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Rick and Morty’s Self-Referential Six, Explained

The following contains spoilers for Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 7, “Full Metal JackRick,” which debuted November 20 on Adult Swim.

With season 6 of rick and morty returning, fans can’t wait to see if they’ll be making the rounds of the Multiverse again. With the interdimensional rift sealed and Weird Rick on the prowl, it might not be the best plan, as they would leave themselves vulnerable. That’s why some people don’t care that the show continues with Rick and the Smiths trying to be a better family.

What rick and morty resumes its sixth season, both directions merge, pushing Rick and his grandson into the Meta Layer, a part of their reality that basically consists of breaking the Fourth Wall. Here, Story Lord seeks to catch and kill the duo, while escaping to change the real world. In the process, Rick and Morty encounter terrifying new enemies in the form of the Self-Referential Six.

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The six self-referential Rick and Morty hate Rick

After Story Lord escapes to reality, Rick and Morty sneak into the stronghold of the Self-Referential Six, superheroes with powers related to the show’s meta-stories and creativity. The fortress is really a prison, with Rick looking for a certain inmate who can help him. However, the Six quickly find Rick and try to finish him off.

First up is Miss Lead, beating up Rick and harnessing her power to be a badass leader in plot armor. Rick activates a narrative force field, but Flash Back appears, using his ability to track history and break the technology. Connie Tinuityerror arrives to put barrels of oil in the scientist’s path that weren’t there before, poking fun at random plot additions that no one cares to explain.

Rick and Morty then run away and fight Protago Nick, who turns any character into a protagonist. Rick avoids his laser, which transforms a guard named Marvin into the star of his own show, “Marvin the Cowardly Security Guy”, only for the fight to end when Mr. Twist detonates a “crush cut” grenade. . He teleports everyone to a chamber where Rick and Morty are tied up. The power of him is, of course, to have time jumps without the need for justification, working these tropes to defeat the heroes.

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Rick and Morty reveals a monstrous sixth ‘member’


That’s five members of this Justice League pastiche, with Twist admitting that the twist is that there’s no sixth member. But in a way that’s when Rick escapes and frees Brett Caan, who is able to rewire reality. Morty jokes that he should have been called Rhett Caan, which the prisoner does. Rhett then uses his godlike powers, nodding to the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Manhattan, to eliminate his captors.

It’s a brutal sequence, with him melting Lead, removing bones from Twist’s body, and sending the others running, but Rhett then turns on Rick. He remakes the fortress into an orange and leaves, leaving Rick and Morty traversing a barren wasteland. Ultimately, he doesn’t care about the plight of that commoner, and while Rick and Morty eventually stop Story Lord, one has to wonder if they’ll ever run into Rhett or the members of the Six again. Usually, Rick would be up for a game of revenge, but in this case he’s so afraid of these people that he might just let the dogs sleep and continue working on his rehabilitation.

Rick and Morty airs Sundays at 11:00 p.m. on Adult Swim.

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