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The Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss is one of the early bosses that can be tricky to discover and defeat. The boss has two different phases with confusing moveset, but if you know the Alt Kill method for the Nightweaver in Remnant 2 and other tactics, defeating it can be quite easy. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Nightweaver is one of the bosses in Remnant 2.

Nightweaver Location Walkthrough:

  • Morrow Sanitorium: The path to the Asylum requires gathering three Stone-carved Dolls. Offer these to the spirit in the basement to get the Nightweaver Stone Doll.
  • Shattered Gallery Dungeon: Fight the Magister Dullain boss to get the Soulkey Tribute. Use the Nightweaver Stone Doll to gain the Dreamcatcher weapon.
  • Losomn Mansion: Solve the Clock Tower puzzle and defeat the boss to access the mansion. Obtain the third-floor key from a miniboss in the courtyard.
  • Fae Nimue & Hunting Grounds: After meeting Fae Nimue, gather the heart of Nightweaver’s victim from the Gilded Halls dungeon. Offer the Soulkey Tribute to access Nightweaver’s hunting grounds.

Nightweaver Boss Fight Guide:

  • Nightweaver’s Attacks: Nightweaver has two phases with different attack patterns, including ground strikes, icy assaults, blue fireballs, and explosive spiders.
  • Phase Strategy: Use fire damage mods in Phase 1, and in Phase 2, maintain distance and anticipate her vanishing and lifesteal rend attacks.
  • Arena Changes: From an open courtyard to the Asylum’s interiors, adapt to the changing battlefields.
  • Alt Kill Method: Aim for her heart during a critical attack moment for an alternate defeat method.
  • Rewards: Defeat Nightweaver to obtain materials for “The Nightfall” weapon, or use the alt kill method for the “Nightshade” melee weapon.

Remnant 2 Nightweaver Location

Upon arrival in Morrow Parish in the Losomn region, you’ll be introduced to two main quests involving the Nightweaver boss – Strange Web and The Nightweaver. On approaching the Asylum’s gates, you’ll learn about the Nightweaver. Entry to the yards isn’t immediately available, as a more circuitous route must be taken, filled with enemy mobs, minibosses, and coveted loot, especially if the Remnant 2 Sewer and Morrow Parish safe codes have been cracked.

Getting To Morrow Sanitorium

Remnant 2 nightweaver boss fight alt kill
Delivering the Stone Dolls (screenshot by us)

The path to the Asylum, Morrow Sanitorium, involves gathering three Stone-carved Dolls, hidden in the following areas:

  1. Behind a shelf in a second-floor study.
  2. By the front yard’s side amidst some rubble.
  3. Behind white curtains in a large third-floor room.

Once the dolls are secured, you must go to the basement. Inside one of the cells, a woman’s voice can be heard. When the dolls are offered to her, she sings a jingle that serves as a clue to unlock the Asylum safe. Opening the cell door releases a spirit that leaves behind the Nightweaver Stone Doll. 

Shattered Gallery Dungeon 

Continuing on your journey will lead you to the Shattered Gallery dungeon. 

  • Here, you’ll face off against the boss, Magister Dullain, who drops the Soulkey Tribute quest item
  • Returning to the basement with this item allows you to complete the Strange Web main quest and get transported to a shadow realm
  • There, using the Nightweaver Stone Doll in a nearby cell grants you the Dreamcatcher, a melee weapon with the Dreamwave mod, which after dealing 250 damage, releases a Dreamwave, slowing down all enemies and providing a damage and movement speed buff to your character.

Nightweaver Mansion In Losomn

Upon first entering Losomn, a mansion with a locked gate catches your attention. 

  • To access it, you need to explore the city, which initially leads you to the locked Hewda’s Clocktower. 
  • By solving the Clock Tower puzzle and defeating the boss, you will appear behind the clock tower and continue through Losomn’s streets, fighting off hostile mobs.
  • When you reach the mansion’s rear side, climb over the wall and interact with a crystal that appears. 
  • On the mansion’s third floor, there’s a saw enemy locked inside a shed in the courtyard. 
  • Defeating this miniboss grants you the third-floor key.

Encounter With The Fae Nimue 

Facing Fae While trying to fight Nightweaver in Remnant 2 using alt kill method (image by eXputer)

Venturing further, you’ll find yourself in Nimue’s retreat and meet the mysterious Fae Nimue. She informs you that a heart from one of the Nightweaver’s victims is required to enter her hunting grounds. You’re then teleported to a different section of Losomn, providing access to various Fae dungeons. 

