Remnant 2: Terminus Station (Dungeon Walkthrough)



Terminus Station is one of the dungeons in Remnant 2 located in N’Erud. After successfully completing the dungeon, players will be able to obtain legendary items, including relics, crystals, and a highly powerful melee weapon known as the Atom Smasher. Furthermore, players will also be able to obtain a powerful ring as well as trait points after completing the dungeon. 

Key Takeaways

  • Terminus Station is one of the dungeons in Remnant 2 that can be found in the N’Erud region. 
  • Since it is a randomized dungeon, you might have to reroll your map to access it. 
  • After completing the dungeon, you will be able to obtain rewards like the atom smasher weapon and the footwork trait. 
  • You will also have to complete the train event mission in Remnant 2 and defeat enemies like the Restless Spirit
  • Players will be required to complete the Terminus Station if they want to complete the travel to Alepsis Taura questline in the N’Erud area. 
  • Other items in Terminus Station include crystals, relics, and scraps.

How To Get To Terminus Station In Remnant 2

The first step is to locate the Remnant 2 Terminus Station in N’Erud. Fortunately, you will be able to get to the Terminus Station by exploring the Timeless Horizon area.

Remnant 2 Terminus Station Dungeon
Terminus Station – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

However, you should keep in mind that you might have to visit N’Erud for a second time in order to access Terminus Station.

  • Furthermore, you will also have to complete the hatchery dungeon located in the Phantom Wasteland before you access Terminus Station. 
  • Since it is a randomized Dungeon, you might have to visit the area again in case you are given the other quest.
  • In case you get the other quest which is collecting shining essence for the custodian in Remnant 2, then you simply have to reroll the map until you can finally access the Terminus Station. 

Accessing The Terminus Station 

In case you don’t manage to access the Remnant 2 Terminus Station during your first visit to N’Erud, you can always reroll your map using the adventure mode. 

Doing so will allow you to start a different quest line, and you just need to access any world crystal for the process. 


Like other dungeons, you will have to face a lot of enemies in the Terminus Station, including enemies that are exclusive to N’Erud, like Sentinels, Drones, and even the Robot Grunts.

Enemies – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

One of the hardest enemies to defeat in Terminus Station Remnant 2 is the Robot Grunt.

  • These robots carry powerful energy weapons and have energy shields for their defense.
  • The reason why they’re considered deadly is due to different move sets and sets of attacks that are used by different robot grunts.
  • In order to take down the robot grunt quickly, you just have to target the two glowing areas located on the robot’s chest. 
  • You can also try Terminus aiming at the head of the robot in order to deal critical damage. 
  • Other than that, you will be facing Sentinels, which are fairly easy to kill, along with some E.D. Alpha robots.


The main boss of Terminus Station is the Restless Spirit which can be quite difficult to defeat.

Remnant 2 Terminus Station 
Bosses – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Furthermore, you will have to defeat the boss within a certain time limit; otherwise, you will have to start the dungeon all over again. 

  • The restless spirit is actually a modified version of the possessed enemy.
  • Therefore, it is capable of using suffixes like teleporter and vicious. 
  • After defeating the restless spirit, you will be able to obtain time wave, scrap, and corrupted Luminate crystals. 

How To Defeat 

If you want to defeat the Restless Spirit quickly, then you might have to use weapon mods and long-range weapons against the boss. It is important to increase the damage output of your weapons by using mods that will aid you in combat.

  • I would highly suggest using the grounding stone ring because the restless spiritual uses attacks that are capable of dealing electric damage
  • When facing the boss, I will highly recommend choosing the handler class because of the dog companion.
  • Your companion will help distract the enemies while you defeat the boss in Remnant 2 Terminus Station. 
  • It is important to destroy the shield of the boss first and use a melee attack after he becomes vulnerable.
  • I would highly recommend using all your weapon mods to deal the maximum damage possible. 


The most important mission in Remnant 2 Terminus Station dungeon is the Train Event. As soon as you have completed most of the dungeon, you will finally come across a train full of enemies.

Trait Card Unlock
Train Event Trait Card Unlock – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

You will have to hop on the train that will initiate a cut scene where the train will start running on the tracks.

  • After that, you will hear a strange voice that will greet you and inform you that you will have to face a lot of enemies and clear the event in 7 minutes to escape death.
  • Furthermore, the players will have to clear the train by going through each compartment and killing enemies until they can access the next one. 
  • With each compartment, the difficulty will increase significantly. One of the toughest enemies that you will encounter on the train is the E.D. Alpha in Remnant 2 Terminus Station. 
  • The robot is capable of using its limbs to attack players and drain the majority of their HP. I found that the best way to counter these robots is to use long-range weapons and keep a distance from them. 
  • As soon as you have killed all the robots on the train and cleared all the compartments, you will be able to get off at a Station.
  • Doing so will conclude the event, and you will be able to make your way to the checkpoint. After that, you will be able to collect different rewards. 
  • These rewards include the weapon atom smasher as well as an important key and a trait card called Footwork. 

Secret Passage 

There will be a secret passage as well that you can access after you have completed the training event. 

  • To access the secret passage, you will have to keep an eye out when you are passing the lower bridge. 
  • After that, you will be able to use an elevator to go to an altar. 
  • This altar will hold the Burden of the Stargazer, and after that, you can take another elevator to go back to the main path. 
  • You will also be able to access another secret passage after the training event by going down a bunch of big hanging cables. 
  • Here you will be able to find a small chest. 
  • After that, you need to keep on moving ahead until you come across a ladder. 
  • As soon as you climb the ladder, you will enter a room where you will be able to access a train wagon. 
  • You need to jump on the train wagon and access the Hatch to obtain the decorum cipher as well as the Atom Smasher weapon. 


There are plenty of important rewards that you will be able to obtain after completing the Remnant 2 Terminus Station. These rewards include crystals, relics, and important traits. You will also need the Decorum Cipher to complete the main quest.

Chests And Items
Chests And Items – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Below is a list of all rewards you will get after completing the dungeon, along with their location and description. 

Item How To Get Description
Tome Of Knowledge In the Terminus Station dungeon. A trait point
Decorum Cipher By using the Hatch after-train event This item is needed to complete the main campaign in Remnant 2.
Defensive Action Loop Accessing the secret passage You will be able to use the ring to get a damage reduction of 10% whenever you are reloading your weapon.
Footwork Completing the training event A powerful trait that will help you increase your mobility whenever shooting at enemies.
Atom Smasher Using the Hatch after finishing the train mission A melee weapon is similar to a sledgehammer in its structure and is capable of dealing great damage.

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on the Terminus Station dungeon and how to clear it in Remnant 2. It is important to the dungeon that you will have to complete the dungeon if you want to complete the travel to Alepsis Taura questline the in the N’Erud region. 

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