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REPORT: WandaVision’s Billy Returns for Agatha: Coven of Chaos

Billy Maximoff will appear in the upcoming WandaVision spin-off Agatha: Coven of Chaos, though it’s unknown at this time who will play him.

After months of rumors, it is now confirmed that Wanda Maximoff’s son, Billy, will appear in Agatha: Chaos Coven.

According to the illuminerdiBilly will reportedly appear in the upcoming Wanda Vision cleave. He is now a teenager visiting or attending a school in Westview, which is where the 2021 Disney+ limited series was set. For reasons not yet known, Billy will be “a person of interest to the new Coven of Witches.” Julian Hilliard previously played Billy Maximoff when he was a child on Wanda Vision Y Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness.

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While not confirmed, many fans suspect that chaos coven will reintroduce Wanda’s son as Billy Kaplan/Wiccan, a Jewish teenager from the young avengers comics later revealed to be a reincarnation of William Maximoff, one of the twins created by the Scarlet Witch during the 1985 miniseries The Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Although William was initially believed to have been erased from existence by the demon Mephisto, his soul had actually been placed in Kaplan’s body. A filtered casting for chaos coven it has also teased the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Teddy Altman/Hulkling, another member of the Young Avengers and Billy Kaplan’s boyfriend (and later husband).

Is Joe Locke playing Wicca in Coven of Chaos?

chaos coven has been slowly building up its cast, with Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Joe Locke (stopshearts), Sasheer Zamata (Saturday night live), Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show), Ali Ahn (Thousands of millions) and Maria Dizzia (orange is the new black) all set to make his MCU debut in the upcoming Disney+ series. While all of the actors’ roles are currently being kept under wraps, several fans have pointed out that the 19-year-old Locke is the right age to possibly play a teenage Billy. The undisclosed character of him was also described as “a gay teen with a dark sense of humor,” which fans believe is another strong indicator that the stopshearts The actor will give life to Wiccan in the UCM. At this time, Marvel Studios has not confirmed who Locke will play or if Billy will actually appear. chaos coven.

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chaos coven is currently filming under the Wizard of Oz-inspired working title “My Pretty”. The series is one of two Wanda Vision spin-offs planned for Disney+, with a solo series from Vision titled vision quest also in the works at Marvel Studios. Both spin-offs are being overseen by Wanda Vision creator, writer and executive producer Jac Schaeffer.

Agatha: Chaos Coven premieres on Disney+ in winter 2023.

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