Remnant 2: Thaen Seed (Location & Uses)



Numerous items in Remnant 2 still need to be discovered by players. Thaen Seed is one such item that essentially is a quest item in Remnant 2. Many players are scratching their heads over its use and purpose. Remnant 2 Thaen Seed has a use that you must be aware of.

Key Takeaways

  • Thaen Seed can grow a Thaen Tree in Ward 13, yielding a Mature Thaen Fruit that can revive players after death.

  • Thaen Seeds can be obtained via the following ways
    1. Dropped from enemies in the Widow’s Court Dungeon or by completing the dungeon on higher difficulties.
    2. Another way to obtain Thaen Seed is by locating the Ornate Lockbox, which requires the Ornate Key found via the final boss of the Ward 13 dungeon.

  • Planting the Thaen Seed requires finding a patch of dirt in Ward 13 and watering it with a Waterskin or water source.
  • The Thaen Tree’s growth can be accelerated by feeding its Essence obtained from defeating enemies or opening chests.
  • Giving the Thaen Seed to the Queen at the Red Throne rewards players with the Burden of the Rebel ring.
  • Thaen Tree’s growth time depends on difficulty level and interactions, and once fully grown, it produces a Mature Thaen Fruit.
  • Harvesting the Mature Thaen Fruit from the tree allows players to use it to revive themselves after death.

What Is The Thaen Seed In Remnant 2?

A Thaen Seed is a rare item in Remnant 2. It is a tiny, green seed that is said to have magical properties. Thaen Seed can be used to plant a Thaen Tree in Ward 13.

The Thaen Tree will grow over time, eventually producing a Mature Thaen Fruit. Mature Thaen Fruit can be consumed to revive the player after they have been killed.

Thaen Seed in Remnant 2.
Remant 2 Thaen Seed. (image by eXputer)

In short, Thaen Seed is a valuable item that can be a lifesaver in a challenging situation. It can be used to revive the player after they have been killed, which can be very helpful if you are playing on a problematic difficulty setting.

How To Obtain Thaen Seed?

There are multiple ways to obtain the Thaen Seed in Remnant 2. All of them are discussed below:

  1. The most common way to get Thaen Seed in Remnant 2 is as a drop from enemies. The enemies that drop Thaen Seed are primarily found in the Widow’s Court Dungeon. This dungeon can be accessed in the Earth realm.
  2. Completing the Widow’s Court Dungeon on the highest difficulty will reward you with a Thaen Seed. The higher the difficulty, the higher the chances of getting a Thaen Seed as a drop.
  3. You can trade with other players who have Thaen Seed.
  4. You can purchase Thaen Seed from the Ward 13 merchant, Warden Thrall, for 10000 Scrap.

The other method of obtaining the Thaen Seed is locating the Ornate Lockbox, which is cumbersome. Ornate Lockbox contains many other items along the Thaen Seed. You need to find it and open it using the Ornate Key. 

Remnant 2 Ornate Key
Using Ornate Key to open the Ornate Box. (image grabbed by us)

The Ornate Key is a guaranteed drop from the final boss of the Ward 13 dungeon. The Ward 13 dungeon is difficult, so you must be well-prepared to defeat the final boss. Ornate Key spawns in random chests worldwide, but the chances are meniscus. 

Once you have the Ornate Key, the next task is to find the Ornate Lockbox. The Ornate Lockbox is a unique chest at the Window’s Court in Yaesha Ward 13. 

Location of Ornate Lockbox.
Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox location. (image by us)

Below the castle in the Window’s court, a chest will be next to the delusional wall. You can find the Ornate Lockbox in that chest. 

Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox.
Ornate Lockbox in Remnant 2. (image by eXputer)

Uses Of Remnant 2 Thaen Seed

There are two uses of Thaen Seed in Remnant 2. The uses are:

  • You can plant the Thaen Seed in Ward 13.
  • You can gift it to the Queen at the Red Throne. 

Giving Thaen Seed To The Queen

If you give the Remnant 2 Thaen Seed to the Queen, she will give you a ring called the Burden of the Rebel. The Burden of the Rebel is a ring that reduces your skill cooldowns by 15% and increases your Relic use speed by 25%. It also gives you a unique effect called a “Second Chance.” Second Chance allows you to revive yourself once after you have been killed.

The Burden of the Rebel is a powerful ring that can be a great asset in a tough fight. However, it is essential to note that the ring also has a downside. The ring will make you more vulnerable to damage, so you must be careful when using it.

Planting The Thaen Seed

The Thaen Seed can only be planted in a patch of dirt. You can find dirt patches in various locations in Ward 13, such as the courtyard, the garden, and the workshop. Once you have found a patch of dirt, you can interact with it to plant the Thaen Seed.

Remnant 2: Planting Thaen Seed
Panting Thaen Seed in a patch of dirt in Ward 13. (image by eXputer)

The Thaen Seed needs to be watered to grow. You can water the Thaen Seed using a Waterskin or interacting with a water source. The Thaen Seed will take some time to grow into a Thaen Tree.

The Thaen Tree will grow over time. The faster the Thaen Tree grows, the more often you interact with it. You can also speed up the growth of the Thaen Tree by feeding it Essence. Essence can be found by defeating enemies or by opening chests.

  • The exact time it takes for the Remnant 2 Thaen Tree to grow depends on several factors, such as the difficulty level you are playing on and whether or not you interact with the Thaen Tree regularly.
  • Once the Thaen Tree is fully grown, it will produce a Mature Thaen Fruit.
  • You can harvest the Mature Thaen Fruit by interacting with it.
  • After you have harvested the Mature Thaen Fruit, you will have it in your inventory.
  • Once you have Mature Thaen Fruit in your inventory, you can use it by pressing the interact button while you are dead.

Tips For Using Remnant 2 Thaen Seed

  • The Thaen Tree will take some time to grow, so you want it protected from enemies.
  • The faster you interact with the Thaen Tree, the faster it will grow.
  • Essence will speed up the growth of the Thaen Tree.
  • The Mature Thaen Fruit will spoil after a certain amount of time.

The Remnant 2 Thaen Seed is a rare and magical item used as a quest item in the game. It can be planted to grow a Thaen Tree in Ward 13, eventually producing a Mature Thaen Fruit capable of reviving players after death. 

With time, more uses of Thaen Seed may be discovered. But for now, only the two uses mentioned above are known. If you found this helpful, you may want to explore the Remnant 2 Dual Archetypes.


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