Remnant 2: How To Get Nightfall Gun (Nightweaver Boss)


Nightfall is undeniably one of the most formidable Long Guns in Remnant 2, captivating players with its unique design, devastating power, and versatile combat capabilities. Crafted from the spoils of the fearsome Nightweaver boss, this weapon exudes an aura of darkness and dread, reflecting the haunting world it inhabits. 

Key Takeaways

  • Nightfall is a highly coveted Long Gun in Remnant 2, known for its unique design, devastating power, and versatile combat capabilities.
  • To obtain Nightfall in Remnant 2, players must venture into The Tormented Asylum in the haunting realm of Losomn and defeat the formidable Nightweaver boss.
  • Upon defeating the Nightweaver, players will obtain the Cursed Dream Silks, a critical material required for crafting Nightfall.
  • In addition to the Cursed Dream Silks, players need to gather 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap as crafting materials for Remnant 2 Nightfall.

What Is Nightfall In Remnant 2?

Nightfall Via: eXputer

The Nightfall weapon design is a masterclass in both craftsmanship and intimidation. Its appearance is adorned with haunting motifs, reminiscent of the creatures that roam the Nightweaver’s realm. The darkened metal and intricate engravings suggest a weapon forged from the very essence of the Nightmare Realm itself, adding to its allure and mystique.

How To Acquire Nightfall 

NightWeaver remnant 2 nightfall
NightWeaver Via: eXputer

Acquiring Nightfall and crafting this powerful Long Gun in Remnant 2 is a multi-step process that requires players to undertake a challenging quest to defeat the formidable Nightweaver boss and gather the necessary materials for its construction. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain Nightfall:

Step 1: Locate The Tormented Asylum In Losomn

The first step to acquiring Nightfall is to reach The Tormented Asylum, which is located in the haunting realm of Losomn.

Step 2: Confront The Nightweaver Boss

Once inside The Tormented Asylum, players will face their most significant challenge: the Nightweaver boss. The Nightweaver is a formidable adversary that utilizes a combination of melee and ranged attacks, including lunges, ground slams, and summoning minions.

  • It’s an agile and swift opponent, making the battle both intense and demanding.
  • During the battle, the Nightweaver will expose her heart while summoning minions, providing a brief window of opportunity for players to inflict substantial damage.
  • It’s crucial to take advantage of these moments to deal as much harm as possible and potentially alter the boss’s loot drop upon defeat.

Step 3: Obtain Cursed Dream Silks

Upon successfully defeating the Nightweaver, players will be rewarded with the Cursed Dream Silks, a critical material required for crafting Nightfall.

  • These silks are a tangible representation of the boss’s essence and hold the key to unlocking the power of the Long Gun.

Step 4: Gather crafting materials

With the Cursed Dream Silks in hand, players must now gather the remaining crafting materials needed to forge Nightfall. The required materials include 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap.

  • Lumenite Crystals are rare and valuable resources found throughout the world of Remnant 2, often obtained by defeating powerful enemies or completing challenging events.

Step 5: Visit McCabe And Craft Nightfall

Having collected all the necessary materials, players must seek out the skilled craftsperson McCabe, who will be able to create Nightfall from the spoils of the Nightweaver and the gathered resources.

  • McCabe is a renowned weapon smith known for her expertise in forging powerful armaments, and players can find her at her workshop or designated location within Remnant 2 world.
  • Interact with McCabe, and she will guide players through the crafting process.
  • By providing the Cursed Dream Silks, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap, players can finally craft the fearsome Remnant 2 Nightfall Long Gun.

Best Way To Defeat The Nightweaver Boss 

NightWeaver Fight remnant 2 nightfall
NightWeaver Fight Via: eXputer

Defeating the Nightweaver boss and obtaining the coveted Cursed Dream Silks in Remnant 2 is a challenging and intense endeavor that requires precise strategy, teamwork, and skill. Here’s a detailed guide on how to defeat the Nightweaver and obtain the valuable Cursed Dream Silks:

Step 1: Prepare For The Encounter

Ensure that your character is well-equipped with the best weapons, armor, and mods that suit your preferred playstyle.

  • Coordinate with your team members to create a balanced and complementary group, as cooperative gameplay can significantly improve your chances of success.

Step 2: Identify And Exploit Vulnerabilities

  • During the battle, the Nightweaver will expose her heart while summoning minions.
  • This is a crucial moment to inflict substantial damage, as attacking her heart can potentially alter the loot she drops upon defeat.
  • Coordinate with your team to focus your fire during these openings, making the most of every opportunity to weaken the boss.