Heart Of Nightweaver’s Victim

The Gilded Halls dungeon holds the key to your quest. 

  • Overcoming this dungeon involves defeating the formidable Red Prince. 
  • Once this boss is vanquished, proceed to the door that has just been unlocked. 
  • Here, you’ll find the Nightweaver feasting on a victim, leaving behind the Soulkey Tribute for you to collect. 

Nightweaver’s Hunting Grounds

alt kill method for the nightweaver in remnant 2
Remnant 2 Nightweaver Alt Kill Method hunting grounds (image by eXputer)

Beyond this point, another glowing door leads back to the Morrow Parish Mansion, behind one of its locked doors. On reaching the mysterious web downstairs, offering it the Soulkey Tribute opens up a portal leading to an alternate version of the mansion. There, you finally encounter the Nightweaver in a climactic boss fight.

Remnant 2 Nightweaver Phase 1 

Venture into the dark realm and prepare for your initial encounter with the formidable Nightweaver boss, found lurking in the mysterious grounds of the haunted asylum. This face-off takes place in the expansive courtyard, reached through the luminescent crystal door tucked away in the basement of the asylum. 

Nightweaver’s Attacks

phase 1
Phase 1 of the Remnant 2 nightweaver alt kill (screenshot by eXputer)

In the first leg of the battle, you’ll find the Nightweaver equipped with an arsenal of four distinct attacks. Knowledge of these assault techniques is essential to craft your defense and take the upper hand. 

  1. The Inevitable Ground Strike
    • Beware of the Nightweaver’s deceptively swift strikes. 
    • The first is typically a simple lunge, easily dodged with a quick side-step. 
    • However, it’s the subsequent ground pound that proves to be a challenge. 
    • This attack is virtually inescapable and can deliver a hefty blow.
  2. Icy Assaults 
    • Additionally, the Nightweaver possesses a chilling ability to launch a barrage of icy projectiles. 
    • These projectiles hone in on your position and can be fired twice in succession. 
    • Maintain nimbleness and weave around these icy threats or skillfully dodge at the right moment to evade them.
  3. Fireballs and Blue Spiders 
    • Apart from her melee attacks and icy crystals, the Nightweaver employs two additional assaults. 
    • Firstly, she can hurl swift blue fireballs in your direction. 
    • These projectiles might not possess homing capabilities, but their speed makes them a formidable challenge to dodge. 

Secondly, be prepared for the Nightweaver to reveal a swarm of explosive, blue spiders from within her. These blue arachnids are fragile and can be swiftly dealt with, but they can create chaos and distraction on the battlefield. 

Useful Strategy

The initial face-off with the Nightweaver can be challenging, but a strategic approach can mitigate the difficulties. 

  • A crucial recommendation is to wield a mod capable of inflicting fire damage. 
  • The fiery assault proves particularly effective when the Nightweaver summons her minion spiders
  • As she’s vulnerable during this summoning phase, make the most of it to land your attacks. 

In this phase, the goal is to retain as much health as possible while reducing the Nightweaver’s health to zero. 

  • This often means using healing items sparingly and avoiding unnecessary damage. 
  • A balanced mixture of evading her attacks and retaliating with fire damage is the recommended approach. 

Remnant 2 Nightweaver Phase 2

Brace yourself for the second encounter with the Nightweaver, as the battle intensifies and the battlefield shifts within the confines of the Asylum. Here’s how to deal with the Remnant 2 Nightweaver phase 2.

Arena Change

method of alt kill nightweaver remnant 2
Phase 2 of the Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss fight using alt kill method (image by us)

The transition into the second phase is swift; with the Nightweaver’s hit points fully depleted, you’ll find yourself relocated to the claustrophobic interiors of the Asylum

  • Make it a point to pick up any ammunition packs scattered on the ground before you’re teleported, as you’ll need every bullet you can get. 
  • The arena is smaller and more intricate, demanding a change in tactics and a heightened awareness of your surroundings.

Nightweaver’s Attacks

remnant 2 nightweaver melee attack
Phase 2 melee attacks (image by eXputer)

Nightweaver’s attack pattern evolves in the second phase, becoming trickier and potentially more devastating. Understanding these assault methods is your key to survival and victory.

