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Power Level in Remnant 2 is an important feature that shows your overall strength. It’s the average of your Archetype Level and Weapon Level. Power Level also plays a key role in the coop multiplayer experience, where it helps balance the game’s difficulty based on the highest power level among players. You can see your Power Level on the Character tab in Remnant 2’s main menu. 

Key Takeaways

  • Power Level in Remnant 2 is the weighted average of your Archetype Level and Weapon Level, indicating your overall strength.
  • Power Level is visible on the Character tab in the Main Menu.
  • Power Level affects Co-op Multiplayer gaming by scaling the experience to the member with the highest power level, capped at +3 above the host.
  • For example, if the host has Power Level 6 and a co-player has Power Level 11, the game will start at Power Level 9.
  • This Power Level system maintains a balance in gameplay, ensuring it’s not too easy for powerful players or too challenging for beginners.
  • Remnant 2 allows you to save multiple characters, offering flexibility for co-op and solo class play.
  • To increase your character’s Power Level, players must boost both their Archetype Level and their Weapon Level.
  • Switching between primary and secondary archetypes, once the primary is maxed out, can help accelerate leveling.
  • Adventure Mode is unlocked after completing a location in the main Campaign, providing opportunities to gain XP and enhance your power level through exploration and quest completion.

What Is The Power Level In Remnant 2?

Power Level in Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Simply put, Power Level is the overall average of your Archetype Level and Weapon Level in Remnant 2. The number is a mean of two quantities. It basically determines your overall strength levels. Power Level is also used to calculate World Level. In the Main Menu, when you click on the Character tab on the second from the left, you will see your character open up. On the left side of your character, you will see its Power level written in all caps.

How Does Power Level Impact Co-Op Multiplayer Scaling?

Multiplayer Gameplay Image
Remnant 2 PvE Coop Gameplay (Image Captured by eXputer)

It’s always better to play Remnant 2 together with your buddies, and that is why you must also understand how your Power Level can regulate the Multiplayer co-op gaming experience. The rule of thumb is that Remnant 2 Coop experience will scale to the member that has the highest power level. Also, this is capped at +3 above the host and will not go any level beyond that. Didn’t get it? Let’s explain with a couple of examples. 

Let’s say you host a game with your friend. Now, hypothetically, you are at Power Level 6 while your friend is at Power Level 11. Then, the game will begin at Power Level 9. This is because your Power Level 6 and the +3 Level cap are added due to your friend’s Power Level.

This is a fantastic way to ensure that the game stays fair in certain situations, striking a perfect balance where it’s not overly easy for the more powerful players and not overly challenging for those at a lower level. However, it can be a tad bit bothersome at some times too. 

It is also awesome how Remnant 2 allows you to save multiple characters simultaneously. You can have one character exclusively for co-op adventures and another for your solo play-throughs.

How To Increase Power Level In Remnant 2?

Coop Mode in Remnant 2
Increase Power Level to get an advantage in Coop – Remnant 2 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Since the Power Level is an average of Archetype and Weapon Level, to increase the Power Level means increasing the Archetype Level and the Weapon Level. Archetype Level is the sum of the two highest Archetype Levels while Weapon Level is the weighted average of the highest Weapon Level for each slot. As you proceed with the game, you can gain XP which helps raise Power Levels. There are many ways to achieve our desired results. 

1. Switching Primary And Secondary Archetypes

Summoner Engineer combination Remnant 2
Summoner Archetype combined with Engineer. (Image Credit: eXputer)

When your Primary Archetype level is maxed out, you can switch the two for a better chance at increasing the Primary Level. Also, another reason you should know is that the secondary archetype that you equip besides the primary one, gets 0.5% XP than the primary one.

This is the reason the secondary archetype levels up slowly compared to what you have equipped on the primary. By switching, the leveling up can be done at a faster pace without giving up on the Archetype Traits, Skills, and Perks that the Primary one brings to the players. 

2. Killing Enemies

Very simple and straightforward but it deserves a mention. As you kill more enemies, the Elites can spawn and give you more XP, Scrap, crafting materials, and a chance to increase your power level. It is also a better strategy than outrunning them since sooner or later you can get spotted, raising the threat levels and resulting in more enemies flocking to your location. A good strategy is to dedicate a weapon to a smaller enemy and another for single-target damage against Elites. 

3. Exploration

Some areas are vital to the main story in Remnant 2. However, exploring the optional area is also a good way to increase your Power Levels. Here, you will often have to kill enemies again but the fruits of the effort are great. They can even give you unlocked Traits and a good deal of XP. 

4. Playing In Veteran Difficulty Mode

Difficulty levels Remnant 2
Veteran (Image Captured by eXputer)

There are four difficulty levels in Remnant 2. Using the Veteran mode can give you 15% additional XP. The damage and health of enemies aren’t much higher compared to its competitor Survivor mode and thus making it a better choice. Nightmare provides a 30% greater XP whereas Apocalypse grants a 50% XP bonus. However, Apocalypse is only unlocked after defeating the Campaign. Further, the increase of enemies in Nightmare makes it slower to gain XP but you get to improve your power level slowly. 

5. Beating The Campaign

Defeat the final boss in Campaign and gain access to 15% XP while fully upgraded. It can also give you Scholar Trait. Go to Wallace and spend 10 Trait points for a permanent 15% XP boost. Beating the campaign is an excellent method of increasing the power level.

6. Playing In Adventure Mode

adventure mode remnant 2
Adventure Mode (Image Captured by eXputer)

Once you complete a location in Remnant 2, something really cool happens- Adventure Mode is unlocked! It’s like a whole new campaign where you can reroll worlds, try different difficulties, and explore areas and quests that you might have missed during the initial run. 

Now, here’s the catch: you’ll need to finish a location in the main Campaign before you can access it in Adventure Mode. Let’s say you cleared N’Erud and moved to Losomn in the Campaign, only N’Erud will be available in Adventure Mode. However, Adventure mode is still an excellent opportunity to farm some XP and increase your power level. It’s all about having fun while seeking out those epic rewards!

In Remnant 2, getting your Power Level up is all about strategy. To grow your Power Level, you must boost your Archetype and Weapon Levels. You can do this by switching archetypes, defeating enemies, exploring new areas, playing in higher difficulty levels, and finishing the campaign. You can also raise your Power Level by playing in Adventure Mode, which becomes available after you finish a location in the main campaign. It’s all about playing smart and having fun as you strengthen your character.

Having understood the impact of power level now, I suggest you also read Remnant 2 BEST Traits, Best Medic Build, Best Starting Class, and Faelin Or Faerin Choice so that you can enrich your knowledge about the game.


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