Remnant 2 Yaesha Map (All Quests, Weapons & Armors)



Yaesha spans a vast realm brimming with various places to explore and formidable bosses to confront. As players embark on their journey, they’ll step into a lush forest enveloped by intertwining roots and towering trees. As such, one must require a guide that focuses on deciphering Yaesha’s map in Remnant 2, providing insights into navigating it effectively to advance through the storyline.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore lush, enigmatic landscapes with tough bosses for an adventure-packed journey in the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2.
  • Encounter two distinct narratives converging after the final boss in Yaesha.
  • Conclude both storylines in Yaesha to gain the Index Segment key, linking to other worlds.
  • Explore enchanting areas in Yaesha like the Imperial Gardens, The Chimney, and The Far Woods for immersive challenges.
  • Find unique armaments in Remnant 2’s Yaesha, like the Aphelion, Nightfall, and Chicago Typewriter, for strategic combat superiority.

Yaesha Storyline Routes

Unlike other realms, Yaesha stands apart by harboring two distinct storylines within its bounds. Yet, your placement within one of these narratives is left to chance, determined randomly. Upon concluding both the storylines of Yaesha map in Remnant 2, players attain an Index Segment key, an essential tool connecting them to alternate worlds.

Wielding this key, you can unlock a doorway facilitating your journey to the next destination. Should Yaesha mark your initial venture, the door guides you to the Labyrinth. Alternatively, if this isn’t your starting point, you’ll find yourself transported to either N’Erud or Losomn.

1. The Ravager And The Doe Storyline

If your journey begins within the Forbidden Grove, you’ve been slotted into the Ravager storyline. This part of the game places you in a forest thick with enemies made from tree branches. You’ll make your way through quiet yet unsettling regions until you face off against the Ravager, the final boss of this storyline.

The Forbidden Grove also introduces tougher Elite enemies that drop Lumenite Crystals. These crystals are valuable for crafting weapons or trading for Scrap.


Upon entering the Forbidden Grove, you’ll meet Bedel of the Vaunnt, a Pan who shares knowledge about the corrupted state of Yaesha and the fallen Ravager deity. Bedel serves as an NPC merchant, offering items for purchase or sale. He’ll guide you toward taking down the Ravager and provide some background to the story.

  1. As you progress through the grove, you’ll meet Meidra, the Spirit of the Wood.
  2. Meidra presents situational questions, and your answers determine your alignment with either the Doe or the Ravager, and each choice grants you a distinct trait.
  3. Continuing your journey, you’ll navigate two dungeons within the grove.
  4. Along the way, The Flautist informs you about the Ravager and offers a quest involving the Water Harp.
  5. Your decision regarding the harp influences your rewards.
  6. Deeper into the grove, you’ll come across a broken music box.
  7. Although instructions are scarce, repairing the music box grants access to the Ravager’s Lair.
Fighting the Ravager
Fighting the Ravager in Remnant 2 (Screenshot by eXputer)

Inside the Ravager’s Lair, you’ll confront the corrupted Ravager. A conversation unfolds, during which the Ravager exposes the weakened Doe. The Ravager presents options regarding the Doe’s fate.

Opting to combat the Ravager reveals its agile nature, characterized by swift physical attacks. If the Ravager consumes the Doe, it gains a powerful charge attack capable of breaking obstacles. By swiftly shooting the Doe or prevailing against the Ravager, you secure unique drops and the Index Segment.

Choices And Rewards In The Ravager And The Doe Storyline

Players will face a significant Ravager choice in Remnant 2 involving the Doe, which affects their approach to dealing with the Ravager, the final boss.

In the Ravager and the Doe storyline, your decisions yield distinct rewards:

  • Shooting the Doe grants you the Ravager’s Mark.
  • Healing the Doe earns you the Doe’s Antler, which can be crafted into the Red Doe Staff at McCabe in Ward 13.
  • Shooting the Ravager and defeating the Doe during the battle leads to the acquisition of the Ravager’s Maw, craftable into the Feral Judgement.
  • Shooting the Ravager, weakening it so it consumes the Doe, and then emerging victorious against the Ravager yields the Crimson Membrane, which can be crafted into the Merciless.

2. The Red Throne And The Corruptor Storyline

The Red Throne
The Red Throne in Remnant 2 (Image Credits: eXputer)
  1. When you start at the Red Throne, you’re diving into the Corruptor storyline.
  2. As you enter, a big door sets off the scene. Your character meets an Empress, and you need to pick: fight or help.

This choice shapes your final opponent. Choosing to aid the Empress throws you into a showdown with the Corruptor, one of the trickier bosses in Remnant 2. And what you get depends on what you do with the Corruptor.

