Remnant 2: Sorrow Handgun (Location, Upgrades & Boss)



The Sorrow Handgun is one of the best weapons in Remnant 2 that can be obtained by giving the Tear of Kaeula to Meidra. She can be found in The Far Woods after completing the Kaeula’s Rest dungeon.

Key Takeaways

  • The Sorrow Handgun Remnant 2 can be obtained by obtaining the Tear of Kaeula and giving it to Meidra.
  • Players can locate the Tear of Kaeula inside the Kaeula’s Rest dungeon.
  • After obtaining the Tear of Kaeula, a boss fight against Kaeula’s Shadow will start.
  • After killing this boss and completing the dungeon, players can find Meidra at The Dappled Glade, located in The Far Woods.
  • The Sorrow Handgun is unique, as players can recall fired bolts using its Weapon Mod Eulogy.

How To Unlock Sorrow Handgun In Remnant 2

  1. Players must first make their way to the Kaeula’s Rest dungeon.
Remnant 2 Kaeula Rest
Kaeula’s Rest Dungeon Map | Image By eXputer
  1. Find the statue inside a pond and loot the Tear of Kaeula beside it.
Remnant 2 Sorrow Handgun
Tears of Kaeula’s Location | Image Credit: eXputer
  1. As the game is procedurally generated, this statue will be at a completely different location for every player.
  2. Players should keep this in mind and keep exploring.
  3. After obtaining the Tear of Kaeula, a boss fight against Kaeula’s Shadow will start.
  4. Kill Kaeula’s Shadow, and make your way to The Far Woods.
  5. At this location, players can give the Tear of Kaeula to an NPC called Meidra, who will then drop the Sorrow Handgun.
  6. She can randomly spawn at The Dappled Glade throughout various points in Remnant 2.
Remnant 2 Dappled Glade
The Dappled Glade | Image by eXputer

Sorrow Handgun Stats 

Category Hand Gun
Damage 45
RPS 2.6
Magazine 5
Ideal Range 16m
Falloff Range 52m
Max Ammo 45
Critical Hit Chance 10%
Weak Spot Damage Bonus +115%
Stagger Modifier 5%
Weapon Mod Eulogy

Weapon Mod

  • The Weapon Mod for the Sorrow Handgun Remnant 2 is called Eulogy.
  • It recalls all fired bolts that deal  30 damage on their way back.
  • In addition, it also restores 2 percent of the player’s maximum health.
  • Keep in mind this Weapon Mod cannot be altered or changed.

Sorrow Handgun’s Upgrade Path

Upgrade Level Updated Damage Required Materials
1 49.5 Scrap x450
Lumenite Crystal x2
Iron x5
2 54 Scrap x525
Lumenite Crystal x2
Iron x10
3 58.5 Scrap x600
Lumenite Crystal x2
Iron x15
4 63 Scrap x675
Lumenite Crystal x2
Forged Iron x15
5 67.5 Scrap x750
Lumenite Crystal x3
Forged Iron x20
6 72 Scrap x825
Lumenite Crystal x3
Galvanized Iron x15
7 76.5 Scrap x900
Lumenite Crystal x3
Galvanized Iron x20
8 81 Scrap x975
Lumenite Crystal x4
Hardened Iron x15
9 85.5 Scrap x1050
Lumenite Crystal x4
Hardened Iron x20
10 90 Scrap x1125
Lumenite Crystal x5
Simulacrum x1

How To Kill Kaeula’s Shadow

Kaeula's Shadow Boss
The Kaeula’s Shadow Boss | Screenshot by eXputer
  • Players must always walk on the leaves found throughout the arena as they allow faster movement.
  • If players walk on the water, their movement will be heavily slowed.

First Phase 

  • During the first phase, players should simply stick to the start of the arena and keep shooting at the boss.
  • Occasionally, the boss will spawn tentacles from the ground.
  • These can be dodged by rolling to the side, as they only execute a vertical attack.

Second Phase 

  • In the second phase, Kaeula’s Shadow will spawn Tentacle trash fodder ads.
Add Phase
The Tentacles add phase | Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  • These can be effortlessly killed by side walking, as these can only do a vertical attack.

Third Phase

  • Once the tentacles have been defeated, Kaeula’s Shadow will return.
  • This phase is very similar to the first one, with the exception of 1 extra attack.
  • Kaeula’s Shadow will execute an advancing AoE attack that can be dodged by hiding behind a pillar.

Fourth Phase

  • In the fourth phase, Kaeula’s Shadow will spawn Tentacle adds once again.
  • This time, however, the Tentacles will also execute a horizontal slash.
  • The best way to kill these Tentacles is to just keep your distance and attack from far away.
  • Once this phase is resolved, killing Kaeula’s Shadow will be very easy.

Remnant 2 is now available on PlayStation 5Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Gunfire Games incorporated the Soulsborne formula with a third-person shooter perspective while also mixing traditional MMO concepts. Taking heavy inspiration from From Software’s legacy, Remnant 2 is easily looking to be one of the best Soulslike games of all time.

And there you have it; with the Sorrow Handgun Remnant 2 guide, you will easily lay waste to Kaeula’s Shadow and obtain this unique and powerful weapon.

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