Resident Evil 4 DLC Release Date Announced: Separate Modes



CAPCOM has Announced Resident Evil 4 DLC Release Date for Separate Modes and VR Mode.

Resident Evil 4 DLC Release Date: Separate Modes

The release date for Resident Evil 4’s Separe Ways DLC has been confirmed to be September 21, 2023 on all platforms.

Separe Ways is Ada Wong’s version of the story and her parallel journey through the events of the main game. It finally completes the game’s story, answering questions fans have been asking after completing the base game. The full story will be revealed as you see both sides of the events from Ada and Leon’s point of view.

Before Leon S. Kennedy even set foot in that cursed town, she was already there. Her mission? The recovery of the cult’s darkest secret: Amber.

Now Ada must deal with an unknown threat that is devouring her from within, an accomplice with a dark past and ulterior motives, and a chance reunion with the man she least expected: Leon S. Kennedy.

Why did you accept this mission? And what path will he take in the shadow of León’s investigation into the kidnapping of the president’s daughter?

In the Separe Ways DLC, the characters involved are Ada Wong, Luis Serra and Albert Wesker. The only thing about this DLC is the grappling gun, which allows access to other areas that Leon can’t go to.

Mercenaries gets two new characters

The Expendables will receive a free update on September 21, 2023. It will add Wesker and Wong to the roster.

Virtual reality mode

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode for PS VR2 will be released this winter 2023 as free DLC. Play in first person with virtual reality capabilities. Please note that Separe Ways and The Mercenaries are not compatible with the RE4 VR Mode DLC.



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