Step 3: Dodge And Create Distance

Employ agile movement and precise dodging to avoid the Nightweaver’s swift and deadly attacks.

  • Quickly dodge to the side when she lunges towards you to evade the attack.
  • Move away from her when she performs a ground slam to create distance and avoid the shockwave.

Step 4: Constant Movement During Spectral Rain

  • Maintain constant movement during the Spectral Rain attack to avoid the barrage of projectiles.
  • Use strafing and weaving motions to minimize the chances of getting hit by the projectiles.

Step 5: Transition To The Asylum Phase

  • After depleting the Nightweaver’s first health bar, the battle enters the Asylum phase.
  • The Nightweaver becomes a crawling, wall-phasing menace, maintaining speed and agility.
  • Expect a change in attack patterns and focus on precise dodging to survive her onslaught.

Step 6: Exploit Weaknesses And Deplete Health Bar

  • Throughout the Asylum phase, continue to exploit the Nightweaver’s vulnerabilities while avoiding her attacks.
  • Coordinate with your team to maximize damage output and ultimately deplete her health bar to secure victory.

Step 7: Claim The Cursed Dream Silks

  • Upon successfully defeating the Nightweaver, your triumph will be rewarded with the Cursed Dream Silks.
  • These valuable materials are essential for crafting the fearsome Nightfall Long Gun, offering a tangible representation of your victory over the powerful boss.

Nightfall Weapon Features & Dreadwalker Mod

Dreadwalker remnant 2 nightfall
Dreadwalker (Image Credit: eXputer)

Its distinct design, devastating projectile attacks, and most notably, its exclusive Weapon Mod, Dreadwalker, make it a highly sought-after and fearsome weapon. Let’s delve into the unique features of Nightfall and Remnant 2-changing abilities granted by its Dreadwalker Mod:

  • Dreadwalker Mod – Enter the Nightmare Realm: The defining feature of Nightfall is its exclusive Weapon Mod, Dreadwalker.
    • When activated, the wielder is plunged into the dreaded Nightmare Realm, transforming the weapon and the user into an unstoppable force.
  • Infinite Ammo: While Dreadwalker is active, Nightfall gains infinite ammo, allowing the wielder to fire without worrying about reloading or running out of bullets.
  • Increased Fire Rate: While under the influence of Dreadwalker, Nightfall’s fire rate is boosted by an impressive 35%. The Long Gun becomes fully automatic, rapidly firing its lethal bone shards, maximizing its damage output, and improving the player’s chances of dominating encounters.
  • Lifesteal: With Dreadwalker activated, Nightfall grants the wielder a 10% lifesteal effect. This means that a portion of the damage dealt with Nightfall is returned to the user as health, providing a means of sustain during intense battles.
  • Harder to Hit While Moving: The Nightmare Realm’s influence grants the wielder increased agility, making them significantly harder to hit while moving. This enhanced mobility and evasiveness enhance the user’s survivability during combat.
  • Disable Other Weapons and Skills: While Dreadwalker is active, other weapons and skills are temporarily disabled. This emphasizes the wielder’s reliance on Nightfall during its duration.

Nightfall Weapon Upgrades In Remnant 2

Here is a breakdown of Nightfall’s upgrades and the associated crafting costs:

Upgrade Level Damage Crafting Cost
1 37.2 Iron x5, Lumenite Crystal x2, Scrap x450
2 43.4 Iron x10, Lumenite Crystal x2, Scrap x525
3 49.6 Iron x15, Lumenite Crystal x2, Scrap x600
4 55.8 Forged Iron x15, Lumenite Crystal x2, Scrap x675
5 62 Forged Iron x20, Lumenite Crystal x3, Scrap x750
6 68.2 Galvanized Iron x15, Lumenite Crystal x3, Scrap x825
7 74.4 Galvanized Iron x20, Lumenite Crystal x3, Scrap x900
8 80.6 Hardened Iron x15, Lumenite Crystal x4, Scrap x975
9 86.8 Hardened Iron x20, Lumenite Crystal x4, Scrap x1050
10 93 Simulacrum x1, Lumenite Crystal x5, Scrap x1125

This is it from my side. I hope you now know everything about Remnant 2 Nightfall! Feel free to check out our take on Remnant 2: All Tal Ratha Choices, How To Unlock Adventure Mode, and What Is Power.


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