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In Remnant 2, the Ravenous Medallion holds significant value as a Quest Item that unlocks various opportunities. For instance, if offered in the Nightweaver’s Web, it grants the bearer a Decrepit Rune. Additionally, trading the Ravenous Medallion with Nimue resulted in obtaining a powerful Rune Pistol. Moreover, using the Ravenous Medallion to unlock a locked door sets in motion the captivating and challenging Feast Event. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Ravenous Medallion unlocks the “Feast” event in Remnant 2’s Great Hall, leading to intriguing challenges and rewards.
  • Explore Losomn and find the medallion on a kitchen table on the lower floor of the Great Hall.
  • Using the medallion on a locked door grants access to the banquet hall, where you encounter the Feast Master.
  • You need Ravenous Medallion to obtain the Rune Pistol Handgun in Remnant 2, so start in Morrow Parish, and find Nightweaver’s realm in Losomn.
  • Explore Nightweaver’s realm to locate the Great Hall and acquire the Ravenous Medallion.
  • Offer the medallion to the Veil, receive the Decrepit Rune, and craft the Rune Pistol Handgun with Nimue’s help.

How To Find Ravenous Medallion In Remnant 2

remnant 2 ravenous medallion
Ravenous Medallion (Image Credits: eXputer)

Finding the Ravenous Medallion in Remnant 2 is an important step in unlocking the intriguing “Feast” event. To locate the Ravenous Medallion, follow these steps:

  • Enter Losomn and Reach The Great Hall: Begin your adventure in Losomn, the realm where The Great Hall is situated. Travel through the various areas and obstacles until you reach The Great Hall location.
  • Explore The Great Hall: Once you have access to The Great Hall, take the time to explore the area carefully. The Great Hall is likely to be filled with eerie and mysterious elements, so pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Descend to the Lower Floor: Your next step is to go down to the lower floor of The Great Hall. Look for stairs or any access points that lead you to the lower levels.
  • Locate the Kitchen: As you explore the lower floor, be on the lookout for the kitchen area.
  • Inspect the Table: Once you’ve found the kitchen and the table, examine it closely. On the table, you should see the Ravenous Medallion. It will likely be a unique and distinct item, making it easier to spot.
  • Pick Up the Ravenous Medallion: Interact with the Ravenous Medallion on the table to pick it up and add it to your inventory. With the Ravenous Medallion in hand, you are now ready to use it and unlock “The Feast” event.

How To Use Ravenous Medallion

In Remnant 2, the Ravenous Medallion serves a crucial role in unlocking an intriguing and challenging event known as “The Feast.” To use the Ravenous Medallion, follow these steps:

  • Locate the Ravenous Medallion: To begin, you need to find the Ravenous Medallion. It can be found in The Great Hall, located in the realm of Losomn.
  • Find the Locked Door: Once you have the Ravenous Medallion, head back to the upper floor of The Great Hall. Proceed to search for a locked door, and this is where the Ravenous Medallion comes into play.
  • Unlock the Banquet Hall: Insert the Ravenous Medallion into the locked door, and it will grant you access to a mysterious banquet hall. Inside, you will encounter an unusual creature known as the Feast Master.
  • Trigger “The Feast” Event: Interact with the Feast Master, and he will invite you to partake in the banquet. Despite the food being rotten and unsettling, accept the offer and consume one of the items from the table.
  • Acquire the Ravenous Status Effect: After tasting the food, you will be inflicted with the Ravenous status effect. This status effect has negative implications as it will gradually reduce your HP (health points) over time, making it a challenging trial for the player.

How To Complete The Great Feast Event In Remnant 2?

Neckbone Necklace ravenous medallion remnant 2
Neckbone Necklace (Image Credits: eXputer)

Completing the Great Feast Event in Remnant 2 can be a challenging task, but with the right approach and strategy, you can overcome it successfully. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Great Feast Event:

  • Speak to the Feast Master: Upon entering the banquet hall after using the Ravenous Medallion to unlock the door, you’ll encounter the Feast Master.
  • Accept the Feast Master’s Offer: Despite the food being rotten and unsettling, accept the Feast Master’s offer to taste the dishes. This will trigger the Great Feast Event and inflict you with the Ravenous status effect.
  • Understand the Ravenous Status Effect: The Ravenous status effect negatively affects your HP (health points), gradually reducing your health over time. Note that healing using Dragon Hearts does not seem to work while under this effect, so be prepared to face the challenge with reduced health.
  • Defend Against Waves of Enemies: After tasting the food and acquiring the Ravenous status effect, waves of enemies will start appearing in the banquet hall. These foes, known as Fae enemies, will engage you in combat.
  • Strategize and Fight Smart: The key to completing the event is to fight strategically. Utilize your weapons, abilities, and equipment effectively to take down the waves of enemies. Focus on eliminating the most threatening foes first while also managing your health and resources.
  • Restoring Health: If you find yourself struggling and losing too much health, there is a unique way to restore some of your health. Consuming them will replenish some of your health, but do so wisely, as you might need them later.

Upon successfully clearing the banquet hall and defeating all the waves of enemies, you can speak with the Feast Master again. He will reward you with the valuable Neckbone Necklace as a parting gift.

  • The Neckbone Necklace possesses formidable properties, significantly diminishing the harm caused by status effects affecting the wearer by half.
  • Additionally, it grants a remarkable 25% boost to damage when under the influence of a status effect or blight.
  • This potent amulet is a valuable asset, offering both protection and offensive advantage to those who don it during their adventures.

How To Get The Rune Pistol 

Nimue ravenous medallion remnant 2
Nimue (Image Credits: eXputer)

To obtain the Rune Pistol Handgun in Remnant 2, you would need Ravenous Medallion! Follow these steps:

  • Reach Losomn with Morrow Parish as the Starting Spot: Begin your journey in Remnant 2 by selecting Morrow Parish as your starting point and then enter the realm of Losomn.
  • Find Nightweaver’s Realm: While in Losomn, you need to locate Nightweaver’s realm. Explore the Fae side dungeons in Losomn until you encounter the specific dungeon that leads to Nightweaver’s realm.
  • Search for the Great Hall: Within Nightweaver’s realm, continue exploring until you come across the Great Hall. This may require some exploration and encounters with enemies along the way.
  • Progress through Nightweaver’s Realm: Proceed with the main story or continue exploring Nightweaver’s realm until you are just before the Nightweaver fight. This will likely involve facing various challenges and enemies along the way.
  • Locate the Veil: As you progress through Nightweaver’s realm, keep an eye out for a specific veil. The veil is an interactable object found between the cocoon you use to enter Nightweaver’s realm and the crystal.
  • Give the Ravenous Medallion to the Veil: Use the Ravenous Medallion and interact with the veil to offer it up. As a result, you will receive the Decrepit Rune in return.
  • Head back to Nimue: After obtaining the Decrepit Rune, make your way back to Nimue. Nimue is an NPC in Remnant 2 who plays a significant role.
  • Craft the Rune Pistol Handgun: Upon meeting Nimue, you can use the Decrepit Rune to craft the Rune Pistol Handgun. Follow the necessary steps or prompts to complete the crafting process.
  • Obtain the Rune Pistol Handgun: Once crafted, you will receive the Rune Pistol Handgun as a new weapon in your inventory. The Rune Pistol is a pistol infused with Fae magic that fires 3-round bursts of energy.

This is it from my side! I hope now you know everything you need to know about ravenous medallion remnant 2! Feel free to check out Remnant 2 Best XP Farming Spot and Remnant 2 BEST Builds.


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