Remnant 2: Nebula Handgun (How To Get & Perks)



You can get multiple weapons. Remainder 2which you will love, but Nebula There is one type of weapon that every player likes to use in Remnant 2. This is a Handgun. It attacks by spewing acid gas, causing an acid effect that slowly damages and kills the enemy every second. Nebula Remnant 2 It is known as the best handgun due to its damage and attack. power is too much.

Key takeaways

  • Nebula Remnant 2 has a handgun that is used for close range combat.
  • You can create a nebula with it. Ward 13 In residue 2
  • To prepare Nebula, you will also need three objects.
  • For one of the items, you’ll also have to fight a boss in Remnant 2.
  • Nebula has handgun effects. Excellent effects You can find short range combat weapons.
  • Nebula also gives. Maximum stat The surface You can get it with any short range weapon.

How do you get the Nebula Handgun in Remnant?

Developing a nebula
Crafting Nebula – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  1. You will need one. Spicy bile.
  2. Next, you will need seven Luminite crystals.
  3. And finally, you’ll need 650. Scrap.

to gain Lumenite crystal and Spicy bile

Spicy bile in R2
Spiced Bile – Image Credit Copyright: Exporter
  1. If you are trying to get Luminite crystalsYou just have to go to Ward 13 and buy it from there.
  2. You just have to kill some enemies before you can buy it so you can collect some scrap.
  3. To achieve spiced bile, You have to try something. If you have arrived. Neruda You will find that there is a boss named Tal Rata.
  4. He is located in The Forgotten Prison in N’Erud.
  5. You’ll have to kill the boss because after defeating the Tul Rath, you’ll be rewarded with Spicy Bitter.
  6. When the mission starts, you have to talk. Tal Ratha. He will ask you to seek and obtain. Sparked cylinder For him.
  7. The shiny cylinder inside the Evan Walt underground facility. You can only do this part if you have completed the hatchery mission.
  8. Once you get shiny cylinder, You have to go back to the forgotten prison where Tal Ratha is.
  9. When you get there, give him the shiny cylinder.
  10. There, you will get two choices, let yourself be eaten by this monster or disagree and fight it.
  11. The option you will choose is Fight it To get spicy bile.
  12. Defeating Tal Ratha is not that difficult. Consider his movements and escape his attack. Try to land your attacks in the right places.
  13. Finally, after you defeat Taal Ratha, he will drop some loot and the main item, Spicy Bitter.

Benefits and effects

Nebula effects in R2
Nebula Effects – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Fires a series of superhot. Acid gaswhich applies the Corroded effect, dealing 405 Eliminates corrosive damage 15 seconds.” Hitting targets with Corroded with Nebula causes a cloud of gas to appear, affecting the effect. “The gas cloud lasts for two seconds and can be refreshed.” As effective as a shotgun. The range is

It is also Nano Swarm upgrade, which allows him to “unleash a swarm of nano-machines that seek out enemies within 20m and attack repeatedly 8.1 Acid damage per hit.” This lasts for 15 seconds.” Its mode power requirement is relatively low. 750 Compared to Overflow, though it’s more than Sorrow’s advanced power needs.

Nebula Handgun Stats

Nebula stats in R2
Nebula Statistics – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
Description Value
to harm 12
Rounds per second 8
Magazine 55
correction 18-20%
Ideal range 8 m
Maximum ammunition 220
Stagger modifier -15%

The Nebula Handgun is a really cool weapon. Short range combat. Once you get it it will be the best secondary weapon in your loadout for fighting monsters. Check out our newly published guide on Vault of the Formless And how to get there.


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