If you defeat it, you’ll snag the Hollow Heart. This gets you the Stonebreaker, a close-up weapon. Or, if you let it go, you’ll earn the Twisted Lazurite, which you can use to craft the Twisted Arbalest Long gun.


Upon your arrival at The Red Throne, you’ll encounter a decisive fork in the path, each guarded by the formidable Pan Warriors. The side paths lead to resource-rich buildings, while the central path guides you to the throne room.

The Eternal Empress

  1. As you step into the throne room, you’ll confront the Eternal Empress, accompanied by her attendants and guards.
  2. Through her envoy, she presents you with a chilling choice: comply with her demand to defeat the Corruptor or face the wrath of her guards.
  3. Should you agree, your task will be to vanquish the Corruptor that defiled their former Guardian.
  4. Declining the Empress’s proposal triggers a battle against her guards, and upon their defeat, the attendant will reveal your success, assigning you the quest to conquer the Corruptor.

The Abomination And The Flautist

Abomination in Remnant 2
The Abomination making its entrance in Remnant 2 (Image Source: eXputer)

Following the path leading to the infested hall, you’ll encounter the Abomination and journey through the Root-infested Withering Weald. Watch out for infectors and root brutes as you make your way to The Flautist.

  1. The Flautist warns you of the corrupted Thaen and guides you to the veil, transporting you to another dungeon.
  2. Overcome its challenges and its boss to reach The Far Woods.
  3. In The Far Woods, your mission is to navigate to the Widow’s Court, where enemies with teleportation abilities lie in wait.
  4. Be on the lookout for the Ornate Key on a Pan’s body, which opens an Ornate Lockbox, offering different rewards depending on your choices.

Passing through another veil leads you to The Great Bole, the battleground for your final showdown against the Corruptor.

The Corruptor Boss Fight

The Corruptor in Remnant 2
The Corruptor – Remnant 2 (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

In the intense encounter with the Corruptor and the Corrupted Guardian, the Corruptor employs ranged attacks while the Guardian wields multiple swords, its arms detachable. Disable the Guardian’s arms temporarily by shooting them.

  • Though separate health bars indicate the Corruptor and Guardian’s vitality, incapacitating the Guardian prompts the Corruptor to replenish its health.
  • Defeating the Corruptor concludes the quest and rewards you with the Index Segment.
  • Depending on whether you maintain the Guardian’s status, you’ll obtain the Hollow Heart or the Twisted Lazurite.

Your victory against the Corruptor marks a significant milestone in your journey through Remnant 2’s Yaesha. Upon completing either storyline, return to The Labyrinth and confer with The Keeper to update your quest objectives accordingly.

3. Unlocking The Yaesha Map In Remnant 2

The Yaesha Map in Remnant 2
The remains of Yaesha in Remnant 2 (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

In Remnant 2, there are three worlds to explore: Yaesha, N’Erud, and Losomn. Each world is packed with dungeons and tough bosses you’ll need to conquer. The in-game randomness means you might start with Yaesha or reach it later, just before the final phase.

If Yaesha isn’t your starting world, you’ll reach it after passing through the Labyrinth. Inside the Labyrinth, you’ll spot two locked spherical portal doors. These doors need a special key to open, which you won’t have at that point. To get the Biome Portal Key, defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel boss and interact with the Eye. This key unlocks two other worlds through their portals.

4. All Points of Interest In Yaesha Map

Embarking on your adventure through Yaesha opens the door to an array of captivating and diverse locations. Each of these areas contributes to the immersive experience of Remnant 2, presenting its own unique blend of challenges and atmospheres. Let’s delve into the intriguing landscapes that await your exploration:

Within Yaesha’s vast realm, diverse domains beckon adventurers with their unique attributes.

  • From the regal splendor of the Red Throne to the enigmatic aura of the Withering Weald, and the tranquil refuge of the Imperial Gardens, each location holds its mysteries and challenges.
  • The untamed wilderness invites exploration, from the rugged grandeur of The Chimney to the mystique of The Far Woods.
  • Cryptic and eerie places like the Root Nexus, The Lament, and the Twisted Chantry add layers of darkness and mystery.
  • Amidst the chaos, sanctuaries like the Expanding Glade and Kaeula’s Rest provide moments of respite.
  • Significant encounters take place in locales like the Koara Kuri Nest and The Widow’s Court, where vibrant life and solemnity coexist.
  • Enigmatic hidden sites, including the Forgotten Field, the Nameless Nest, Cathedral of Omens, and the chilling Ravager’s Lair, hold untold tales and secrets of ages past.

