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In the depths of Remnant 2’s intricate world, hidden secrets and unobvious puzzles abound. Among these is a sought-after piece of equipment known as the Remnant 2 Navigator Helm. Players may easily recognize the utility of items such as the Assassin Dagger, but the dual function of the Navigator Helm as both armor and a key to a concealed location might come as a pleasant surprise. To obtain the Navigator Helm, however, you must locate and defeat a rare zombie in the Extraction Hub location.

Key Takeaways

  • The Navigator Helm in Remnant 2 is located in the Extraction Hub within the N’Erud world.
  • The Extraction Hub’s appearance is procedurally generated, hence, not always available in every playthrough.
  • Defeating the Navigator Zombie rewards the player with the Navigator Helm in Remnant 2.
  • Even though the Navigator’s Helm might not offer superior protection, its ability to unlock the Plasma Cutter makes it a valuable tool.

Remnant 2 Navigator Helm Location

remnant 2 navigator helm location
Location of the Remnant 2 Navigator Helm (image by eXputer)

The first step in your quest for the Navigator Helm is to venture into the diminutive Extraction Hub, located in the N’Erud world

  • Your mission here is clear-cut: seek out and eliminate the Navigator Zombie. 
  • However, due to the game’s procedural world generation, the appearance of the Extraction Hub within the N’Erud world is not always guaranteed. 
  • As such, you might need to retry accessing the world through Adventure Mode until you find the sought-after location.

Delving Into The Underworld

remnant 2 navigator helm
Entering the Piston for the Remnant 2 Navigator Helm (screenshot by eXputer)

Upon your arrival at the Extraction Hub, you must listen closely for the powerful sound of massive mechanical pistons in motion. 

  • Your goal is to locate one specific piston, distinguishable by a hole beneath it. 
  • When the piston rises, you must quickly venture under it and drop into the concealed hole.

Finding The Navigator Zombie

Remnant 2 Navigator Helm Zombie Showcase (image by eXputer)

Your descent leads you into an underground lair populated with a horde of undead adversaries. 

  • A short but intense battle awaits as you delve deeper into the cavern, taking less than five minutes to complete for most players. 
  • At the end of your underground expedition, you’ll encounter your ultimate foe, the Navigator Zombie
  • Upon defeating this enemy, you’ll be rewarded with the coveted Navigator Helm.

Navigator Stats







Bleed Resistance


Burn Resistance


Shock Resistance


Blight Resistance


Toxin Resistance


The Navigator’s Helm is not just a trophy, but a powerful piece of head armor. It offers the wearer protection from physical harm during combat. In addition, it has the unique ability to provide resistance against Toxin and Shock, though this comes at the expense of reduced Fire, Bleed, and Blight resistance.

What To Do With The Navigator Helm

Getting Scanned Inside the Ship (image by eXputer)

In the realm of Remnant 2, once you have the Navigator’s Helm in your possession, your journey is far from over. The next stage of your quest requires a visit to the mysterious Navigator’s Room, nestled in the second overworld of N’Erud. If the Navigator’s Room seems elusive, don’t despair. You may need to reroll your campaign world, a strategy commonly employed by players to refresh their available locations.

Navigator Room

Plasma Cutter Weapon Showcase (captured by eXputer)

Identifying the Navigator’s Room isn’t overly complex. Resembling a giant spacecraft that crashed into the Earth, its distinctive look makes it nearly impossible to miss. Upon your arrival at this fallen ship, it’s time to utilize the Navigator’s Helm.

  1. In order to gain entry to the crashed ship, you should equip the Navigator’s Helm and proceed towards the fractured side of the spacecraft. 
  2. Once inside, a red beam scans your character to verify the presence of the Navigator’s Helm. 
  3. If properly attired, you’ll gain access to a door leading straight to the Plasma Cutter.

The Plasma Cutter, even at its base level, inflicts considerable damage. But the true potential of this weapon is unlocked when upgraded using Lumenite Crystals. This increases its destructive capabilities significantly, making it a worthwhile tool to have in your arsenal.

  • After obtaining the Plasma Cutter, you might reconsider the use of the Navigator’s Helm. 
  • It might not offer superior protection compared to other armor pieces you’ve collected. 
  • However, its ability to unlock access to the Plasma Cutter proves its worth in your journey through Remnant 2.

With that, you know all about what to do and how to unlock the Remnant 2 Navigator Helm. Although it is quite a powerful helmet, it is far more useful in actually acquiring an even more powerful weapon. But there is still so much that you can explore, such as finding the Alchemist or discovering the Council Tribunal.

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