  1. Melee Strikes
    • The Nightweaver intensifies her melee offensive. 
    • Expect a gradual forward lunge, two slow swipes, and a solitary turning swipe, which is promptly followed by her signature homing Ice Crystals. 
    • The swipes are deceptive, appearing slow but packing a punch. 
    • Your best response is to maintain distance and anticipate her maneuvers.
  2. Disappearance Act
    • The Nightweaver develops a habit of vanishing periodically, only to reappear and take you by surprise. 
    • It’s crucial that you refrain from approaching the walls when she’s out of sight, as she could ambush and inflict heavy damage without giving you a chance to retaliate.
  3. Beetle Bombers and Lifesteal Rend
    • The summoning of Beetle Bombers continues into the second phase. 
    • The Nightweaver tends to summon them from the ceiling, giving you a chance to shoot her or focus on eliminating the Beetles. 
    • As her health dips below 50%, she introduces a new move, the Lifesteal Rend
    • Recognizable by a slow-turning animation, it’s a lethal grab attack that siphons your health to replenish hers.

Useful Strategy

Navigating the second phase necessitates caution and an adaptive approach. 

  • Your battlefield is the narrow corridors of the Morrow Sanatorium, hence it’s not wise to run around aimlessly. 
  • A safer choice is to engage the Nightweaver in the lobby area, where you have more room to dodge her lunges and strikes.
  • While the Nightweaver still uses attacks from the first phase, she leans heavily toward her melee swipes in the second stage
  • She often crawls on the ground rather than hovering, presenting an altered movement pattern that you need to adjust to.
  • Steer clear of the walls when she vanishes, and keep dodging her relentless lunges. 
  • She’ll still launch her homing crystals and unleash spiders, so stay alert for these attacks. It’s a matter of maintaining a steady volley of fire while sidestepping her advances. 

With the Nightweaver’s health once again reduced to zero, the victorious can claim their spoils – the materials required to construct the formidable weapon, The Nightfall. Beating the Nightweaver in Remnant 2 will not be easy, but with careful planning and quick reflexes, victory can be yours.

The Alternate Kill Method

remnant 2 nightweaver alt kill method
Remnant 2 Nightweaver Alt Kill Method by firing at heart (screenshot by us)

Beating the Nightweaver in Remnant 2 can be an intense, high-stakes ordeal. However, there’s a less conventional but potentially more rewarding method to achieve victory. The Remnant 2 Nightweaver alt kill method involves aiming for the Nightweaver’s heart during a critical moment of her attack pattern.

Identifying The Right Moment

Your strategy revolves around the Nightweaver’s tendency to summon Beetle Bombers in the first phase of the fight. As she transitions into her summoning animation, your target – her heart – becomes vulnerable, allowing your bullets to deal critical damage. A steady hand and good timing are paramount here as you unload your firepower.

Handling The Beetle Bombers

Successfully employing the alternate kill method will influence the dynamics of the second phase. 

  • On the downside, your focus on the Nightweaver’s heart may prevent you from eliminating any Beetle Bombers that spawn. 
  • These critters explode when they get too close, making them a considerable threat. 
  • However, if you manage to pull off this strategy, the Nightweaver will cease to summon Beetles in the second phase, instead only spawning them when she emerges from the floor.


Overcoming the Nightweaver using the alternate kill strategy has a sweet reward: the Nightweaver’s Finger

  • You can use this unique loot to craft the Nightshade, a melee weapon of great versatility. 
  • This powerful weapon boasts an impressive damage output of 47, an 18% chance for critical hits, and a whopping 110% weak spot damage.
  • The Nightshade also has a -20% stagger modifier, making it a formidable asset for close-quarters combat. 
  • It comes with the unique Mod ‘Beyond the Veil,‘ which transforms your Neutral Evade into mist, endowing the weapon with a lifesteal property for a limited duration. 
  • This gives you a base damage lifesteal of 5% for five seconds, and pulling off a perfect dodge can extend this to 10 seconds.

With that, you know all about the Remnant 2 Nightweaver and how to defeat it using the alt kill method. Nightweaver can be quite difficult to discover due to the various puzzles and steps involved, but defeating it is even harder. But by using the different tips laid out and even the alt kill method, you should have no trouble!

There is much more for you to still discover in Remnant 2, such as the chest code and the best traits available. You can also learn to solve the Lament Puzzle and the difference between the Faelin or Faerin choice. And if you want to get stronger in the game, you can learn about the Summoner or the Best Medic build.

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