craft weapons in Rimworld?

Complete the required research for a weapon and visit a crafting table where you’ll be required to use different materials to craft weapons.

How to equip weapons in Rimworld?

Select your colonist and right-click on the item or weapon that you want to equip it.

Which weapon is the best for close-range combat in Rimworld?

The Chain Shotgun is extremely deadly in close-range combat.

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