Remnant 2: How To Respec (Full Guide)



Players randomly build up attributes for their character while starting the Remnant 2 journey. But then realize later that some of them need to be tweaked. Whether you are a newbie or a professional player, you will need to adjust the traits of your character at some point. That is where the Remnant 2 respec facility kicks in; you can adjust the attributes. 

Key Takeaways

  • Remnant 2 offers a respec facility to adjust character attributes by resetting the character’s skill tree and trait points.
  • Respeccing allows players to try out new playstyles or rectify mistakes in their initial character build.
  • The respec process requires an item called an Orb of Undoing, purchasable from the NPC named Wallace.
  • Wallace is located in Ward 13, specifically in a room accessed from a door on the left side of the Ward 13 Bridge.
  • To respec, players must buy the Orb of Undoing from Wallace for three Lumenite Crystals and 2500 Scrap.
  • You must choose the “Respec” option in Wallace’s dialogue menu and use an Orb of Undoing to reset your character’s skill tree and trait points.

What Is Respec In Remnant 2?

Respec refers to resetting your character’s skill tree and trait points. This allows you to completely re-specify your character’s build, so you can try out new playstyles or fix any mistakes you made in your initial build. However, there are specific steps that you must follow to respec in Remnant 2.

How To Respec?

Respeccing in Remnant 2 requires a particular item called an Orb of Undoing. You can find this item by heading to an NPC called Wallace and purchasing it from him. Wallace is found in Ward 13. He is the character you met in Remnant 2’s earliest hours and got your archetype or class from.  

Merchant Wallace in Remnant 2.
Vendor Wallace in Remnant 2. (image by us)

You will need to buy the Orb of Undoing for:

  • Three Lumenite Crystals
  • 2500 Scrap

Where To Find Wallace?

To find Wallace in Ward 13, go to the Ward 13 Bridge. The Ward 13 Bridge is the central area of Ward 13, where you will find most merchants and other important NPCs. Once you are on the Ward 13 Bridge, look for a door on the left-hand side of the area. This door leads to a small room, and Wallace will stand there.

Remnant 2: Wallace location
Wallace’s location on Ward 13 map in Remnant 2. (image grab by: eXputer)

If you need help finding Wallace, you can use the Ward 13 map to locate him. The Ward 13 map is a small one in your inventory. When you open the map, you will see a blue icon representing Wallace’s location.

How To Use The Orb Of Undoing?

When you speak to Wallace, you will see a menu with several options. Select the “Respec” option to begin the respec process. When you select the “Respec” option, you will be prompted to use an Orb of Undoing. Once you have used an Orb of Undoing, your character’s skill tree and trait points will be reset to their default values.

Once your character’s skill tree and trait points have been reset, you can allocate your skill points and trait points to create a new build. Once you have chosen your new build, you must confirm your respec. This will finalize your new build.

You will now be familiar with the Remnant 2 respec facility. You should know that these resources, Lumenite Crystals, and Scrap are abundantly available across the world in almost every location and you can also acquire them by defeating bosses.

So, resetting the traits is relatively easy, but it takes time. However, it would be best if you were not respeccing frequently. Certain traits are unlocked later on in Remnant 2.

Traits in Remnant 2.
Remnant 2 trait points and trait selection menu. (image by eXputer)

You would be wasting your resources if you happen to be respeccing and a new trait unlocks. So, it is better to wait for some time and make sure if you want to respec. Otherwise, you will have to gather all these resources again and adjust the attributes constantly. 

Remnant 2 Respec Tips

Here are some general tips for respeccing effectively in Remnant 2:

Plan Your Build Carefully

Before you respec, take some time to plan your new build. Decide what build type you want to create, and then allocate your skill and trait points accordingly.

Experiment With Different Builds 

Once you have respecced your character, don’t be afraid to experiment with different builds. Try different weapons and gear, and see what works best for you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Respec Again 

If you’re unhappy with your new build, you can always respec again. There is no penalty for respeccing, so you can experiment until you find a build you’re happy with.

To clear some things at the end, you must know that you can only respec once per Orb of Undoing. Once you have used an Orb of Undoing to respec your character, you must find another Orb of Undoing if you want to respec again.

When you respec, you will lose any skill points you have spent on skills you no longer want. However, you will retain any gear that you have equipped, as well as any progress that you have made on quests.

Respec is a powerful tool that can be used to change your character’s build. It is a great way to try out new playstyles or fix any mistakes you made in your initial build. However, it is essential to use respec wisely, as you can only do it once per Orb of Undoing. 


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