Residue 2: How to Get Stasis Core (Walkthrough and Usage)



Remains 2 includes many craft materials, and Stasis cover There is also a crafting material. Stasis Core is one of the most spectacular and remarkable. Craft products In residue 2. It is said to have been left in one place for many. Thousands of years.

Key takeaways

  • The Stasis Core is a millennia-old artifact that is powerful and used for Crafting in Remnants 2.
  • Stasis is found in Core Na Arod Area inside a Walt.
  • gave location Of Signs Can sometimes be random.
  • You can develop a Mod using The Stasis Core. Stasis beam mode.
  • Mods can be used in combat to upgrade your combat. Ability And Proficiency in Residuals 2.

How do you get Stasis cover?

Stasis cover in Remnant 2
Stasis Core- Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Stasis Core is a crafting material that you can easily find in N’Erud. Inside N’Erud, you’ll need to find the Eon Vault. There is a specific sign at which you can find The Stasis Core, and all five signs can be found at The Stasis Core.

These signs are only located inside The Even Vault. You will face this difficulty just because. Remainder 2 is very random. Even the areas you visit can sometimes. To randomize So check all five (5) signs.


  1. To get inside the Eon Vault you must explore The Putrid Domain Dungeon..
  2. You can find The Putrid Domain Dungeon only on it. Abyssal Rift.
  3. The Abyssal Rift is the first area you’ll explore in the N’Erud region.
  4. After reaching the Eon Vault, you just have to search the Eon Vault until you find it. Right Historical marker Where the Stasis Core is located.
  5. The correct sign will look like a lot. The strange pyramid which has been abandoned.
  6. Remember that the structure of the main area will always remain. Same.
  7. There are two mines; Will be one While yellow The other ear will be red in color.
  8. You need to go into the red mine to get the Stasis Core.
  9. When you find the right mine, enter mine
  10. After entering the mine, you will see a the door in front of you
  11. The door will open. consolation, Which is just to the right of the door.
  12. interaction with the console, and the gate will open.
  13. You will see that one The elevator in front of you, so head down using the elevator.
  14. There will be one when you get down. The tunnel ahead of you. Walk through the tunnel.
  15. You have to face something. Enemies What you will have to face in front of you.
  16. After killing the enemies, you’ll see The Stasis Core right in front of you on the ground..

Landmarks within the Avon Vault

There are five signs inside the Avon Vault that you can find stash covers on:

  1. Patred domain
  2. Dorman N Erudin facility
  3. The Forgotten Prison
  4. The Mine
  5. Spectrum Nexus Tower

What can you do with Stasis cover?

In stasis beam mode R2
Remnant 2: Stasis Beam Mod – Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  • After getting the Stasis Core, you can carry it. Eva McCabe in Ward 13.

You can also a Stasis Beam mode Using the Stasis cover. You need the items for this, and you can bring them to Ava McCabe in Ward 13, and she’ll craft the Stasis Beam Mod for you. Stasis Beam Mod is used. Battles and more There is an amazing mode for battles.

Fires as a Stasis Beam Mod. energy beams, Which slowly damages the enemy. 15 Deal damage per second and freeze the enemy for about ten seconds after applying. give seconds of fire.

Stasis cover is a lot Remarkable craft material. Yet Being so old it works like a new thing. You can also use it to craft a mod, which can help you in your fight: the Stasis Beam mod from Ward 13. See our recent guide on this. Makes the best With full details on how to get each of them in Remainder 2.


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