Resident Evil 4 sees the return of the Laser Room in distinct ways.



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  • The Resident Evil 4 remake, after months of speculation and rumours, finally received its separate ways of expanding Ada Wong in terms of DLC today.
  • The added campaign tells the story of Resident Evil 4 from a different perspective, putting Ada Wong — the franchise’s super spy — at the forefront of the game’s major events.
  • One of the sequences seen in the Separateways expansion is the Laser Room section, which is a throwback to the original Resident Evil 4 that was released in 2005.
  • This particular area with a large boss named U-3 was omitted from the Resident Evil 4 remake. Both of these are likely to exist in different ways.

Back when highly anticipated A remake of Resident Evil 4 came out, fans were (and still are) in awe of this number Capcom but what Reimagining of his beloved sport. It’s a brilliant remake to boot that gets a lot of things right, all the while staying true to the original to adviseBut it lacked some key features of its older model. thanks, Separate methods DLC It has been taken care of.

Judging from the DLC launch trailer, if you focus around it 1:25 mark, you’ll imagine the infamous laser puzzle room in a brand new fashion, looking flashier and more menacing at the same time. Instead, it’s a surprising turn of events. Leon, Ada shows her agility in the remake. Anyway, it will definitely be interesting to experiment with the way things unfold. The mystical perspective.

That’s not all that people have seen from the launch trailer. If you’re as eagle-eyed as the others, you’re headed for it. 1:40 mark The same video shows a large claw gripping the wall from one corner, leading to speculation that This could be the terrifying U-3 boss from the original Resident Evil 4. That A remake released in 2023 Could not add.

Possible tampering of the U-3 boss in separate ways
Possible tampering of the U-3 boss in separate ways

In other news, it was recently revealed that Download size isn’t a concern for separate methods DLC. For those on low storage. The expansion will reportedly take 11.6 GB On PlayStation 5 And 8.5 GB On the old PlayStation 4. Additionally, the length of the game spans a total of 7 chapters—a huge step up from its separate modes. The first resident evil 4.

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Along with the arrival of the Separate Ways DLC, the remake’s Mercenaries mode also sees the addition of two new characters.Wong is — which, quite frankly, should have been cut from day one — and Albert Wesker. New playable figures are due courtesy of a free update. As for the rest, fans still have Resident Evil 4’s VR mode to look forward to.

The latter arrives for PS VR2 at some point. After this year; One is missing Solid release date Currently. I was shown a proper disclosure. State of Play event This time around, the game was already done, though Tease in the past. Are you looking forward to playing both Separate Mode and Resident Evil 4 VR? Let us know in the comments section below.

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