Traversing these captivating realms within the Yaesha map in Remnant 2, you’ll uncover the world’s intricate lore, face formidable challenges, and reveal countless hidden secrets. Each step brings you closer to unraveling the mysteries of this jungle kingdom forever marked by the influence of the Root.

5. All Weapons To Find In Remnant 2’s Yaesha

The Chicago Typewriter
The Chicago Typewriter in Remnant 2 (image credit: eXputer)

In the captivating realm of Yaesha, nestled within the expansive world of Remnant 2, a treasure trove of formidable weapons and gear awaits those who aspire to excel in the heat of battle. While individual preferences and playstyles may influence the ideal arsenal, several weapons have proven their mettle in the unforgiving conflicts of Remnant 2:

  • Aphelion: Catering to long-range engagements, the Aphelion excels at dealing damage from a distance. Players uncover this prized weapon through dedicated exploration and discovery, rewarded by mastering specific locations within Yaesha.
  • Nightfall: As a potent armament, the Nightfall brandishes exceptional damage potential and rapid-fire rate. The journey to possess this weapon takes daring adventurers through the varied landscapes of Yaesha, where formidable bosses guard its coveted power.
  • Chicago Typewriter: Boasting exceptional firepower and a blistering rate of fire, the Chicago Typewriter is a robust automatic weapon. Acquiring this formidable tool demands the exploration of diverse regions within Yaesha, culminating in confronting the mighty bosses lurking within its depths.
  • Crossbow: Renowned for its adaptability, the Crossbow distinguishes itself with potent damage output and unmatched accuracy. Acquiring this versatile weapon involves vanquishing foes or crafting it using Twisted Lazurite, a resource obtained from the formidable Corruptor within Yaesha’s challenging domain.
  • Sagittarius: A pinnacle of accuracy and potency, the Sagittarius bow stands as a reliable choice. Defeating adversaries scattered across Yaesha’s terrain grants access to this valuable weapon.

While each of these weapons has its pros and cons, it’s best to test all of them to see which one suits your playstyle and, more importantly, is the most fun. Moreover, you can use several enhancements like Weapon Mods that can further boost your gun’s effectiveness in combat.

6. Armor Sets Obtainable In Yaesha Map In Remnant 2

The Dendroid Set
The Dendroid Armor Set Via: Lootward

Within the captivating realm of Yaesha, a diverse and enthralling world featured in Remnant 2, a collection of powerful armor sets awaits those who desire triumph on the battlefield. Each of these sets boasts unique attributes tailored to different strategies in combat. Below we have identified several outstanding armor sets that truly shine in the demanding challenges of Yaesha:

Leto Mark II Set

Focusing on both heavy armor and improved stamina regeneration, the Leto Mark II Set offers unparalleled defense and lasting endurance for battles. Those aspiring to possess this set must explore various areas and locate the elusive Leto’s Lab dungeon within Yaesha’s world.

Bruiser Set

This robust heavy armor set is celebrated for its potent defense and enhanced melee damage, making it a formidable choice for close-range combat. Adventurers can acquire the Bruiser Set by conquering foes or crafting it skillfully from resources found within Yaesha’s domain.

Radiant Set

Radiating precision and finesse, the Radiant Set enhances critical hit chances and elevates ranged damage potential. Embarking on a quest to find the Radiant Tomb dungeon within Yaesha unravels the secrets to acquiring this coveted light armor set.

Dendroid Set

Ideal for those harnessing the power of mod abilities, the Dendroid Set emphasizes mod power generation and extends mod duration. Potential seekers can acquire this set by besting adversaries or mastering the craft of creating it through resources found in Yaesha.

Technician Set

Catering to those who prefer agility, the Technician Set features light armor attributes with advantages like increased mod power generation and reduced mod power cost. Diligent explorers can secure this set by triumphing over enemies or adeptly crafting it from resources discovered in Yaesha.

Engineer Corpse eon vault
Technician set from the Engineer Corpse in N’Erud (Image Credits: eXputer)

While these armor sets have gained recognition for their effectiveness in Yaesha, it’s important to acknowledge that individual playstyle and preference can influence the choice of each set. Additionally, strategic upgrades and the tactical use of appropriate mods can significantly enhance the impact of these armor sets in the heat of combat.

Venture forth into Yaesha’s untamed beauty, where the choices you make shape your destiny within the heart of its storylines. Walk the path of the Ravager or the Doe, and immerse yourself in the mysteries of The Red Throne. Be sure to check out this guide on the Faelin or Faerin choice in Remnant 2 to face other challenging bosses, or consider reading the Lemark District Clock puzzle to dive deeper into the title’s mind games!

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