Remnant 2: Imperial Gardens Puzzle (SOLVED)



The Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens Puzzle is one of the countless tricky puzzles in the gameplay. It is a plinth with four layers, each requiring a specific symbol to unlock it. You have to be careful while finding the relics. Once unlocked, you attain some loot and a long gun crossbow.

Key Takeaways

  • The Puzzle in Yaesha Region is inside a building opposite the Forbidden Grove.
  • There are four layers to it, each requiring a symbol to unlock.
  • Upon entering, you will find a book mentioning the relics a wanderer left behind.
  • You have to find these symbols to unlock the Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle
  • Find these symbols throughout the garden, especially behind yellow crystals on the walls.
  • These symbols are found randomly; they do not have a particular pattern.
  • Upon finding all four of these, go to the plinth and enter it.
  • At this point, a hidden passage will open; go through it to get the Remnant 2 crossbow and some loot.

The location of Imperial Gardens Puzzle is in the Yaesha region. It is a dial with four layers covered in symbols. You need to find different relics to fit in the layers for the plinth to be solved. To find its entrance, go to the corner in front of the Forbidden Grove.

How To Solve The Puzzle

A Symbol Found Randomly
The image shows A Symbol Found Randomly (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Players should follow the steps below to solve the Remnant 2 Plinth Puzzle:

  1. Go through the Imperial Gardens and unlock the shortcut into the main building.
  2. Also, take down the teleporting boss you find along the way.
  3. Observe the pattern on the dial and look for the four symbols needed to solve it.
  4. You will find a book on the ground as you enter the building.
  5. The book will mention oddly carved symbols on stones left behind by a particular person who tried to solve the puzzle.
  6. These symbols are spread throughout the gardens, which are needed to solve the plinth,
  7. The symbols can be found anywhere near the puzzle.
  8. Look behind the exploding yellow crystals at some of the walls, destroy them, and check the space behind them.
  9. These symbols can sometimes be tricky to spot, so look carefully.
  10. Moreover, some spots contain two symbols at the same time.
  11. Once you found all the symbols, go to the dial and enter them in any order.


Image shows Long Gun Crossbow
Long Gun Crossbow (Picture Credits: eXputer)

After solving the puzzle, a secret pathway will open. Go through the ladder to drop down. This marks the completion, where you will be awarded a weapon named Long Gun Crossbow and a considerable amount of loot. The crossbow has fantastic damage of 115, RPS of 3.4, and a Falloff Range of 70, but it does not come with any mods or mutators

Remnant 2 Imperial Gardens Puzzle is tricky, but you can quickly go through it using our guide. Remnant 2 has many puzzles as side content; hence attaining 100 percent progress is difficult. Speaking of progress, learn How To Respec to adjust your character’s attributes. Furthermore, know about the mechanics of Dual Archetypes.


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